5 Points That Tell Us The Science behind Motivation

Science of Motivation

The science of Motivation: We talk so much about motivation and yet we are totally unaware of the science behind it. When someone asks us about what motivates us, we all have different answers to it. Everyone is going to have their own set of different answers about what motivates them and helps them in pushing themselves to work harder. But have you ever thought that why does anything motivate you? Why are you motivated in the very first place? Well, maybe none of us has given it a thought. Until now! I will be talking about the science of motivation. Why do some things motivate us and others don’t? And the things don’t motivate us, might be motivating for someone else. So what is the circle of the science behind this at all?

Here are some basic aspects of motivation or whatever that keeps people motivated in the first place.

Science of Motivation

Having a Mission:

If we have a mission in our life than it keeps us motivated. The primary focus of motivation is on our life mission; the purpose of our life in all. Anything that brings in a feeling that you are doing something great or you are working for a great purpose is what keeps you going forward. This is the basic reason why a doctor might start treating poor people in his clinic for free. He will get a sense of fulfillment and greatness. The science of motivation is that you must have a purpose or mission in your life to work for. This is what keeps you going on and also keeps your motivational level high.


If you are working on something that makes you better as a person, as a human being, then you will find yourself being more motivated. Personal growth is one of the best and most boosting motivational factors to look forward to. If you are not growing personally, and you are not evolving with time, then where is the improvement? Where is the purpose for you to stay motivated and on the same path? So the second most important science of motivation is that if something doesn’t improve you on personal levels, it won’t keep you inspired for long even.

Always Stay in the Learning Process:

Never think that you have learned everything or a lot. Always be ready to learn more and make it your basic goal. If you want to achieve anything in life or even if you are just searching for personal growth, then learning is the master tool for this. Whenever you start doing something, make a general assumption in your mind that will are the things that I might learn from doing this. And then you will look forward to starting attempting that specific task and learn from it. It will keep you motivated.

Keep Work and Rewards Apart:

We all are looking for a reward at the end of work. This is tough as it is hard to do something until you don’t imagine yourself having a handsome amount of money in your hand so that you can shop grandly at the end of the month. Who would work then?

But as per science of motivation, if you stop thinking about just the reward and dedicate yourself to work completely, you are likely to get more of the fruits. It is true that the rewards have made people work more but at the same time, the knowledge level has fallen low. People are not up for gathering more knowledge and that stops them from growing.

Observe Life:

How can we live if we don’t observe our life? Look into what makes you wake up every morning? What is it that you adore doing at every day and what makes you keep going even after the hardships? Examine your life so that you are well aware of what your priorities are and what your purpose in life is. This will keep you motivated. Never go on without stopping for a while and looking around to see what is important for you to live and enjoy life.


Motivation is what keeps all of us humans keep going on. It makes us promise a hundred promises to ourselves. It makes us inspired and keeps us going to achieve the dreams of our life. You should be assured of what you want to do with your life. Take some time out to observe your life and peek into the dos and don ts of it. Also be open to learning all the time so that you gather knowledge from every little thing that you attempt. This will not only keep you motivated but you will find yourself growing into a better and much knowledgeable person.

Stay motivated and try to motivate people around you as well.


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