Top 5 Life Changing ENTP Careers To Avoid

Top 5 Life Changing ENTP Careers To Avoid: Steve Jobs once said: “Those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones that do.”

Are you an ENTP and under 40?  Well, you are a nightmare for sure, kind of a toddler who always questions and pushes the boundaries. We expect this toddler to growing up, but when?

You are gifted and unique but much misunderstood by others most of the time. Do not fall into a hole where you will feel suffocated or stifled. Because you will be a happier ENTP if you go for a career that matches your cognitive preferences, how you think, and how you operate.

See other personalities on Myers & Briggs Theory, if you are not sure who you actually are.

Of course, there is a place for you in this whole wide world.

If you are a young ENTP and still unsure of which career path to hitch your wagon on to, then here are a few don’ts for you because only when you love the work you do will you be able to do great work.

  • Extravert, you enjoy meeting people and engaging in conversations, sometimes arguments also.
  • Intuitive, you can see things entirely, helping you see the future and not drown yourself in present work.
  • Thinker, you with your logical mind, craving for more knowledge. No emotional decisions for you.
  • Perceiver, you are open-minded and not at all judgmental. Waiting to see how things will play out.

This is a cognitive function stack, and all the superpowers you have come with a price. You do not always know what to do with them, but things start getting better; you learn to stick to one lane and calm down.

Careers ENTP should avoid

Boring job

If you are an ENTP type personality, you probably struggle with confusion and lack of focus.

You do not know how and where to utilize all your knowledge and your creativity. And are in pursuit of a job that would fulfill you while also be beneficial to the others.

Doing just about any type of job would make you miserable and restless. Getting into such situations should be avoided if you wish to be successful in your life. So, here are some careers you should keep miles away from.

Accounting Jobs

Effect of career on the personality

You will find that ENTP type personalities are quite tolerant when it comes to work requiring repetition and monotony. You will tolerate it, but it will kill you with boredom.

It is against your personality to do such routine work, day by day. It is unfair, considering how creative you are and would like to create things using other things.

An accountant’s job is very stagnant in nature. It will stifle an ENTP person. You are among the people who want to acquire knowledge and move forward, learn more. This kind of a mundane job and a mundane existence will keep you dissatisfied and unhappy.

According to your personality traits, a desk job with no creativity in it will lead you to curb and stifle your creative instincts, leaving you unsuccessful and nonproductive.

You are gifted yet have the knack of getting stuck in jobs or places that smother your natural talents. People should never take up this kind of a monotonous job with ENTP personality.

Job Related to Administrative roles

Job Related to Administrative roles

Plowing through loads of work on your own, repeatedly doing the same work every day, this may sound good to some. Still, an ENTP should not even think of being in an administrative role.

The monotony is killing. Again, you would end up being miserable despite being at the helm of affairs. Your creative minds are not meant to follow the rules. Instead, you love trying and learning new things, creating new things with whatever is available.

An administrative desk job just does not fit into an ENTP skillset. You do not thrive on repetition and predictability. But quite, on the contrary, you want to be given the freedom of new and creative ideas.

Because your creative minds want to be allowed to feel free to work and not to be stuck with the same kind of work that gives you no creative satisfaction. You would find this counterproductive and not necessary at all.

Acquiring knowledge is essential,  but an administrator’s job is very predictable. It goes against the personality traits of an ENTP person.

Assistant Position Jobs

Assistant Position Jobs

An assistant in any field is not leading from his position, and ENTP is a leader in their field. You want the freedom to lead and make new things, the freedom to change. And when you are not in a position to take those steps, you get dissatisfied.

The job does not interest you anymore. Some ENTP are extremely comfortable in jobs that require them to use their leadership skills. At the same time, some are happy in places where there are new opportunities to invent things and projects for their organizations.

An assistant’s job does not offer either of the opportunities. You will be stagnant and lose interest very soon because you find it difficult to follow orders and tend to argue more than follow.

There may be times ENTP personalities can be tolerant and carry on with their jobs as an assistant. Still, it is not fair at all to these creative-minded individuals, who can do wonders and bring about change.

But since you are the way you are, you can stay stuck in a mediocre job because you cannot focus and follow your dream as an ENTP.

As mentioned earlier, growing up takes time for this toddler, time for you to calm down and do what you are best at doing.

Career in Teaching

Career in Teaching

It is generally believed that being enthusiastic and passionate by nature, ENTP type personalities will make good teachers.

To a certain extent, this may be true as you enjoy connecting with people but considering your personality traits, teaching in an organization that is definitely out of your ballpark.

Though you would make good teachers, this career has its struggles. You can not work in an environment that requires one to follow the rules, and rules are part and parcel of a school.

There are strict guidelines to be followed. An ENTP would hate being in such a situation where one must adhere to the rules rather than follow your creative instincts.

You need some space to change and create and will struggle to grade papers and organize lesson plans, planning classes, etc. You are the kind of person who would rather do things at the last minute instead of following the timelines and the guidelines.

Better stay away from careers related to teaching even though it sounds like fun to you.

Architecture Related Jobs

Architecture Related Jobs

I have come across a few ENTP personalities trying their best to be great at designing houses. They feel that it gives them the freedom to express themselves and to give wings to their creativity. But the struggle is very much real.

Ask yourself, as an ENTP, do you have the self-discipline and the patience to start and keep up the long professional schooling, where you have to abide by the rules?

The rules stand in the way of your creativity. Are you ready for it?

The professional apprenticeship that every architect must do before branching out on your own requires patience. Do you have it?

ENTP types have been seen to leave their architectural studies halfway as the paperwork gets too much for them. It requires patience and consistency to work out designs on sheets until you are good enough to try them out in reality, using your creative and sensitive mind.

You might as well cross out this career option, too dry for you. So, my advice to you is, decide to do something worth finishing and stick to it.

What are ENTP type people afraid of in their workplace?

These people consider themselves very innovative and creative. They want to bring about a change with the help of things, objects, and people around them.

Their greatest fear is that falling short of the great expectations they have of themselves. They do not want people to think they are incompetent and are of no use practically.

What is it that makes ENTP happy?

ENTP are extroverts. You are the happiest when surrounded by people who understand you and the people you love.

You need to know what you are doing is right if the path chosen leads you to the future you envisioned for yourself. You are happy when you prove yourself right.

Why are ENTP so complex?

ENTP are intelligent people and misunderstood most of the time. People label them as weird, but they are not. You are a mix of being logical and also very dreamy and imaginative.

It is not easy to understand you. You appear as complex personalities who are only trying to keep all their options open. If you don’t, you get bored easily.

Because you want to expand and grow, at work and also in your personal lives.

Are ENTP manipulative people?

To the others who do not know you well, ENTP might appear as scheming and manipulating. You have a knack for getting people to agree with you, which is not manipulating.

You are cautious people who are always conscious of how people around are. And whether you are yourself being manipulated by people. Another very strange aspect of your personality is that you can read people well. You can know who is taking you for a ride.

Your imagination can make you see different possibilities in any situation.

Are ENTP lazy people?

All ENTPs struggle with the same thing, motivation. It is very difficult for you to find motivation in work that does not interest you. Most of the ENTPs are stuck in jobs or places where they do not want to be.

It bores them and curbs their creativity. You feel suffocated. Lack of motivation makes you unable to perform your best or do any good work for that matter. You are not lazy; you may be in the wrong place that offers you no inspiration whatsoever.

Are ENTP type people real geniuses?

People who know that you are the ENTP type personalities are aware that you are not the cleverest people around. You are clever at looking and painting a larger picture and connecting all the dots around you.

Since you have a broad vision, you fulfill your creativity.

You see patterns and ideas other people do not. Having said that, you are average, not exceptionally clever. You use your logic and ever-increasing knowledge to invent and innovate.

Who are the famous ENTPs?

Thomas Edison, Benjamin Franklin, Leonardo da Vinci, James Dyson, Theodore Roosevelt, Catherine the Great of Russia, Tom Hanks, Benedict Cumberbatch, Alfred Hitchcock, to name a few.

What makes ENTP attractive?

You are a very confident people, which is an attractive trait, as long as you don’t unknowingly hurt the sensitivities of the people around you.

Ending Thoughts

It is incredibly challenging for people with an ENTP personality type to work under pressure. You find it difficult to get used to and adapt to certain work conditions, especially those involving long and dreary hours of repetitive work.

Although you are extroverts and love connecting with people, you can get rather insensitive at times. The discussions can lead to arguments and end up with you breaking ties with the people concerned.

The careers you adopt have to be chosen considering your traits, not the excitement you would be feeling at the moment. Because the excitement will die down soon, and you would fall into a pit, feeling miserable and hating your job.

People with such personality types are known as innovators. The debater in you is never ready to accept defeat. You believe that you are visionaries, so mundane life bores you. A complex type of personality, which drift along until it settles down where its heart desires.

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