4 Best Wakeboard Rope and Handle

Not sure which is the best wakeboard rope for the money? Are you not aware what is best wakeboard tow rope and handle? Are you fond of wakeboarding and want to try it out but are not sure which wakeboard tow ropes you should buy and which is the best? Then you have come to the right place as we will discuss the best wakeboard rope for the money which you can buy.

Keep reading and illuminate yourself!

Wakeboarding the sport of riding a short rectangular yet wide board on the surface of water upon which the rider holds a wakeboard tow rope which is connected to a motorboat.

By this, the rider performs spectacular stunts and aerobics on the wakeboard at great speeds.

But for this, you need the best wakeboard tow rope and so read below to get to know about them.

Airhead Spectra Thermal Wakeboard Rope, 4 sections

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According to the reviews of people, this wakeboard rope is considered as the best wakeboard rope for the money. There are several reasons for this also.

This best wakeboard tow rope gives zero-stretch to enable the responsiveness of the rope and provide instant response just what an expert wakeboarding rider wants.

This enables you to perform aerobics and stunts just when you kick your leg and not wait for the time delay for when the rope is stretched or when the position will be apt for you.

Moreover, this wakeboard tow rope is not only stuff, but also rigid too.

Along with this, it is coated with Thermal-coated Spectra which altogether makes it less prone to twisting and also resists forming a sharp curve or twist which might imbalance you.

Furthermore, this Airhead Company also says that this best wakeboard tow rope is able to handle weight up to 2000 pounds before it breaks.

This wakeboarding rope is 70 feet long in length with 4 sections of 5 feet each.

The handle is attached to a 5 feet bridle and the handle is made by EVA grip too.

It is 15 inches wide for the rider to have a better grip and is equipped with two PVC tubing foam floats to enhance durability.

Straight Line Apex Suede Wakeboard Rope

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This wakeboard rope is also considered by many people as the best wakeboard tow rope.

This wakeboard rope is 65 feet long in length which is a PU coated Dyneema mainline.

This mainline also has 5 sections.

The material used to manufacture the rope is the ‘Dyneema Leader’.

The handle for this wakeboard rope is just 29mm round. It is made of up aluminum and ultra-suede leather which enhaces its grip.

It also features an EVA padding which make touching the handle comfortable.

The aluminum bar in the handle allows the handle to not bend while using it and also it will not drown in the water but will remain floating.

With a weight of about 2 pounds and the width of handle 12 inches, this makes this wakeboard tow rope suitable for beginners to try.

Hyperlite 2017 Team Handle with X-Line Rope

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This company HyperLite provides an X-Line wakeboarding rope with its state of the art handle.

The handle is made up of part aluminum which prevents it from bending and giving the rider a comfortable ride.

The width of the handle is 16 inches and weighs only 1.55 pounds.

The handle also consist of buoyancy plugs at the wither end of the handle to prevent it from drowning and keeping it afloat.

The grip has a cubic stitch pattern which enhances better grip and comfort for the rider’s hand.

This whole handle is then attached to the HyperLite wakeboard rope.

This rope is 70 feet long in length and is divided into 4 sections too.

It also has an Anti-Roll System which prevents it from turning and bending into sharp curves.

Furthermore, it is coated with an anti-snag coating which protects it from tear and wear.

Airhead Water Ski Rope, 8 Sections

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This is another best wakeboard rope for the money and is simply considered the best wakeboard tow rope.

This wakeboarding rope is 75 inches long in length with 8 different sections.

This rope is known as the best wakeboard tow rope because it is UV resistant too.

The longer length enables you to wakeboard for longer times and with less muscle fatigue.

Similarly, it is capable of sustaining weights of up to 1600 pounds. Furthermore, the handle is made up of aluminum to provide a comfortable wakeboarding time and also it prevents the handle from drowning.

The Diamond Grip is used in the handle to provide a very smooth gripping space too.

It has a candy stripe color theme too which many people adore.

One important thing also is that the rope is very durable and tensile too which means that you can easily perform aerobics and stunts without the fear if it bending too much.


So we have discussed about four products which are known as the best wakeboard ropes for the money and the best wakeboard rope and handle.

The choice is yours from here but if you want a suggestion, we personally like the Airhead Spectra Thermal Wakeboard Rope.

Choose wisely and go for the Best wakeboard tow rope for you.

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