Top quality Mouse for RSI, Carpal Tunnel and Arthritis

If you’re an office worker, a gamer, or a student, you might be familiar with spending long hours behind a computer screen, dragging your wrist around the mouse pad.

And even though you may not realize it, but this long term strain on your wrist muscles and stiffening of bones could pose a serious health hazard.

While using a traditional mouse, you are constantly positioning your wrist in a twisted state and it may be okay if you are not a full-time worker, but if you are working long hours you may be prone to Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)

As the computer mouse is used more than the keyboard and other computer peripherals, it may cause repetitive strain injury or carpal tunnel syndrome and might even get worse for the arthritis patients.

These are conditions resulting from a strenuous overdo of physical activity that strains your muscles. RSI normally affects Forearms, shoulders, elbows, and wrists. Repetitive activity is one of the main causes of this condition. Initial symptoms include pain, stiffness, and tingling.

However, if push comes to shove swelling and immobility should be expected.

So that’s why the vertical mouse is preferred over the traditional one. Especially if you use your mouse too often.

Difference between vertical mouse over traditional mouse

The Carpel Tunnel Syndrome is a condition when one of your major nerves are compressed, as a result, you might face pain, tingling, and numbness in your arm or hands.

In this post, we have compiled some of the best mouses for RSI with high-class features and affordability

This mouse is specially designed for repetitive strain injury and is the best among all having the best quality, decent features, and the best price that is budget-friendly. In the following article, you’ll know the details and about the other mouse as well.

J-tech Digital V628

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For a mid-range budget, this mouse is great for your wrist issues. Not only does it offer decent features and ease of use but it is also specially designed for Repetitive Strain Injury. It is highly recommended to anyone having wrist pains or cramps.

 It’s more of a joystick than a mouse, sometimes even called a vertical mouse. It comes with 7 mechanical buttons that are, on the left side so you may avoid any errors.  You may not realize but we cooperate with our positions to match the mouse designs.

These ergonomic mice help you with the natural body position. This RSI-friendly mouse avoids wrist pain and pains in the arm/hand region generally.

The detachable palm rest is another feature that can be fixed according to your comfort and keeps you comfortable. The rubber pad works as a cushion to rests your wrist in a relaxed position.

The DPI is adjustable and it offers increased sensitivity owing to the optical tracking technology. The aesthetic blue LED design mouse is plug and play and the thumb-controlled buttons make selection easier.

How does this mouse help with the RSI, Arthritis, and the CTS?

  • Enables working for longer hours
  • Adjustable dimensions
  • allows you to work in variable positions so your hand does not stiffen.

Sharkk Wireless Vertical Mouse

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A little different than a typical mouse, SHARKK is known as the best ergonomic mouse for wrist pains. It’s decent and sleek design meets the comfort of the user, and the wireless facility just adds to the comfort. Who likes wires anyway?

It helps with the natural hand position instead of keeping the wrist in the wrong position and causing pain. Navigation is improved with the help of the rubber pad and for smooth scrolling and tracking.

This mouse is compatible with multiple devices so you don’t just have to work on your desktop all day, carry it with you anywhere, anytime. Due to these distinctive features, this model is tagged as one of the best for repetitive strain injury.

Not only these but this device is not expensive as well. The model is however not suitable for left-handed people.

This mouse is more suitable for the people who get wrist pain while working long hours with a traditional mouse.

Why do we like it?

  • It has a battery life conservation feature and it auto-sleeps. (Battery of 3 Triple-A batteries).
  • It is wireless
  • It is comfortable for long term use

What we did not like about this mouse?

  • The scroll makes a clicking sound.
  • More resistance while dragging

HAVIT Wireless Vertical Mouse

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HAVIT wireless vertical is yet another firmly constructed ergonomic mouse with matte finishing to give a modern touch. The device is scientifically built to avoid RSI and carpal tunnel syndrome as well as wrist pains.

The model has six buttons on which you can have easy control and a smooth grip. It has wireless technology and offers a large number of operational cycles. The model has a contemporary look along with all it’s excellent features and is easily available online.

It is also wireless. It can be used from as far as 10 m and once connected it will remain connected even if you turn it around 360 degrees.

     Why do we like it?

  • The design of this mouse is simply great. Your hand places on top very naturally. The outer heel area of your hand is lowest when working with this device, which is the natural way, so your wrist and hand become relaxed and most of the work is done by the muscle tendons.
  • It was much easier to get used to this device, compared to our 1st and 2nd choice.
  • It has 5 buttons which can be programmed.
  • It is Wireless

Adesso iMouse E-9 – For Left-Handed People

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So here’s one for the lefties who have been left out in the first three mice. This model is specifically designed for the left-handed people, Adesso device reduces the likelihood of having RSI greatly and keeps your wrist pain free. It doesn’t require any mouse pads and works great on any kind of surface.

This device is surely appealing and sleek making it aesthetically modern along with features like better navigation, high precision and easier mobility. The model has six buttons, three on either side of the mouse that makes it easy for you to scroll and navigate on your monitor.

The only little problem is that the super glossy surface will take a little adjusting before you stop slipping off the mouse. But as compared to the advantages, we’re not sure if we can even call this an issue. We liked the wired version of this mouse, with a cable of up to 5 feet.

What did we like about this mouse?

  • It has optical sensors, which means you don’t need a pad with it.
  • It’s compatible with all running operating systems, it’s plug and play.
  • has multiple internet navigation buttons

What we didn’t like?

  • Not suitable for gaming. While it might ease up your RSI situation, but it isn’t one to pick up on quick enough commands and will probably be a bother while gaming.

Treatments for RSI – Repetitive Strain Injury

As the term suggests, this pain is caused by the continuous and repetitive activity of specific muscles and tendons. This pain mostly occurs in parts with the most tendons and small muscles, like the different joints.

When it comes to curing RSI, the first step is to stop doing what caused the RSI in the first place or modify the movement somehow, for example, if you got RSI by excessive use of mice or constantly clicking keys on your keyboard, stop it or modify your positions between intervals.

The other thing you should consider doing is to relax those muscles by massaging them. Regular massages could prove l to be very beneficial with RSI and other related diseases.

Visit a doctor if the pain exceeds. And in order to avoid this type of pain in the future, consider making those muscles strong once they are healed, by exercises and dietary changes. Vitamins often play a major role in the biological aspect of mobility.


Now that we’ve listed the best computer mise that tick the boxes for avoiding repetitive strain injury, get yourself one and immediately stop punting excessive strain on your muscles and bones before you wind up with something serious


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