25 Weird Things Sold on eBay You Won’t Believe

25 Weird Things Sold on eBay You Won’t Believe: What’s the weirdest thing you’ve spent your money on?

Whatever it may be, it’s probably not as bizarre as some of the weird things sold on eBay that people from all over the world have very happily bought.

eBay is the perfect online platform to part with your old treasures and finds new tidbits to add to your bizarre collections.

Whether you have an old pokemon cards collection lying around or an entire room worth of furniture, you can probably find someone on eBay who’ll give it a better home.

However, now and then, in all the usual things people sell on eBay, something out of the ordinary pops up for sale and surprisingly does extremely well when it comes to selling.

From 10-year-old Virgin Mary Sandwiches to people’s entire lives, there are so many weird things sold on eBay that it’s often hard to keep track of all of them.

However, here’s my pick of some of the best weird things sold on eBay.

People and animal-related items sold on eBay

Mans life sold on ebay

A man’s life

This is probably the most interesting item on our list.

A man named Ian Usher was so tired of how his life was going, that he calculated it’s worth and sold his entire life on eBay for $ 399,000!

This life package came with a house, car, a two week trial period at his job, and even an introduction to his friends.

After selling his life, the man used the money to complete 100 items on his bucket list in about 100 weeks, and in the end, settled down in Panama with someone he had met on his journey.

Talk about a win!

Name of a woman

Are you tired of your current identity? Why not try selling it on eBay!

A woman named Terri Iligan put her name up for auction on eBay, meaning that the highest bidder would essentially get to name her.

Changing your identity after living your entire life can be hard to adjust to, especially with 5 kids, however, this woman managed to do it with a profit of 15,000 dollars!

Since the bid was won by an online casino called the Golden Palace, her new name ended up being golden- palace-dot- com.

It is a mouthful, however, I’m sure her family members found a way around that!

The chance to name a baby

This couple was more than happy to pass on the lengthy and thought-provoking process of baby-naming to a stranger online for some extra cash, claiming that they just didn’t have any decent names in mind!

The buyer got to pick out the baby’s first and middle name

Guinea Pig Armor

This one has a tragic backstory, however, it does end with a whopping 24,300 dollars being donated to a guinea pig charity.

A boy had created a very elaborate metal suit of armor for his guinea pig.

Unfortunately, his guinea pig ended up passing away so he decided to sell the armor on eBay.

Starting at a bid of a few hundred dollars, within 10 days, it sold for $ 24,300!

An Imaginary friend

Since selling people on eBay is considered human trafficking (fortunately), people have resorted to selling their imaginary friends online instead.

Surprisingly, an imaginary friend named Joe, who came with an entire backstory of his own, was sold for 1000 dollars.

The owner claimed that he had spent a lot of time with him already and was ready to move on, but not before giving a detailed description of how this imaginary friend was also up for grabs in the dating world.

Now if that’s not weird, I don’t know what is!

A night out with the boys

This one is probably just as wholesome as it is weird.

A couple of men in Australia sold a night out with them on eBay that involved drinks and nothing but guaranteed fun!

Funnily enough, this opportunity to make some new friends and have a fantastic night out sold for $ 300.

Not a bad way to make new friends if you ask me!

Celebrity related weird stuff sold on eBay

Celebrity related items sold on Ebay

When it comes to fanbases, with extremely dedicated fans, there’s no telling how much money they will spend to acquire something that was touched or previously owned by their favorite celebrities.

William Shatner’s kidney stone

Going in with high hopes, the Star Trek star, William Shatner put his kidney stone up for auction on eBay.

Surprisingly, it sold for $ 75,000 and all the money made was donated to charity, so overall, not a bad end to a weird story after all!

Britney Spears gum

On multiple occasions, Britney Spears’ chewed up gum from different concerts has been sold on eBay ranging from $10 to about $1000.

However, the most expensive listing of a Britney Spears chewed gum was back in 2004, where it was listed for $14,000 because the seller bid against himself to drive up the price!

Justin Timberlake french toast

The celebrity madness does not stop yet!

In this case, a waitress at a restaurant that Justin Timberlake had breakfast at, took his leftover french toast and sold it on eBay for $ 1,000.

He didn’t eat it because it was a little burnt, but I’m sure no one’s complaining about that, especially not the lucky person who found it!

Lunch with Warren Buffet

Every year, this wholesome old man sets up an auction on eBay for a lunch with him to raise money for charity.

This lunch comes packed with quality life advice and in 2019, it sold for a record-breaking 4.5 million dollars!

Justin Bieber’s hair

On one episode of the Ellen show, Justin Bieber gave her a signed box containing his hair to auction off for charity.

This auction ended up raising about $ 40,000!

Elvis’ leftover water

Traveling back a few years in time, to the Elvis era, is where this cup of leftover water drunk by Elvis was found by a man named Wade Jones in 1977.

After coming across the selling powers of eBay about 27 years later, he sold the water in the cup for $455.

He still kept the cup though!

Scarlett Johanson’s boogie tissue

While on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Scarlett Johanson blew into a tissue while being “sick” and put it in a plastic bag to auction off on eBay for charity!

Surprisingly, this tissue sold for $ 5,300.

Talk about weird! However, it was for a good cause so it’s alright.

Air from Kanye West’s show

For those of you who missed out on your favorite celebrities’ concert, don’t worry, because someone is probably selling the air from their show.

The air from Kanye’s show (which was packed in a bag,) sold for $ 28,000.

Earth and Space weird things sold on eBay

Earth and Space weird things sold on eBay

Air from England

Now, air from concerts isn’t the only thing being sold on eBay!

Apparently, with increasing world pollution, people feel the immense need to share the ‘fresh’ air from their hometown countrysides in England.

Multiple sellers have trapped this fresh air in a jar and are selling it for about 100 pounds.

A chunk of Mars

Remember when we were all talking about packing up and moving to Mars? Well, looks like Mars found its way to Earth instead!

Back in 2006, an Asteroid broke off a piece from Mars and made its way to Nigeria where this Martian meteorite was sold for 450,000 dollars!

This was the most expensive price something like this had been sold for in comparison to other similar pieces however because it was so rare, the price is rightly justified!

An Entire Town!

A small town named Bridgeville in  California with a population of about 35 was auctioned off on eBay for 2 million dollars.

Weird Food Items Sold on eBay

Weird Food Items Sold on eBay

When it comes to food, people on eBay are skilled at spotting interestingly shaped potato chips and popcorns, and will spare no time in coming up with interesting backstories that encourage and draw- in buyers!

As ridiculous as it sounds to spend 100s of dollars on a crumb of food, you’ll be surprised at how many people have actually done it!

Here are a few examples!

Virgin mary sandwich

This is probably the most bizarre item in the food category, simply because of how much money a woman made by selling a sandwich.

A woman named Diane Duyser was about to take a bite off a regular grilled cheese sandwich when she noticed that the sandwich had a face that was staring right at her!

The face, according to her, looked a lot like Virgin Mary, and apparently, other people agreed because this sandwich sold for 28000 dollars to the goldenpalace.com

Diane claimed that the sandwich brought her incredible luck as she went on to win $70,000 at a local casino.

Thankfully, she did warn her buyers that it was not for consumption.

Illinois shaped cornflake

Two sisters from Virginia sold this Illinois shaped cornflake on eBay for more than 1,000 dollars to a man who wanted to store it in his museum.

The cornflake meant so much to him, that rather than having it delivered to him, he specially sent someone to go and pick it up!

Harambe Shaped Cheeto

Back in 2016, Harambe became nothing short of an internet sensation after being killed by a zoo-keeper.

The hype surrounding Harambe did not die down because a Harambe’s shaped Cheeto was found for sale on eBay and sold for $ 99,000!

Mutant cucumber

Most vegetables in your pantry are pretty normal looking, so what happens when you spot something slightly out of the ordinary? You sell it on eBay!

This cucumber looked like a curled up worm or caterpillar and was sold on eBay for a few hundred bucks.

Albino cheese puff

Some people really go all out with their marketing when it comes to weird things on eBay.

This person in particular tried to sell a packing peanut as an albino cheese puff.

As ridiculous as it may seem, the odds clearly worked in his favor because he was able to sell that for $ 5,000.

Spooky items sold on eBay

Spooky items sold on eBay

eBay has a horror side that doesn’t shy away from selling the creepiest items no matter what time of the year it is.

 Fairy skeleton

The first on our list of creepy things is a mummified fairy that was sold on eBay, and not as a Halloween decoration item!

Apparently, it was the dead skeleton of a fairy that was haunting the owners and needed to become a part of someone else’s morbid collection.

Mummified human foot

From the vast majority of mummified items being sold on eBay, this one is probably the weirdest!

This human mummified foot in a jar was listed for $2599. I’ll spare you the gross details of what it looks like, but it is as gruesome as it sounds!

Talk about disgusting!

A ghost in a jar

Not limiting themselves to nice imaginary friends, people have apparently found it highly amusing to sell ghosts in jars on eBay a well.

On one occasion, an old man found a jar in the cemetery and claimed that he was tired of the ghost haunting him and wanted to get rid of it.

He would not bear any responsibility if the jar was opened and the ghost escaped after purchase.

Unfortunately, even though the highest bid went up to$ 55,992, the person never actually ended up paying.

Final Words

Although eBay is filled with tonnes of weird items, it’s also the perfect place to get rid of your old junk!

So the next time you deep clean your room or come across something valuable that you no longer need, try selling it on eBay!

With a few good pictures, an interesting backstory, and a catchy title, who knows? You might end up being a few hundred bucks richer!

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