Signs That A Girl Likes You More Than A Friend

Friendship is powerful, if nurtured and nourished it can last a lifetime. However, the one storm often friendships can’t wear out is when one acts on their feelings without knowing about the other’s. Granted the being in a relationship with your best friend can be amazing, not every friendship ends that way.

So, if you think that you have feelings for your best friend and you aren’t sure about her you don’t need to freak out. Women are open books, if they like you more than a friend and genuinely see it going somewhere they will let you know.

Now, this doesn’t mean that they come up to you and just say it to your face. This means that they will unconsciously and consciously give you subtle signs that can give you the Go-sign.  Know that these aren’t complex codes that you need to decipher, it can be her level of comfort around you, her lack of hesitation while touching you, her genuine interest in your friends and family, her jealousy, her eagerness to be with you or just the fact that she smiles more around you and you’ve heard that from other people.

11 Top Signs that she likes you more than a friend

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1) She seems in her element

Granted that we are in our element around friends, there are certain things that you keep to yourself even then. You don’t “baby talk” around your friends now do you?

So, if she’s telling you her most embarrassing stories, most awkward moments in life, and just not acting to be in control all the time, that can be a sign that she might like you more than a friend.

While people do share things with their friends, we have an innate need for people to like us, especially those around us. In wanting so, we often hide who we are to be loved and accepted.

However, we tend to open up in front of those people who are closer to us than others, who we intend to keep around for the rest of our lives.

2) She tells you her deepest secrets

While chick flicks show girls pouring their deepest secrets to their friends, that isn’t true.

Women only pour their hearts out to people they think will last, people that they might have an intimate relationship with.

We have a pathological need for approval and therefore we keep our secrets hidden within us.

However, we can’t keep them inside forever, so we tend to open up to people who mean the world to us.

So, if she’s been telling you things that no one else knows about, that might be a sign as well.

3) She’s possessive

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Granted that some people have possessive friends, but a sign of a friend is that they’ll always be happy whenever you’re dating someone even if it’s just a fling.

On the other hand, if your friend seems to be edgy when you mention another girl or a boy, if they get fidgety and can’t meet your eye, it means that they would want to be the person you talk about like that.

If she likes you more than a friend she’ll do anything to make sure she’s the only woman in your life.

4) She shows genuine interest

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Among friends, girls often talk over each other to make themselves heard, and they mostly talk about themselves.

So, if she wants to talk about you, wants to get to know your family, is friendly to them, loves to hear about your dreams, passion, and inspirations, then she definitely likes more than a friend and is just waiting for you to ask her out.

Know that genuine interest is rare, in the fast-paced world we live in we hardly get time to deal with our things so if someone prioritizes you, you should feel special.

5) She puts effort into how she looks

Friends are like family, you don’t care how you look around them especially if they drop by your home.

If you see her looking her best self every time you come by, and wonder how you always catch her looking flawless, chances are she might be putting a lot of thought into her outfits before seeing you and repeatedly running to the bathroom to fix her hair up when she’s with you.

6) She imagines you two together

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If she’s dropping around hints in which she compares you to couples, or talks about how life will be for the both of you when you grow older, she may be interested in you. She needs to know that you will always be in her life and that’s the most obvious sign you’ll ever get.

If she says,  “Hey, they thought we were a couple how crazy is that, isn’t it?” or “Do you ever think what I would be like if we were dating?” she’s trying to navigate your feelings for her before she makes a move.

7) Her touch is more lingering than ever

Another sign that can clear up the situation you’re in is if she touches you a lot.

Granted we all do touch our friends, but if they turn to lingering touches, or resting their head against you, or just making sure you are in some kind of physical contact no matter where you are, you need to pick up on the subtle moves.

While a customary hug here and there is important, girls don’t have a lot of physical contact with their male friends. So, if you feel like you’re the only one getting this special treatment, it’s time for you to find out if she genuinely likes you.

8) She’s happier around you

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Another way you can tell if girls are interested in you romantically is by their attitude around you.

If your friend happier around you and you hear people rave about how happy you maker her, then it may be your sign to seal the deal. While you can be happy around a lot of loved ones, it’s different around someone you’re interested in romantically.

So, trust other people and gather the courage to ask her if she feels the same way.

9) She gives you social media advice and keeps tabs

If you see that your friend is invested in your social media and is always try to make it better that’s a sign they may be into you.

May not add up, but trust us, women only keep tabs on people that they like, so if she’s commenting on all your pictures religiously, if she likes all your photos, and tells you which pictures to post, she is invested in you and may want you to pick up on the hint.

10) Her friends know who you are

Hanging out with mutual friends

If you’re just friends with this girl, chances are not many people around you will know about you.

So if you meet her other friends and family and everyone starts acting extra nice and you hear girls giggling, chances are they know exactly who you are and how much their friend likes you. So try and pick up on social cues that might make your decision easier.

11) She prioritizes your mental health

The world that we live in today is more cutthroat than ever, everyone is in an endless competition that leaves many under stress.

In times like these, if she takes out time to listen to your problem and help you with your mental health, then she may like you more than a friend.

Granted that we do help friends as well,  we often tend to prioritize ourselves over them.

However, if it’s a person we’re interested in romantically, we tend to prioritize them over everything (as sad as it may be, most girls do that even.

So, if she’s putting you above everything else and you feel the same way towards her, let her know.

Things your friend will never do if she’s interested in you

Friends not talking to each other

1) Spill your secrets

Normally when women promise to keep secrets and not tell anyone, this ‘anyone’ doesn’t usually include her friends.  However, if we like someone, we tend to keep our word.

So if you find out she’s told someone else about your secret, that is a sign for you to not make that move, however, if they don’t, then you’re good to go.

You can do so by purposely telling them something and seeing whether or not they spill your secrets. You gotta do what you gotta do.

2) Make others laugh at your expense

If someone has feelings for you, making a fool out of you will be the last thing they do (not that it’s okay with anyone else but it does light-heartedly happen among friends).

So, if you see her pass by an opportunity to roast you in front of someone no matter how funny the point might be, then she’s definitely in for the long run.

3) Make excuses to not meet you

When people are down, they tend to make excuses to not meet their friends. We would not call it a habit, but it does happen time to time when we want to be left alone or something else is going on in our lives. We make excuses and it’s okay to do so.

However, there are some people we are always down to meet and they’re the peoplele that we love the most. So, if she never turns down plans and is always ready to see you,  it means that she values your presence and that, dear friend, is a sign big enough.

4) Lie to you

White lies are an everyday essential in most cases, however, if you know that your friend hasn’t ever lied to you, no matter how small it may be, it’s a sign that they think you are worth their honesty. It is a sign that you stand apart from everyone else and there’s maybe a chance for becoming something more.

Final thoughts:

After going through the above-mentioned signs, you now have a checklist to go through. If you can tick more than 90% of things off the list then you should make the first move and ask her if she wants to be more than friends ( don’t kiss her out of the blue, doesn’t end well most of the times).

Asking her will give her power over the decision and she will always appreciate that. Chances are if you’ve ticked all the boxes the answer will definitely be a yes.