How to be a Happier Freelancer; Time to Kill Stress

I know how it feels like to become a happier and successful freelancer. It is so stressing that you feel like you are going down in the depths of depression sometimes. (If you are a freelancer that is).

On Fridays you guys are like “WOOHOO IT’S FRIDAY, TIME TO PART…. o wait; I am a freelancer.”

Being a freelancer is quite hectic, to be honest. I mean it just works work and work, for them. I don’t know why they call them freelancers anyway, they are just lancers and not a single one of them is free, that’s why they become victim to stress and we all know that:

Stress and depression are better known as silent killers.

And freelancers experience them both. So are all freelancers going to pass out soon?

Well, maybe,
because all freelancers feel like passing out now and then.

There are times when the temporary pressure is just so high for these poor freelancers that they feel like this is the end of the world and their life.

Anyways so whenever you get this super freelancer pressure of work you start thinking of all the good old days and then speculate about how you ever landed in this mud dirt!

It seems like you simply cannot cope up with it anymore.

Trust me, I know the feeling. I myself have been a freelancer for some time.

You feel stressed all the time and you get so exhausted, so easily. And if you want to lead a happy and healthy life; all of these feelings are so not good for you.

They are just killing you inside out, so quickly that you might have no idea about it.

If you think that freelancing is stressing you out and you are getting signs that yell “CHRONIC STRESS IS ON WAY”, you need to get yourself under control as soon as possible.

You have to pinpoint whatever is stressing your freelancer life and the signs that are telling you that you might be suffering from high stress at all.

Maybe it is that you are unable to sleep properly…or you are just gulping down all food down your throat or maybe you are just not eating anything at all?

Are you getting ill too frequently?

Or are you struggling to gather your goddamn freelancer focus or embrace it like you always did?

Are you shouting at other freelancers and clients on the prettiest, of all issues?

Well, you are surely under high stress and as a freelancer, which is so not great. You might just lose all that you have gathered together with such hard efforts.

These are all the super freelancer clues which are telling you that you are near to burning someone out.

So if you wish to get back to the “I am a happy freelancer” phase and kill all that stress and depression freelancer I am here to help you all.

Stop suffering and start loving what you do and be a happier freelancer! Or can I say happy freelancing to you?

I know what clicked your mind here…the same advertisement just crossed my mind as well.

1-Stop Freaking out on Freelancer Dead-lines:

Have you ever felt your body reacting to danger or something that demands to fight back or run or something like that? Have you gone through that feeling of preparing yourself for a fight or a huge confrontation?

Did you know that it is better known as a stress response? Well, a freelancer knows that for sure.

So the whole point of these three lines was that you can’t just tell stress to stay away from you. You can’t hang a “NO STRESS ZONE” outside your room and imagine that it won’t enter inside your freelancer office.stress does come in. You don’t have control over it, do you?

Stress does come in. You don’t have control over it, do you?

the way you deal with it is what you have control over.

You can evoke your relaxation response.

And in order to do that you need to meditate. No, I am not going to ask you to buy any book or any training program, trust me they are no good.

Meditation is just so much over-rated these days. Every Meditation “guru” will tell you to sit weirdly and make weird hand gestures and relax… I mean who can relax like that.

Let me tell you what is meditation really. It’s just clearing up your freelancer mind, that’s it, …no clients….no lancers…money….freelancer….freelancer…free…Just focus on your breathing!

You simply have to sit comfortably on a chair like a normal person and do nothing. Just relax and clear your mind.

The best way of “not thinking” anything is to focus on your breathing.

Focusing on your breathing is what helps you relax.

You need to learn how to breathe deeply to relax.

Whenever you think that all the freelancer workload and freelancer deadlines are making you go crazy, leave everything and just sit back…take some deep breaths, drink water (yea you can open your eyes while doing that) and meditate.

Point is by meditating, you will be able to gather all your lost focus back for sure.

Freaking out won’t help you anyway, right?

So here you go simple, freelancer meditation.

Even though it is out there, I just thought I need to make sure, you guys actually get what meditation really is.

2-Become a Happier And Successful Freelancer; Well Stretch it out:

Being a freelancer means a lot of sitting and by the time their poor freelancer butts get used to it, so for them sitting on the couch or chair half day through in front of a study table is just too normal.

But don’t make it than normal.

Get off that chair and move your legs and arms and your killing flat freelancer butts and work out a bit.

After every hour of the freelancer working or so, take your 10 minutes out, stand up and do some stretching exercises.

There are a lot of them.

Sitting mostly tense up your lower back so there are few lower back exercises.

If you have time, I would suggest adding some gym workouts and jogging…who am I kidding, freelancer ….and time LOL …stretching it is. Just stretch it out then.

Also, try to do a complete body freelancer stretching at least once a day.

For a whole body, stretch check this video out. It’s very explanatory and it helped me a lot in my workouts and relaxes me whenever I feel tense.

Stretching, overall, will have a lot of impact on your freelancing life I mean not only will this boost up your energy levels, it will also bring in great mental well-being to you and you will face less freelancer stress.

When we get any freelancer pressure of work or anything, our muscles get tensed up and we just wish that only if somebody could just show up outta nowhere and massage up your shoulders and traps.

Stretching relaxes these tensed muscles and you feel better.

Stretching is also a great source to boost your mental health, mood, energy and sleep quality. It is one of the best physical movements ever. So bring in some stretching in your freelancer work life.

3-Have Less Freelancer Drunk Head Nights:

A lot of people take help of alcohol to bring their stress level down. Stress as a freelancer can be extremely killing and distressing.

It is painful but I don’t think that you really need to get hold of that alcohol to whoosh it off. Every month if you are going to get hit by stress panic attack, then are you going to get high on drinking that much?

Well, you will certainly pass out from this freelancer world too soon.

If you want to be a happier freelancer and carry on with your work perfectly, you need to drink less.

Drinking can also make you lose focus and all that time you waste a hangover can be put to use as well.

Alcohol maybe is a great antidepressant but it slows down your nervous and central brain system.

Whats the point even? You will be shutting off your freelancer business within days if you go on with drinking every other day!

Do you need to handle stress right? Try drinking coffee, walking out in the fresh air and maybe just breathe properly to gain your freelancer focus back.

4-Switch off the Digital Sometimes:

As a freelancer, no one can understand the need and want of an iPad or a smartphone, a laptop or anything that connects them with their clients.

A freelancer is just happier than ever to have those things. They are a blessing for sure. But at the same time, they are a freelancer curse as well.

Our lives are connected with others so deeply, that it can damage our mental and physical being badly.

Yes, working on your laptop is another thing but are you signing in and signing off from your Facebook account again and again?

And you are peeking into Twitter through your smartphone over and over to see your new followers.

And you getting those notification sounds whenever someone likes your photo on Instagram, or someone Pins your picture on Pinterest, or likes your post on Google+ or twitter or facebook; PING PING PING!


Digital life is important but you need to step out of it as well. Work is something else and socializing every inch of you is totally different. Just be strict on yourself, by yourself and for yourself.

Just turn your freelancer phone to plane mode when you are on a bus or train to get somewhere.

Live the moment instead.

Breathe in the new and fresh experience.

Turn off your notifications after 8 pm.

All those freelancer notifications and people telling you how wonderful you look in that damn photo can surely wait.

Freelancing is a tough job and you need to make your body adjust to that. You don’t need to go too hard on yourself at all. If you don’t give yourself a freelancer mental break and consider digital working as a break for yourself; you are soon going to be too tired of it all.

Sleep early and take out time for what you want to do. Maybe hanging out with your other freelancer friends.

Those social media freelancer websites aren’t going to take you anywhere, to be honest, and they can wait for a day or two even.


Freelancing takes up a lot of your time and we have to sacrifice it all to get to where we want to.

It is simply a pain in your freelancer butt, and literally too., on days but if it is your passion, you are certainly going to achieve your goals. The only thing is that sometimes, it is going to get tough.

But then, who said that life is going to be easy? Or did someone just say that freelancing is the easiest job ever? Totally not!

Freelancing can bring in phases of anxiety and depression which definitely pulls your energy and moral level to the ground. You feel like quitting.

But remember why you started and then pull yourself together. Read some great books on freelancer, switch off your phone after 8 pm and relax.

Tell yourself that your life and dreams are much important and you need to be healthy mentally and physically to achieve them. It isn’t that hard if you decide to do it, right?

So just grab your cup of freelancer coffee and handle it like the boss that you are!


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