3 Life Lessons Taught by Walt Disney

3 Life Lessons Taught by Walt Disney: Haven’t you loved every second of a Walt Disney movie during your childhood? Or it won’t be an understatement to say that no matter what age you are at; a Walt Disney movie is always a treat to watch.

But have you ever wondered; how did Walt Disney inspire others? How did he manage, to turn the emotions around for people and make them experience happiness with a two hour movie? Did it all come to him easily? Have you ever thought about how did Walt Disney become successful?

All dreams can come true if you have the courage to pursue them.”

Can we ever thank Walt Disney enough for those amazing animated movies, which made our childhood incredible? He has given us so much to remember and is still famous for producing the best-animated movies ever.

So how did it actually come into being? Do you guys have any idea? No? Well, let’s bring Walt Disney success story to the limelight.

How did Walt Disney become Successful?

Walt Disney was born in 1901, in Chicago. His father was famous as an unfriendly man but his mother was a woman of a great nature. The main element that Walt missed out during his youthful days was fun. And that is exactly what he has filled in his movies!

Walt had to travel throughout most of his childhood. His family moved from Chicago to Missouri and then from there they shifted to Kansas City. Walt was nine years old at that time.

He never got enough time for proper schooling due to lack of resources and poverty. He worked with his brothers, as a paperboy.

However, whenever he had some spare time, he used to study the cabaret acts as he was a great fan of Charlie Chaplin.

His hard times and endless struggles enhanced his love for arts. He somehow managed through the thick and thins to get a company that matters to all of us now; Disney.

Imagine; a paperboy turns into the founder of a film production company that is worldwide famous now since years and will remain so for the years to come! Walt Disney success is definitely inspirational.

But this is not all. He did a lot more in between. While being just a paperboy, he applied as a volunteer, for War too. He didn’t give up when he was rejected because he was just 16. He somehow managed to get in there and help people in all ways possible.

And he fought for whatever he thought was right or whatever he actually desired.

That is why they say that desire has great power.

Life Lessons Walt Disney taught us:

So what does Disney teach us? Well, A LOT! We can learn a lot through Walt Disney success and struggle story. He teaches us to believe in ourselves and work hard for whatever we dream about, because if you can dream it, you can do it.

There a lot of life lessons Disney tight us, but we have shared the top 3 with you here. You will notice that these are similar to the lessons taught by life but we generally beat ourselves up due to them. Well, Walt didn’t let these life lessons demean his spirits. He leant from them and grew to be one of the most successful man, we now know!

Never Ever Give Up:

If we focus on Walt Disney facts about his childhood; we learn that he was just a paperboy who had dropped out of school. How could a paperboy, turn into a production film company owner? Well, he never gave up!

I don’t know how Walt Disney inspired others. But for me, it is his spirit at his lowest that has been an inspiration for me. He simply never gave up to his circumstances and kept imagining the bigger picture, until he attained it.

Walt Disney failed immensely. The stats say that he failed at least 300 times.


His animation experiments went through endless errors and trails. He failed miserably to open and run his own business. Furthermore, he also got shut up call from the newspaper companies as they didn’t like his artistic taste and thought that he lacked the proper integrity needed for it.

But he believed in himself and he believed in what he wanted to do. He kept pushing his luck for what he really desired to achieve. And I guess luck surrendered in front of him as well.

He didn’t decide to weep over what the past gifted him (that is 300 failures to be accurate); he managed to put all of his energy in his present so that he could do something wonderful to make his future bright and perfect.

This is why he became a legend.

Let the Big Picture Inspire You:

The second-best life lessons Disney taught us, is to keep the big picture close to our hearts and allow it to inspire us.

The bigger the picture, the bigger the fear of failure. It all started with an image of a simple Mickey Mouse for Walt Disney.

It took him 7 years of endless effort to reach where he wanted to and that was Disney Land.

He never did give up.

A lot of us might have just let that cute little mouse die inside our brain or on a sheet…who would invest 7 damn years on making it all happen?

But Walt Disney did it. The bigger picture inspired him immensely.

And Disney Land is termed as the happiest place on this Earth now for years. What would have Walt ever asked for more?

But he didn’t stop there. He went on and on and on with making hotel resorts, water parks, and much more. The bigger picture never left his mind.

So if you have a big picture in your mind, don’t put aside.  Live it! It’s going to scare you but it will be worth it. At least Walt Disney has made me believe in it.

Never Let Go; Even if you are scared:

Will you drop out of high school to gain what you want to? Would you quit your job to chase after your dreams? What if you realize in the mid of your 20’s, that the life you are leading, is not the one you want?

You will be scared of what the society might say and how you have messed up everything in your life, right?

But Walt had the courage to do what he really wanted to. Wasn’t he sacred?

Obviously he was!

What if it doesn’t work? What if he wouldn’t have tried for the 301st time?

He just believed in what if it works, and it actually worked out for him. Even if the magic took 7 years and 300 failures to finally take place; he did make it happen because he believed in himself!


Did someone promise it to you that it won’t be hard? Did someone tell you that it was going to be easy?

The hardest dreams are the ones that scare you and those are the ones that are real to you and your existence. Out of all the lessons taught by life, if we all just believe in the one that teaches us not to give up and live our dreams to the fullest; we could make magic happen. What Disney taught me was to never give up, no matter how scared I am because if I can dream it, I can do it too.

If your dreams don’t scare you; they aren’t the right ones to hold on to. The big picture scares us all.

As much as it inspires the person within us, it also scares us. We feel like we are chasing the wrong thing. But if you keep chasing it, one day it will decide to embrace you; just like it did with Walt Disney.

Don’t let go of what you love. It is all about what lies within you.

Life is too short to live it for the dreams of others or waste it on what the society terms as perfect. If you know what you love and what you want to achieve; you are extremely lucky.

Some people haven’t even discovered it yet.

If you know it; never give up on it. Believe in yourself so that you can live what you love and you can achieve what you wish for.

Passion has great power and it can make the tables turn for you, just like it did for Walt Disney.

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