What Does It Mean When A Guy Wants You To Have His Baby?

What Does It Mean When A Guy Wants You To Have His Baby?: Having kids Is one of the most significant decisions in life because you are giving life to a new human being. And the one who wants to be the father of your child is a serious candidate to be your man for sure. As he wants to have a baby with you, obviously he is investing in your future together, wants you, wants to take care of you, your children, and obviously want to grow old with you.

It basically means that he loves you so much and desires to have a family with you. Wanting to have a baby with some girl simply refers to being ready to take the next big step of life with you.

He also trusts you so much that he can rely upon for the rest of his life to be the caretaker, a loved one, and beauty to his own family.

As he is desiring to have a new turn to his life with you, that obviously means you are perfect in his eyes; he likes you and everything about you.

But are you really sure about this? What are the signs that he really wants a family with you? (See the last sign).

Maybe he just want’s you attention?

Should you plan a baby (Can a baby save a marriage)?

Is the foundation of your home that much stronger to add up new floors to it? It’s obviously worth thinking before you can go with a decision to make them healthy just on the basis of that little one.

Okay, now what if you are married and didn’t plan a baby up until now and feels like saving your fragile and sick bond by having a new life to your family.

If you are the one who thinks the same, so drop this decision right away as its never going to work.

How could you even think that newborn innocent have the responsibility to make foundations of your ruined relationship?

Being parents is a huge responsibility, so you need to be very careful about dealing with those matters as a kid growing up in broken homes will definitely suffer.

Fix whatever the problem you are facing with your man without adding up a third one to your issues, as they are the ones who have the right to have a happy, contented life.

Before you think of having a child, fix all your ruined matters, and analyze if both of you are capable of raising some new life or not.

Signs He Wants To Have A Baby & Things You Should Consider:

  • He is taking care of you even more then he usually cares

He is taking care of you never like before. He is pampering you in every single matter. He is bearing all your tantrums that usually never bears at all.

He is treating you like a baby and listening to every humbug of yours that he used to ignore before, pretending to play games or not even listening.

He is making efforts to show you that he can take care of all your matters and trying to be very responsible as he was never before.

  • He is interacting with kids a lot nowadays

He is trying to attract other children towards him and not even getting annoyed. He is trying to play with them.

He is even trying to make them laugh and spending time with them. If you are noticing this in your man, then you should prepare your mind that now is the time to have a kid.

He is making eye contact with other’s kids, whether at malls, shopping centers, parks, playing areas, etc.

He is willing to give his time to any kid and actually enjoying with them instead of playing video games all day.

  • He laughs when he sees some kids acting up in public

Your man is not getting annoyed by that stupidity that kids make all over; in fact, he is enjoying and laughing with them.

He has good humor about naughty and screaming kids; however, he was never someone how would even listen to those screams and easily got annoyed with those behaviors.

That’s literally something to think about, whether it is just for fun or he is actually feeling for them too. All these conclude to the fact that your man could be a great dad.

  • You catch him watching movies or cartoons for kids

Your man might be consciously or subconsciously wondering what it can feel to make your kids watch such cartoons.

He is watching those cartoons and imagining the same situation with the kids roaming around, trying to make them learn from them, or making them laugh out of it.

Or else he is watching something like that with other people’s kids and participating in their conversation.

  • He is obsessed with pictures of himself as a kid

if he discusses a lot about his childhood and his mother’s relationship with or father’s, he might be thinking of creating a little version of himself.

Or if he pulls out all the pictures of his childhood and starts talking about himself as a kid, all his activities, his life as a baby, he definitely desires to have one.

Because he also wants that relationship that he used to had with his dad when he was a kid.

  • He is interested in buying games and toys for himself

If he is buying stuff like drones, video games, and DIY model kits that obviously better suits to someone younger, he definitely desires for a little partner for all these. Lol.

He is buying sports stuff like bat and ball or toy trains etc. He gives you the signs that he wants someone to play around with all these kids’ stuff.

  • He is genuinely very excited if any of your friends has a baby

He is literally pleased after hearing the news of one of your friends having a baby, just like having his own baby.

He will be forcing you to buy beautiful accessories for babies as a gift and enjoy shopping with you; however, he is never a shopaholic.

He is interested in visiting to see that baby and making excuses to meet your friend; however, he is very lazy in even giving you the pick and drops.

  • He is shopping for a house

If your man is looking for a bigger space to live, more than in whatever you live, it’s something to count as a sign of desiring for a baby.

If he is saving some amount from his monthly salary to desire a better and bigger house than the one you are living, he is definitely planning to start a family with you.

Moreover, if he is talking too much about money management or about creating wealth, he might be feathering his nest so he can raise his family happily, beautifully, and contented.

  • He will tell you that you can be a great mom

if he has started complimenting you as a responsible lady or a good caretaker, that counts as a sign too.

He often admires you for your responsible behavior and your sweet nature that you’ll be a great mother of beautiful kids.

If he is repetitively telling you that you have the great qualities of being a mom, he envisions, raising his child with you.

  • He asks you about your period

If he checks up on your menstruation cycle more often, he is thinking of having near-future plans to have a baby.

This question is really very private and not appropriate for a random guy to ask, so if your man is concerned about your fertility a lot, he is obviously also concerned about having a kid nearby.

  • He is asking for sex more often

If your spouse or boyfriend or husband is more romantic to you, he usually is definitely planning to make you pregnant.

It’s the right way or an appropriate way if he asks for your permission before taking any of this step as because having kids is somehow a decision taken by mutual understanding.

  • He has let you know what he desires for

Taking about a person who has done it all, he made lifts his career to the top, and he has traveled all around for adventures; he enjoyed his irresponsible and a bachelor’s life.

This type of person is only left with one aim in life: “to settle and have kids,” and possibly he won’t come up with various kinds of signs.

This type of person possibly will directly tell you what he really wants. That’s a baby for sure; if your man tells you to have a baby, you can take him at his word.

  • He is interested in kids shopping

Suddenly, you are feeling that your partner has attitudes that he never had before. That includes he is usually mentioning the beauty of children or the beauty of having them too.

Suddenly, he is interested in casually looking for baby items at stores selling children things. Maybe at shopping, he tells you the price of baby stuff and mentions “how expensive the price of diapers.”

Could he be taking accounts for future expenses?

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