39 Cute Texts To Keep Your Crush Interested

39 Cute Texts To Keep Your Crush Interested: The struggle of making your crush fall in love with you does not end at the point of the start of texting each other. Sadly, the anxiety is here to stay, as you will now face the challenge of keeping them interested in texting you.

How do you ensure that you remain in contact with them? How do you keep them from getting bored? It is not uncommon for you to feel out of words, yet still have a burning desire in your heart to keep the conversation going.

If you want the person to keep on thinking about you, your best bet is to send a sweet flirty text. Get your crush’s attention by analyzing their responses to these texts and form the strategy that suits your conversational style.

Overall, your texts should be a perfect combination of sweetness and attentiveness that will get the ball of conversation between you two rolling.

Cute Texts that Express your Attentiveness to her

The best way to grab someone’s attention is to show them that you yourself pay attention to them.

Cute Texts that Express your Attentiveness to her  

It is basic human nature to be attracted to people who notice you with complete mindfulness and observe your behavior, words, and lifestyle very closely.

I saw you score a goal at today’s match! It was awesome😄

You have to teach me how you work out 😋

PS. Sometimes flirty texts also gets them very interested… (watch this video).

Texts that Start a Cute Debate

There is no substitute for the joy of a silly, fun debate.

Connect with her emotionally on Instagram

It will keep the conversation going and allow your crush to express their opinions and feel confident with you.

How can you like pineapple on pizza !?! It’s disgusting 🤢

Do you think aliens would keep us as pets? 🤨

Texts that Show, you Care about them

Saying that you miss them is not enough. Sometimes you have to show how much you care by checking in on them.

Stay confident on Instagram

Don’t be afraid to express it by asking for their well-being.

It will make your crush feel significant and, most importantly, be touched by you reaching out to them.

How have you been feeling? I missed you so much! 😊

Texts that Make them Laugh

The easiest way to get someone to enjoy conversing with you is by telling them a joke.

DM her the right way

It will continuously remind them of how much they enjoy your company.

Make them laugh even if it is through the silliest joke.

It will be a huge mood booster for the rest of the conversation as well.

Wanna hear a funny story?? 😆

Don’t be afraid to Show Off

You should always look for ways to show off your skills to them.

Make Sure You Keep in Touch

Can you cook well?

Ask them to try your best dish!

Are you good at sports?

Ask them to come to watch you play!

You are going to get amazed by my lasagna! 🙂

Cute Text to Ask for their Help

Make your crush feel important and desired by asking them to solve a small problem for you.

Ask for their Help Text

Even a simple task as asking them about the company in order to save you from a boring event can do wonders!

There is no way I can last at this conference without you 😕 Come with me!

Please save me from this stupid question. 🤭

Hype Up Everything!

Your excitement levels being high about something will surely translate into your crush’s own feelings as well.

Hype Up Everything

Make them feel amped up by giving them something to look forward to and be excited about whether it is something in the conversation or something for your next meeting.

When you yourself are excited about something, your crush will also feel anticipated.

OMG Wanna hear what happened today at the cafe?? 😯

You are not gonna believe what I just saw on TV! 😦

That place is the best in the city… I’m so excited! 😧

Shower them with Compliments

This should not come as a surprise. Everyone loves hearing good things about themselves.

How To Get A Girl's Number On Instagram?

Not only that, your compliments will make them wish to hear from you more often.

This includes compliments regarding outfit, perfume, makeup, skills, and practically anything that impresses you about them. Not only that, you can try to compliment their smartness as well.

You looked lovely in that red suit today 😉

How did you even think of that answer in class?? 🤔 I am so impressed!

You smell so lovely. What cologne do you use? 🧐

Make them a Part of your Life

The easiest way to get someone into your daily routine is to get them involved with the activities you do.

Girl getting text outside with earbuds

The invitation will be flattering to them and give you an opportunity to hang out with your crush.

I really feel like going ice skating today. Wanna come with me? 😏

I would love for you to read my blog. 🥰 I need opinions regarding how it is…

Exchange Recommendations

When you ask someone to recommend a movie, book, show, or song, you show your interest in and acknowledge their taste.

Girl replying on

This also means that you can get something to talk about when you have finished that show and have a discussion. This translates to the other way around as well.

You can give your crush a recommendation about something that you love so that when they go through it, you will have a chance to show your excitement.

It is a great bonding experience to discuss something that you share common interests about.

I need a new thrilling novel. Got any suggestions? 😇

You love mystery shows, right? I have a perfect new recommendation. 🤠

This latest episode of Attack on Titan was spectacular! What was your favorite part? 🤓

Tell them you are Thinking about them

Your crush will love the thought that they are being remembered and missed even when they are not having a conversation with you.

Recieving a text from loved ones

They will be flattered by the idea of them being of value to you.

This is even more intimate if you factor in the nighttime.

Your crush will be very happy to know that they are being missed during the night.

I can’t even concentrate in this boring class. I keep on thinking about you! 😞

I can’t sleep properly. What u up to? 😊

I can’t help but smile whenever I’m talking to you 😇

Use your Pets as an Excuse

Who can resist the charm of playing with pets?

Girl getting text with mask and bag

If you have got one, tell your crush that your pet misses them too.

If they have one, keep trying to use it as an excuse for meeting them.

Sparky really loved playing catch with you. Now you gotta keep playing with him! 😄

I miss your kitty so much… 🤩

Make the Plans

The best way to avoid the awkward situation of ‘who makes the plan’ is to step up and make them yourself.

Especially if you have an interesting idea for a hangout or a date.

How about going to the central park tomorrow evening? 🙂

Strike up a Competition

A really unique way to build up interest is to strike up a friendly competition with your crush.

You can make things interesting by offering up a reward that you are sure they will want to win.

“I’ll buy you your favorite game if you can answer my 3 questions. Ready?”

Use a fun Nickname

A nickname is a sweet and intimate way of keeping your crush involved.

If you want to take this to the next level, keep coming up with new, cute nicknames for your crush as a way of showing that their quirks are being remembered.

“Hello, baby yoda. What are you doing tonight? ;)”

Bring up Memories

If you feel like the conversation is fading a bit, spark it up again by bringing up a past event or a sweet memory.

Even something as a call-back to an interesting conversation can be used as a good silence breaker.

Remember those flowers you showed me earlier this week? I am addicted to them now! 🙂

Cute Flirtations

Don’t be afraid to send some cute flirty texts that are not over the top.

Even while being low-key, you can ensure that you grab your crush’s interest.

Hey you, cutie. What’s up? 🙂

I’ll meet you tonight at 7. You better be there!🤩

Show your Enjoyment after a Date/Hang-out

One thing that can never go wrong in making the event memorable is a cute text saying that you had fun while doing so.

This will give your crush confidence and also look forward to spending time with you in the future.

“Today was so awesome. Can’t wait to see you again!”

Skating with you feels so good. We should do this more often 🙂

Add the Element of Mystery

You can get your crush involved in a thinking process by telling them a mystery about you.

Things to avoid saying to a Sagittarius women

It will keep them intrigued and wondering what might have happened.

I saw you in my dream the other night. It was so crazy… Wanna hear? 🙂

Morning and Night Texts

These are part of a classic way to show your crush that they are the ones you think of before sleeping or right after waking up.

Have a sweet night, cutie 😊

Good morning, baby yoda! 😄

Show some Social Media Love

Who doesn’t love hearing good things about their social media posts?

Not only will this show your appreciation but also give your crush confidence about something they posted.

Just saw your new pic on insta. Looking hotter than ever! 😍

I loved your thoughts on the women empowerment movement that you posted ✌️

Cold-Weather Text

Telling your crush that they are being remembered on a cold day is a very intimate yet sweet manner of showing your appreciation.

Not only that, it will tell them that their presence is being craved by you.

It’s so cold this evening. Wish I had you to warm me up. 🥰

Final Notes

All these texts involve a similar baseline concept:

You have to be observant and notice little things about your crush before using them to strike up an interesting conversation.

Do not be afraid of being blunt and forward because showing your likeness is the best way to get them to reciprocate with your feelings.

Let your thoughts about your crush guide you through the process.

And most importantly, make them feel like they are your priority in any situation.

Written By Isabella

Isabella Martinez, your go-to relationship advisor and creator of Life Falcon. I love diving into love, life, and star signs, sharing helpful tips and interesting thoughts with you.

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