How To Make Your Boyfriend Feel Better When He’s Sick Over Text?

How To Make Your Boyfriend Feel Better When He’s Sick Over Text?: Long distance relationships are of a very unique nature. The diverse range of dynamics involved makes it peculiar to any other relationship you have been a part of. It tests the trust of both partners and builds anticipation and excitement with every coming day. Showing care for your boyfriend might sound to be a difficult job if you are in a long distance relationship, but it is just a matter of time before you get familiar with the genre of your relationship.

Texting in modern relationships matters a lot. If your boyfriend feels sick and you are not around to tend to him, you can send him some funny jokes to lift his spirit. Address his sense of humor as much as you can. Remind him of how much he means to you and the positive changes he has brought into your life. Since you are texting, don’t hold back on sending any memes and cute emojis. Brighten up his day with a good morning text every morning. Do your best to express your love for him in words and letters. Be there for him whenever he misses you and don’t forget to put him to sleep with a romantic good night message.

No matter the type of relationship you are involved in, it is not possible to stay close to your partner all the time. You might be on a business trip or a family vacation and for whatever reason, your boyfriend is not able to join you. He will miss you the most when he is struggling with his health. When you are far apart and he gets sick, you need to keep reminding him of your presence through texting.

Inquire about his health daily

Ask for their Help Text

In a relationship, partners need each other the most when they are going through a sticky patch in their lives and feel vulnerable. When your boyfriend is facing a health crisis, you need to be the first person to get worried about him and consistently ask for any updates on his health situation. Text him daily asking about how he feels. This reflects the love you have for him. Your boyfriend, on the other hand, will feel really lucky to have a girl like you who is always worried about him. Together as a couple, you will be able to weather the storm and come out of it much closer.

Exploit his funny side

By now you two must be aware of each other’s sense of humor. You know what can trigger a laugh out of your boyfriend. Now is the best time to put that knowledge to use and make him chuckle as much as possible. Feeling sick and tired for a relatively long time can cause a person to go dull and depressed. You can change this by cracking a few jokes and getting your partner’s mind off the condition he is in. Send him funny videos that are totally random and you know are going to make him smile. After all, laughter is the best medicine, so try to give him as much of it as possible.

Research about his condition

Taking time to reply

You can get specific with your boyfriend and question him in detail about the ailment from which he is suffering. Read about it and discuss it with him. It shows the care you have for him. Educate yourself and get in contact with his doctors as well. Ask them about his progress in recovery and how long it might take for him to get resume his normal life. The bond between you two will grow deeper and stronger when both of you are in it together as a couple.

Suggest him some remedies and pre-cautions

After getting in contact with his doctors and doing your own research from credible sources, you can suggest to him the things that he must avoid. Suggesting necessary precautions is much more helpful than mere ‘take care’ texts. Tell the doctors to keep you informed of his careless or negligent behavior. That way, you can prevent him from getting off track as well as aid in his rehabilitation by enforcing discipline. Make your conversations meaningful by suggesting appropriate remedies and medicinal prescriptions by the doctors.

Reinforce how much this relationship means to you

All the talk about health care is a necessity, but do not make it redundant. Make him feel loved by mentioning how much this relationship means to you. Re-live the old memories of your first date and how great your life has been ever since then. You have to tell him consistently about his worth in your life. In such low times, make him feel loved. He will know that you will always have his back no matter how formidable and tough it might get for him. Reminisce about the colorful memories of your relationship and the precious bond that you share with him.

Tell him about how much you are worried for him

We will get through this together

At this stage, he might be getting tons of get well soon messages, but none will be as impactful as you expressing your worries for him. Tell him about how much you miss him and want to get him better. Explain to him how sleepless your nights have become and how desperately you want to be with him. Through your texting, you can perpetuate the ambiance of love and care and make him feel looked after really well. Last but not the least, do mention that you are in contact with his doctor and will do whatever you can to help him.

Be pleasant and sweet with him

Your conversations need to be a blend of every emotion in a perfect proportion for him to feel comfortable and hopeful. Too much worry might get irritating for him over time. Hence, be gentle and sweet with him. Listen to what he’s saying calmly and go with the pace he has set for the conversation. Do not resist him every time he wants to get off the medicine. Give him a day or two to relax and enjoy himself. Pushing him too hard and enforcing regulations on him can become vexing for him.

Entertain him

Phone text that creat a hype

Texting opens a world of options that are limited by your creativity only. Explore this unique way of communicating and don’t hold back on experimenting with new ideas of entertaining him. Get him involved in role-playing over texting or try out different games that are included within the apps to kill time. Play truth and dare, never have I ever, some trivia and other childish games of the past that are sure to bring out a smile on his face and help to get you to know him better and vice-versa.

Flirt with him

You have got to add a tinge of romance and playfulness in your conversations. Get naughty and take your liberty as his girlfriend and feel free to cross the limits. This will bring a lot of excitement and anticipation to your relationship and he’ll be eagerly waiting for you to get online every single day. Bring out your ‘A game’ when flirting with him. Exaggerate the compliments you give him and imagine your life as a perfect Hollywood movie. The best thing is, you get to script your own love story and play your favorite character.

Being in a long distance relationship or having to stay away from your boyfriend when he needs you can be a significantly tough time for a couple. The only option left to communicate is via your mobile phone. Even though you may be worried sick for him, your chats can become redundant over time. It can bring your relationship to a point of stagnancy where both of you are just waiting for things to get better. Both the partners are waiting for the other to break the ice.

The static and rather lifeless state of your relationship can be saved if you are good at texting. Apart from general greeting messages, you can really help your boyfriend by staying active for him and replying to his message instantly. In your free time, you can send light and casual texts to engage him in a long conversation and make it deeper and meaningful by talking about your future goals and your expectations from this relationship. You can take a jog down memory lane and remind each other of when you first met and how each other’s addition has impacted your lives ever since you decided to give it a shot.


How do you prevent your conversations from getting boring and dry?

If you have a lively and energetic personality, there is not much to learn for you. Go with the flow of the conversation and set the tone by being vibrant and enthusiastic. Be spontaneous and instant with your replies. Imagine having a normal talk, do not think too much, and type whatever is on your mind instead of being worried about how it is going to be perceived by the receiver. Always be the one to break the ice and initiate the chat. Do not get caught in a spiral of asking typical questions and giving typical answers all the time.

Let your personality and thoughts reflect in the conversations you are having. Voice your opinion frequently and share any ideas you have in your mind. You can avoid being repetitive is by having a unique and distinct purpose with every conversation. Have fun while texting by sending memes and emojis appropriate to the situation. If you are in a relationship, feel free to ‘Google’ any pick-up lines and flirt with your partner. No matter how cringe they might be, it is just going to be another way of learning and improving.

What are the best texting games you can play to pass your time? What value can they add to your conversations?

There are plenty of options available. Texting games can be a fun way to light up your conversations and make them interesting. Many texting games can be played by just two people but some might be better when a large number of people is involved. Most of them you might have played already, though seemingly childish, will have a nostalgic and sentimental worth attached to them. You can try out these games with anyone, from your family to your friends or sometimes your partner too if you find nothing else to do. Here are some you should look forward to trying.

  • 20 Questions
  • Trivia
  • Kiss, Marry, Kill
  • Would You Rather?
  • Guess the Riddle
  • Word Unscramble
  • Never have I ever
  • Name that tune
  • Abbreviations
  • Truth or dare
  • Finish my sentence etc.

Most of them are pretty self-explanatory from their title. Many of them you might be familiar with already. Regardless, they can rejuvenate and revitalize your redundant conversations.

Final thoughts

Even though you may not be close to your boyfriend at the time when he needs you, you can still a do lot for him by mere texting. From inquiring about his health daily to making him feel better by occasional flirting and cracking jokes, you can be there for him and make him feel loved. It might give you the perfect opportunity to express your love for him and let him know how special he is to you. Lastly, you can be there for him at a moment’s notice, and together as a couple, you can overcome this formidable challenge.

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