What to do when you send a guy your picture, and he doesn’t respond?

When a guy ignores the picture you sent him, the only thing that leaves you with is anxiety and questions! Was the picture not good enough?

Is this his way of saying he doesn’t want to talk to you anymore? Why couldn’t he just tell you that he’s not interested instead of not responding at all? And most importantly…

What does it mean when a guy ignores your picture and what to do about it?

To put it simply, he probably isn’t replying to your picture because he’s not interested in you like that.

So the best thing that you can do for yourself is to stop texting him immediately and move onto finding someone else worth your time without making excuses for this guy.

Aside from the fact that he is too much of a coward to say anything to your face, a guy might also not respond to you either because he only considers you a friend, you’re not his type, or he is already involved with someone else.

In any case, here is how you should be dealing with it:

Don’t text him again if he’s ghosted you!

If the guy has completely ghosted you after ignoring your picture, under no circumstances should you double text him to ask about it!

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Getting ignored sucks, but it will be even worse if you text and ask why he hasn’t responded to your picture!

Trying to force a response out of him only makes you look more desperate for his attention and validation, inevitably also making you seem less attractive in his eyes.

And just by the way, complete ghosting is implied only when a guy has ignored you for a few days, not just a few hours or minutes.

If it’s only been a while since you’ve not received a reply, it could be because the guy has been busy and intends to reply later.

However, if it has been days, and he hasn’t responded, then he’s most likely trying to tell you that he is not interested without actually having to say it to you. This could be his way of “sparing your feelings.”

What you should not be doing, in this case, is making up possible excuses for why he didn’t respond and using those as a reason to text him!

“Perhaps, you’d sent a snap that he accidentally closed before actually viewing it….”

“What if he was too busy and simply didn’t have time to respond?”

“Maybe, the moment he opened your text, something came up, and he completely forgot about it later on?”

There could be a million other excuses, but here’s the thing; even if something did come up as soon as he opened your text, if he were a decent enough guy, he would’ve come back to it later on!

If you were more important to him, then he would’ve thought about you, returned to the chat, apologized for not responding sooner, and then replied to it!

Instead, he’s chosen the silent treatment, which clearly speaks for itself!

If you’re not his type, don’t take it personally!

After talking to you for a while and seeing your picture, the guy might have concluded that you are not his type, and he is not attracted to you, hence the lack of interest.

Taking time to reply

If you think that the guy didn’t reply because he wasn’t interested in you, he’s probably indicated that through various other signs as well.

These could be anything from always sending late replies to not holding a proper conversation, a general lack of flirting and only talking to you when he has nothing else to do, etc.

When a guy ignores the picture you sent him, your initial reaction might be to think that maybe there was something wrong with you or the picture- which, by the way, is not true!

It’s no secret that we are attracted to different types of bodies and personalities, so don’t take it too personally. Just because he is attracted to different features than yours does not mean that you are not attractive to somebody else.

Don’t start doubting yourself and lose self-confidence because a guy didn’t like your picture.

It can be hard not to let that shatter your self-confidence but know that him not responding to you has less to do with how you look and more to do with what he likes.

What to do when he only considers you a friend

If the guy that you sent your picture to was someone that you seemed to have formed a very good connection with, he probably didn’t respond because he only sees you as a friend.

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In this case, he will probably ignore the picture that you sent to him and, after a while, continue the conversation about something else.

If you run into each other in real life, he might pretend like you never shared a picture with him in the first place and talk to you as if everything is perfectly normal.

However, naturally, when he does that, you’re going to feel a little embarrassed and probably keep thinking about it.

If the interactions with him after sharing your picture are too awkward for you and you want to clear the elephant in the room, you can bring it up briefly.

Simply mention how you feel and if you’re comfortable with continuing the friendship after indicating that you might be interested in him or not.

If you want to remain friends, the easiest thing to do is play it off as a joke; mention that you don’t have any serious feelings for him and move on.

On the other hand, if you have feelings for him, which you can’t ignore and simply move on from, just let him know that you can’t remain on talking terms with him and that you need space from him.

What to do when he’s with someone else

Since the guy has not responded, he might be involved with someone else, which you can usually always find out with a bit of social media stalking!

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If the guy is involved with someone else, his lack of response is probably because he doesn’t want to lead you on any more than he might have before.

After talking to you for a while, he might realize that you sent him a picture as a sign that you are interested in him, and he cannot reciprocate those feelings because he is already committed to someone else.

Even if he wasn’t necessarily dating someone else when you guys first started talking, he could have talked to other girls after that and developed more of an interest in them, hence the lack of response towards you.

In either of the cases, instead of trying to find ways to get him to respond, or keep him interested, or win him over, simply move on!

Under no circumstances would it help if you tried competing with the guy’s girl, even if you like him.

Firstly, out of respect for the girl he’s with, and secondly, out of respect for your own self. Trying to get a guy who is not treating you like you deserve to be treated will only hurt you, mess with your self-esteem, and probably cause you to lose respect for yourself.

If he is not giving you the attention and appreciation that you deserve, then he doesn’t deserve any more of your time, effort, or energy either!

What to do when the guy was ‘only having a bit of fun.’

One of the reasons that a guy might not reply to your picture is because he was only having a bit of fun while texting you and never intended to take it any further than that.

Asking weird questions to a woman

Despite not looking for anything serious, if the guy has been sweet and flirtatious over text, it can be frustrating and seem like a complete waste of time, especially if he never made his intentions clear from the start.

However, once again, this has nothing to do with you.

He might not be ready for a serious commitment, or he might be getting out of a serious relationship, or have a lot going on in his life because of which he doesn’t have the time for it.

Naturally, aside from feeling a little hurt, you’re also going to be a little offended that the guy didn’t respond to your picture.

In this case, as well, you could simply ignore him, or, before you go ahead and block the guy, send him a clever little text that for fun.

It can be anything you find snarky or funny! For example, you could say, “Glad to know that I left you speechless!” and then block him.

This does take a lot of self-confidence, and you might even be called cocky for doing it, but at the end of the day, it’s not causing anyone harm.

It only shows that you are confident enough to not let a guy’s ignorance affect you.

It shows that you know your worth, and when a guy tries to make you feel any less than what you are, you know how to walk away with your pride and self-esteem intact!

To end it off:

Most guys who might not be interested in you or  for some reason don’t want to get into a relationship right now would have the decency to at least compliment the picture and then say, “Hey, I hope you don’t mind, but I’m not really looking for someone right now.”

If a guy is choosing to ignore you, then just let him go. Of course, letting him just go like that might seem a little harsh if you guys have had a few decent conversations before this incident.

But keep in mind that if he was previously responding to your texts, but chose to ignore your picture, then he is clearly sending you mixed signals, which gives you a preview of what an actual relationship with him might look like!

Instead, you can spend your time talking to people who appreciate you and respect your time, without making you feel like you are not good enough as you are!