20 Drinking Games for Couples In Love

Playing games with your partner is definitely an incredible way to have fun and kill the boredom or monotony that usually dulls the spark of a bond. Ditch the candle-light dinner this weekend and indulge yourself in some amazing drinking games.

Here is a list of 20 exciting drinking games for couples that are packed with entertainment and will help you keep the fun alive in your relationship too.

Why stick to the cuddles and dinners or movies only?

Do something different and exciting, to keep your partner hooked up with you.

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Two Truths and a Life:

Drinking couple game

If you’re going to play this drinking game with a new friend or someone you’re getting to know then this could make your night an interesting one. In other words, two truths and a lie can be revealing for both of you.

The object of the game is to not get caught telling a lie about you so here are the rules:

  • One person describes three things about him/her out of which two of them must be true and one of them must be a lie
  • The other player has to predict which one of them is the lie
  • If the person who is guessing, guesses incorrectly then he have to take a drink but if he/she right then you have to take a drink.
  • If the liar succeeds, guesser drinks. If the liar fails, liar drinks.

Drunk War:

Drinking game for couples

Drunk war is to take on the classic card game war so all you need is a deck of cards and a couple of drinks.

Here are the rules to the game:

  • Each player gets half the deck, 26 cards each.
  • Every turn both players flip over the top card on their deck.
  • The player with a higher card gets both of them and puts it in the bottom deck.
  • If both cards are the same number this begins a WAR.
  • During the war, each player first places one card facedown and then draws another face-up.
  • Whoever wins this flip, gets all the cards in that pile.
  • If the second draw is another card match, the war continues.
  • The winner of the game is whoever ends up with all the cards.

SO, how do you turn war into a drunk war?

EASY😊    Both players drink whenever a war begins the loser of each war has to take a drink and if you want to get really sloppy, the loser of every card flips drinks and this will make your time a real fun.

Would you Rather:

Would you rather is fun whether you’re drinking or not. To play this game you just have to pick two hypothetical situations and pick which one you would prefer in reality.

For example:  would you rather be a ghost or be a demon?

When you answer, you see what the overall percentages were for everyone who answered.

So the rules are:

  • Take turns answering questions.
  • If your answer is below the 50% mark you have to drink and if it’s above the 50% mark, the other player has to drink.

This game is really fun and can be surprisingly challenging when you’re trying to guess which answer was more popular.

Quarters Drinking Game for couples:

This game is back to basics. All you need is a shot glass and two quarters.

Here are the simple rules that you can follow to enjoy this game:

  • You’ll take turns bouncing your quarter off of the table and into the glass.
  • If yours goes in the opponent has to take a drink and you get to shoot again
  • If you get three in a row the other player has to finish their drink.

The Top-Hat:

This is actually a simple yet funny one with simple rules to follow and enjoy the drinking time with your partner.

  • You just have to put a top-hat sticker on your TV screen, anywhere you want.
  • Play your favorite show on the TV.
  • Both of you have to take a sip of your drink, every time someone’s face line-up to that sticker of top-hat.
  • The plus point to this game is that you can watch your favorite show while having a drink with your partner and enjoy the game.

The Gambler One:

This one is quite interesting and will show you, how much high or low drink gambler your partner is.

You just need a coin to toss and a bottle of drink with cups. Sit on the chairs with a table in the middle and follow these rules.

  • Gamble an amount of your drink (whatever you are considering for your game) by pouring some in to your cup and show it to your partner.
  • The one, who is gambling the drink, will toss the coin and the other one call for heads or tails, whatever he/she choose.
  • If his/her call is wrong, he/she have to drink.
  • If the call is right, the one who is tossing the coin, have to drink the entire amount in the cup.

Straight Face:

A straight face is a drinking game for two or even more persons that completely analyze your nerves and seriousness. This one is quite tricky for the funnier ones. You need paper, a bowl, a pen and of course your drinks.

  • Take a bowl and put some chits in it, having some words or sentences written on them.
  • Place the bowl in the middle of the table.
  • One of you will take one chit from the bowl and starts an effort to read it without giggling or smiling.
  • If you fail to do so, you have to drink a shot from your cup.
  • Keep on doing this until your drinks will finish.

One Minute Challenge:

This one is a quick but little messy and full of fun drinking games. Both of you need two cups and one spoon each. If you are not afraid to get messy then this one is all yours game.

  • On your turn, you have just one minute to transfer the drink from one cup filled with a drink in the empty cup as much as you can with the help of a spoon.
  • After the time up, you have to drink the leftover in the first cup.


Your creativity skills can be helpful for you in this game. You just need two glasses to pour your drink from the bottle and a sound mind. The following simple rules will make your game.

  • One of you will give your partner a simple and common word and he has to start telling you a story.
  • He can’t stop unless the given time of 5 minutes or 3 minutes (whatever your both decides) will complete.
  • The second condition you have to follow during these minutes is not to use that word in your story and keeps speaking.
  • If your partner will stop speaking or he uses the given word, he has to drink the shot from the glass.

Truth or Drink:

You can have the chance to get to know more about your partner with this interesting game. A drink with two glasses, one for each is required. If you don’t know the rules, here are these:

  • The only condition for this is to speak the truth otherwise you have to drink.
  • Your partner will ask you a question and you have to answer it.
  • If you don’t want to answer, you will lose and ultimately have to drink a shot from your glass.

You can spice up your love for each other by this session of question and answers with the addition of tasty drinks but be careful; it can be a tricky one.

The Alphabet Game:

In this game of drinking and fun, you both have to recite the words that start with each letter of alphabets.

The rules for the game are:

  • Just decide a theme for words and all of your words must be related to that theme.
  • If the theme is “games” you can start with arcade, baseball, chess, dodgeball Then continue with e, f, and so on.
  • Both of you will take turns reciting words that must relevant to your theme.
  • If someone fails to think or mess up, he/she have to take a drink.


This is a game of all about luck and fun drinking. You just need a deck of cards and your favorite drinks. Here are the simple rules to the game:

  • One of the partners will flip the card and the other person has to guess, either it is red or black.
  • If the guesser is right, no one will drink.
  • But if the guesser is wrong, he has to drink a glass.
  • On the next turn, both of you exchange your positions and the guesser will flip the card and another person has to guess.

Caps Drinking Game:

This one is interesting and keeps you active during your playtime. You only need two empty cups, for both of you each, bottles of your favorite drink and old bottle caps.

Just follow these instructions to play this amazing game:

  • Both of you sits facing each other at some distance or at opposite ends of the long wide table.
  • The game starts when one from the couple tries to throw the old bottle cap into the cup of the other person which is placed in front of him.
  • If he makes it to throw the bottle cap into the cup, the other person has to take a glass of drink and vice versa.

Never Have I Ever:

This one is the most widely played drinking game and you can easily play it with your partner while having a drink. This game will make you spill a lot of truths and secrets from your mouth so try to be active while playing this one. You can also get a chance to know a lot more about your partner. So grab your drink, read these rules and enjoy your game:

  • One of you will starts by saying something that he has never done. For example: never have I ever done cheating in my exams.
  • If your partner has ever cheated in exams, he has to drink.
  • On the next turn, you just switch your roles and continue playing.

Favorite Song Drinking Game:

Just select your favorite song and sit close to your partner grabbing your favorite drinks.

The rules of the game are:

  • Choose the selective words from the song and whenever the singer sings any word from your list of words, you both have to take a sip.
  • Select the words of your choice and number according to your song and enjoy your drink.

Simple and relaxing one.


UNO is a popular card game but you can also take it as a drinking game for two. Just follow these simple rules to take UNO as a drinking fun game. SHUFFLE the cards and just keep these rules in mind.

You both have to drink when:

  • Anyone from both of you, get the same color as your partner.
  • Both of you get the same number.

Just keeps on playing and enjoy drinking.

Speed Facts:

This is a fun fact drinking game to detect who knows more about his/her partner. Here are the rules to enjoy the game:

  • One of you starts telling the facts about other persons and it keeps on going until someone gets a wrong fact about the relation or the time they lived together.
  • For example your favorite color, your biggest fear, birthday dates, etc.
  • You have to keep calm and control your nerves if your partner states a wrong fact.
  • Resultantly, he/she has to take a drink.

Chugging Speed:

This one is a little hilarious and funny drinking game for couples. Here is, how to play this game:

  • Fill both of your cups with an equal amount of your favorite drink.
  • Both of you have to sit opposite to each other.
  • Starts chugging.
  • The one, who finishes firsts, has to take a drink and put his empty cup on the table.
  • One the second turn, the one who loses will refill his cup and drink.
  • Every time the one who loses, will drink.


You just need strong hands and your favorite drink to play this horrifying game.

  • Firstly, the players have to sit opposite to each other around a table and one of you puts a hand in front of your partner.
  • The other one has to slap-it and you have to avoid being slapped.
  • You must be quick and active; otherwise, you will get slapped and have to drink.
  • On next turn, swap your roles and enjoy drinking😊


It is a perfect game for both of you and reveals to you how compatible you are for each other. The simple rules for the game are:

  • Sit opposite to each other and look in the eyes of your partner.
  • Count down with, three two one and just recite a word.
  • This is for the idea that both players will say another word related to both two words combined they just said.
  • Both of you have to take a drink, every time the words don’t match.
  • The game keeps on going and gets messy with the time and it all ends up with a lot of fun.