Top 10 Podcasts that Make You Smarter

Top 10 Podcasts that Make You Smarter: Do you ever wonder how successful people make it there? Well, one of their mantra for sure is never to stop learning, as Tony Robbins said:

“one reason people succeed is that they have knowledge other people don’t.”

Now not every one of us is a bookworm or loves to read or have time to do courses; we can always look up to science for saving our time and providing us with the best.

So why not listen to podcasts that make you smarter? Well, this is how people like Bill Gates feed their minds during their busy schedules.

A podcast is an audio program, focused on a particular topic like history, politics, society, psychology, startups, etc.

You can download them on your device and listen to whenever you want.

There are millions and billions of podcasts available online that not only provide you with knowledge and wisdom but also are a source of entertainment.

See our list on best philosophical podcasts for beginners.

Do you ever feel left behind when your friends are discussing current affairs or new technology or an event from the past?

Do you ever feel left behind because of not having the know-how of something, and you don’t have enough time to learn all the things from scratch?

Well, we have researched for you so that you can shine and take the lead on something you want to talk about with facts and figures. (BTW, do you want to start your own podcast?)

So down below is the list of some fantastic podcasts that make you smarter

60 Second Science


For people who do not want to invest a lot of time yet want to know nature, the secret life of plants and animals and how do they affect us, sociology, the vast field of medical sciences including day to day researches and developments in the field of medicine than 60 Second Science by Scientific American is among the podcasts that make you smarter. They provide knowledge about day to day development in the field of science.

Some of their best podcasts to date are

“Moon’s Tug Doesn’t Cause Big Quakes,”released in January 2018, in which there is an analysis proving that there is no connection between moon phases and big earthquakes by analyzing over 400 big earthquakes from the past four centuries.

Another one named “Smart Mouth Guard Senses Muscle Fatigue” was released in July 2018 in which an amazing electronic mouth guard was revealed to the people which measures lactate levels in the saliva to track muscle fatigue during training and performance.

So among podcast that enlightens your mind 60 Second Science is the smartest approach because their podcasts are not more than 3 minutes. Yet, they pour in so much information about that particular topic that you don’t need to learn from somewhere else. They provide daily podcasts so you can subscribe to Scientific American for commentary on the most amazing podcasts ever.

Stuff you should know

Stuff you should Know

General knowledge is a thing that can make a person smarter than all in a room. People who know about the things going on in the world, how certain things function, the theory behind every object is the knowledge that makes people smarter than the rest of the world.

The person who knows about all these things and tells people about these kinds of stuff is considered educated and more intelligent as that person has more knowledge than anyone else.

For people who want to be smarter, A popular and long-term podcast that focuses on general information is Stuff You Should Know.

This venerable webcast, brought by Josh Clarke and Chuck Bryant, is lovingly shortened to SYSK and focuses on responding to every one of those extraordinary requests that we didn’t know we had to react to before this program.

Since they are probably not experts in the field and don’t pretend to be, Chuck and Josh meet after they have familiarized themselves with the broader context and, in most cases, gather a lot of fascinating data that they can share with their viewers so that they can learn from them. Their camaraderie and standard science rings are true to every scene, making it easy to put them on and engage in incredible discussions.

The podcast Stuff you should know is aired twice in a week, so there is much to learn in preparation for the return to the beginning of the series, first released in 2008.

If you want to know how a dog works, or if you need to get to know the Mona Lisa, the podcast brought by Chuck and Josh is the best platform for you as they share all the general knowledge in such an exciting way that while people have been enjoying the podcast they are simultaneously learning about all the rocket science behind objects, or they can know about the famous people excitingly by watching the podcast Stuff you should know.

Planet Money


Do the numbers confuse you? Do words like GDP, Bailout, Brexit makes you scratch your head? Well, not anymore because here is a podcast that explains the economy like no one else. The podcast “Planet Money” by NPR helps people know about the economy and also is the best podcast ever for people who have a keen interest in the marketplace.

The length of the podcast ranges from 6-30 minutes. The guests are usually business professionals, academic experts, or the general public, generally of North America. They make people understand who do not have an economy-related background, about day to day issues of the economy. Their podcasts explain topics in a smarter way; that is, they are very creative and entertainingly present the argument using catchy dialogues and narratives.

Planet Money is also suggested by the CEO of the app Nexcast, Brian Sanders; he says, “very interesting economics of everyday things. Not only for finance or econ people by any means.”

So among the podcasts that make you smarter, Planet Money makes you more intelligent about the money. If you have no academic background in the economy, you don’t need to worry because this podcast is educating people since 2008.

Astronomy Cast


There are billions of people out there who are absolutely crazy about the universe, always wondering about the stars, the moon, the planets, the sun, about the possibility of life in other worlds and questions like “Is there water in space?”

Astronomy cast is the podcast that addresses all the topics related to cosmology, stars, planets, and also myth-busting.

The length of each podcast is about 30 minutes and is hosted by Dr. Pamela L. Gay, who is the director of CosmoQues and Communication and a Senior Education Specialist and Senior Scientist for the Planetary Science Institute and Fraser Cain, the editor of space and astronomy news site Universe Today.

Since 2016 until now, Astronomy Cast has produced almost 400 podcasts covering topics like the big bang, black holes, and planets.

Astronomy Cast makes you smarter in astronomy in a way that they narrate a fact-based journey. They tell you what they know and how they know. The format of the show is a conversation between the two hosts. There is also a question-answer episode where questions of the viewers are answered. The show is broadcast live on Astronomy Cast youtube channel and Cosmo Quest’s Twitch channel and then uploaded on the same channel.

The James Altucher Show

The James Altucher Show

The world we have been living in consider people who are financially independent and strong and have huge bank balances as smarter people. This concept is not wrong, as we cannot survive in this world without having money and to spend a lavish life, people should know how to earn more.

Thus, smarter people are those who have excellent command on making money. They know how to work smartly and earn huge and how to be regarded as successful in their lives.

If people want to learn about entrepreneurship, how to be financially successful in life, and how to earn billion-dollars, James Altucher Show is the podcast that makes you smarter. The businessman and writer have outstanding businessmen and entrepreneurs in his program and asks for new and thoughtful requests.

His provocative, intelligent, and legitimate way of fighting every discussion is the reason why this online podcast turns out to be funny as well as informative.

Podcasts with Tony Robbins, creator Michael Singer, and singer Jewel are the first obvious choice if you’re thinking about starting your career and want to be financially independent.

The James Altucher Show is not just a commercial podcast. James Altucher interviews the best artists in everyday life. He introduces them to his system of self-discovery: prolific businessmen, wealthy people, leading artists, space travellers, and many other successful people in different professions.

They all went their way, discovered the possibilities of money, and polished their ability to lead a meaningful and rewarding life.

James Altucher himself is a very successful businessman having a bank balance of billion dollars.

This man owns 15 professions, and thus he helps people in learning how to become just like him based on his experiences and the thoughts shared by his guests.

He educates people regarding how to balance a personal and professional life, along with making yourself a millionaire. A person who has this quality is smarter, as balance in life is the most important thing taught by his side by side.

Smarter people have ideas and creative mindset to start earning, watching The James Altucher show helps people think creatively, and the podcast raises the morale of people to start earning on their own which is an essential quality of this show.

The Model Health Show

The Model Health Show

Now, who does not wants to become healthy and fit? Leading a healthy life is everyone’s wish, but there are very few people who live that life.

Half of us have absolutely no knowledge about what we mean by health. But you don’t need to worry because The Model Health Show is the answer to all your questions.

The Model Health show is hosted by the renowned nutritionist and author Shawn Stevenson.

He has a background in biology and kinesiology, and he has an unusual scientific approach to complex health topics, which is the main reason why his audience engages with him so well and also why he has one million-plus download every month.

Model Health Show is the podcast that makes you smarter because it inspires you in a way that you change your lifestyle and move to a healthy one.

This podcast covers all topics like weight loss, cardiovascular diseases, sex, exercise,  diet, insomnia, mental health issues like depression, and a lot more.

Future Thinker Podcast

Future Thinker Podcast

People who are curious o know about future, Future thinker podcast makes you smart enough to think ahead of time. It addresses the evolution of society and technology.

The hosts of the show are Mike Gilliland and Euvie Ivanova. Future Thinker Podcast makes you smarter by giving you a lead into the future by explaining how our past and present affect our future and how one can be prepared for what is coming ahead.

One of their best-ranked podcast “Decentralized Organizing Principles in Society, and The Evolution of Consciousness” by Duncan Trussell who is an actor, comedian and host of the Duncan Trussell Family hour where they talked about a portion of the squeezing subjects within recent memory, such as creating individual, developing the structure and working of the human culture, and the significance of a steady profound practice for getting ourselves and the world we live in.

Among their podcast, another highly recommended is “Al Will Make Humans Better, Not Irrelevant” by Kevin Kelly, the founding editor of Weird magazine and the author of many books bin which they took a gander at how man-made brainpower and counterfeit cognizance will shape the fate of work and life, what will make people remarkably valuable in this situation, and motivations to be idealistic for what’s to come.

The Tim Ferris Show

The Tim Ferris Show

People are always curious to know about the celebrities that what kind of life they live, what things they do that make them successful and wise.

The Tim Ferris show is the podcast that throws light on the personal lives of celebrities like their morning routines, exercise habits, etc. They also guide people about personal and character development.

So The Tim Ferris Show is the podcast that makes you smarter by telling how celebrities, CEOs make it where they are and how you can reach there too.

Tim Ferris, or “the world’s best human guinea pig,” as called by Newsweek, is the best selling author, and one of his book

The 4-hour workweek has been translated into 40+ languages. So the man with this much smarter you a podcast that will make you smarter by giving tricks and tips people from diverse areas use.

In one of his fantastic podcast “The Art of Getting Things Done (GTD),” he interviews David Allen, who is also known as the personal productivity guru.

David’s bestselling book “Getting things done: the art of stress-free productivity” is published in thirty languages and the phenomenon it describes, The GTD phenomenon has now become a global phenomenon and is taught training companies.

Hidden Brain

Hidden Brain

Hidden Brain by Shankar Vedantam is a podcast that makes you understand unconscious patterns of human behavior that makes them able to make choices and direct relationships.

Shankar Vedantam, the host of the podcast, is an American journalist and writer.

He focuses on social sciences and human behavior. He is also a contributor to Morning Edition and All Things Considered.

He started the podcast, Hidden Brain, by NPR in 2011, where he explains how individual choices are influenced by their unconscious biases.

He does so through science and storytelling, enabling the listeners to dig deep into human behavior.

So, do you want to ace an interview or impress someone, or you want to read other people’s minds and body language?

Just tune in to Hidden Brain, a podcast that makes you the smartest among all and become everyone’s favorite and distance from people who don’t give you the good vibes.

Flash Forward

Flash Forward

According to you, who is smarter. A person who knows about what will be happening in the future or a person who has no idea about the future? The answer would be people who know about future events will be smarter than people who do not have any idea what is going to happen. Such kind of people continually educates people regarding the fake news and helps them know about the correct news based on the facts and figures.

To be aware of the future, the podcast that makes you smarter in your life is Flash forward hosted by Rose Eveleth.

In each podcast, Rosa Eveleth looks at a possible or not possible situation in the future, from the presence of false bellies to the question of what exactly will happen when cosmic pirates pull the next moon towards Earth.

Could there ever be an underground fecal graft market?

How can we touch work when we can’t lie? What does guaranteed sex-robot look? Combining sound drama and profound revelation, Flash Forward offers viewers a unique and unparalleled window into the future, the probability of different situations, and a way to prepare for what can happen.

In each podcast, Eveleth talks to specialists, researchers, and various professionals to provide a practical and surprising performance on how future situations can be resolved significantly.

Research is often time-consuming and constantly complex, and that is the potential of the flash-forward podcast. Assuming that we cannot talk about these situations directly and honestly before they happen, or at least before they get out of control, what method will we use to deal with them when they come to our home?

Flash-forward has been focusing on three themes, Crime, Earth, and body with five episodes, each dedicated to separate cases and investigations.

The dramatic virus starts with anecdotes from people from the future talking directly about the scene, entertainment, not disturbing.

Whether high school students are discussing a medical clinic that uses computers to decide the fate of patients, or innovators offering environmental changes to shark aquariums speculators, this content is a great example of interest and ingenuity.

One of the advantages of Flash Forward is that it systematically examines possible measures, without forcing them to wait in their vulnerability.

This tendency to leave subtle nuances unanswered can lead to future conversations that may seem confusing or, even worse, opaque.

Fortunately, Eveleth takes care of every thought completely and teaches people about that as well which makes them smarter as people get to know about the future possibilities and not possibilities timely and prepare and educate themselves on that.

These podcasts make them smarter as they know themselves before most of the people in the world.


Smarter people are considered as valuable in this world.

People who have made themselves aware of different fields of life are more likely to be respected by the people, and they are termed as intelligent and smarter people.

Podcasts that makes you smarter were discussed in detail and are recommended to watch so that you can get yourself educated about every aspect of life.

This will help you in grooming yourself and your mind, and in the future, you can be a successful person as you will know multiple things by watching these podcasts that will make you smarter and intelligent.

Written By Isabella

Isabella Martinez, your go-to relationship advisor and creator of Life Falcon. I love diving into love, life, and star signs, sharing helpful tips and interesting thoughts with you.

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