3 Best Home Radon Gas Detectors

3 Best Home Radon Gas Detectors: If you happen to live in an area where you may be exposed to radon you might want to consider products like the Wave smart by Airthings (our 3rd Choice). These will help you maintain radon levels in your home or office keeping your mind at ease. If you are looking for a simple, affordable, and an accurate solution to combat you high radon concentration problem then you should definitely go for Correntium Home by Airthings (Our 1st choice).

But if you’re looking for some proper data analyses with data logger graphs and an alarm system to keep radon gas at bay then Radon Eye rd200 (Our 2nd choice) is the professional gas testing equipment you’re looking for.

There are a lot of harmful gasses out there and Radon is one of them. To avoid inhaling this cancer-causing gas we bring you the best professional radon testing equipment.

There are a lot of brands out there that claim to have the best radon detector. But when the health is in steak, things get a little serious.

We did a lot of research for many weeks and came up with the best home radon detector.

We believe that the Corentium is the best handheld radon detector available in the market right now.

This is your Best Radon detector buyers guide to help you pick out a radon detector that fits best for your household or commercial use. Can’t make up your mind about what radon detector to choose from? Don’t you worry, because we have picked out some of the best sellers from Amazon and tested them out for your convenience.

We judged these radon detectors based on their:

  • Approach
  • Concept
  • Requirement
  • And most of all affordability.

The three radon detectors discussed in this article are the best of the best. They offer continuous monitoring followed by accurate readings. When purchasing a radon detector make sure to buy a new one as second-hand detectors may confuse previous readings with the new ones which invalidate the results. Also if you live in an area that is exposed to high radon concentrations make sure you invest in a long-term radon detection system.

Out of the three radon gas detectors we checked out we believe “Correntium Home Radon Detector by Airthings” is the most affordable and efficient detector.

Corentium by Airthings


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So what makes this detector the best?

If you’re looking to combat the risk of high radon gas concentration in your area in the most accurate way possible then this is the best radon detector. We absolutely loved it because of its concept as well as affordability.

It uses a pretty good algorithm with a standard deviation cycle in it that measures your daily exposure to radon gas. The product is a digital device that is pretty simple to use and the fact that it is to the point makes it exceptional in tracking Radon gas if you are a first-timer.
Another feature that this detector possesses is that the readings remain unaffected by the interference of electromagnetic waves and neither are they affected by the presence of dust and humidity resulting in the most accurate readings possible.

It is arguably one of the best devices for radon detection in households. The large LCD display provides an easy interpretation of the measurements that it has recorded. The best part about Correntium by Airthings is that once you start using it you can reset it as many times as you want to begin a new measurement.

Despite the fact that it is quite bit expensive the quality and the features present are worth paying for.

Why do we recommend it?

The radon detector is a simple and elegantly designed device that helps you monitor radon gas levels in your own vicinity in the most accurate way possible.

Large LCD Display

The large LCD display provides convenience in reading measurements recorded by the device and has only two buttons installed that is only to be used when necessary. One is the reset button and the other can only be used by the Airthings representative for maintenance.

All year power supply

The handheld radon detector is powered by triple-A batteries that last for about a year.

State of the art radon gas detector

The Correntium Home by Airthings uses advanced technology that is particularly used for commercial use. The outer frame of the device is designed as such to protect the inner contents and give it a patent look that can last for a long time.


This radon detector is one of the most professional radon testing equipment you can find in the markets. The accuracy is real and eliminates any discrepancies caused by the external surroundings. It quickly adapts to its environment and uses a securely formalized algorithm for signal analyses.


The most amazing thing about this detector is that it comes with a year-round warranty. The detector requires no annual calibrations throughout its working time that may last for about ten years at max.


This detector also allows you to enter your measurements and get a printable report sent to your inbox.

Extra Benefits

  • 3 AAA Battery operated which can work up for 2 years
  • Much more convenient than the charcoal test which is inefficient and time-consuming. Moreover, they are affected by environmental changes, unlike the Correntium Home.
  • It calculates average concentration for a day, a week or even a long-term average.
  • It can quickly measure radon levels in any room you install it too in a matter of seconds.
  • Therefore putting your mind at peace knowing you are safe from the mighty dangers of the Radon Gas.

Who should buy it?

This product is an essential tool for performing property inspections or when checking the operation of radon mitigation system. It is also useful in measuring radon concentrations in home, work, school or a day care center. This product is a must buy if you live in an area that is exposed to high radon concentrations and you’re looking to monitor it.

Pros. & Cons.


  • Instant results
  • Testing in multiple locations
  • Long lifespan
  • Ability to see daily fluctuation


  • No alarm unit present
  • Takes longer to reveal the first reading

Radon Eye RD200

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Why is Radon Eye RD200 2nd on our list?

The second on our list is Amazon’s top choice Radon Eye RD200 which is another renowned radon gas testing equipment. The Korean manufactured detector is excellent at what it does but synchronizing it with the app posed many issues.

The app that comes along with it was disappointing in terms of functionality. It was extremely difficult to connect via Bluetooth and the recorded data was complicated to read/analyze.

We believe that a software refresh could help resolve the issue but other than that it is still is one of the best.

Why we still recommend it then?

We still believe that Radon Eye is best at what it does. Even though the app requires a few upgrades it still holds features that overshadow the negatives caused by the app.

The sensitivity of this device is twenty times higher than any other radon detector in the market. Its accurate unit detection along with the incorporated dual structured pulse-ionization mechanism makes it exclusive.

The detection is pretty quick as well. Whereas Correntium home by Airthings (1st choice) took about 24 hours to reveal its first reading Radon Eye took less than an hour.

The measurements are much easier to analyze and the alarm setting is another feature that you wouldn’t want to miss. The device is also ideal in terms of portability as it can be placed anywhere and still manages to produce accurate results.

What makes it second best?

High Sensitivity

The RD200 has 20 times higher sensitivity than the other handy radon detectors. Because the RD200 has the dual structured pulsed-ionization chamber system and highly accurate detection circuit designed by FTLab’s own technology.


The detector resembles a Bluetooth speaker and can be placed anywhere the outer case is made up of plastic and on top of the cylindrical detector is a digital display that shows the measured data.

Mobile App connectivity via Bluetooth

This radon gas testing equipment offers data in the form of graphs and allows you to set alarms for when the radon concentrations reach a certain level using Bluetooth connectivity via the Radon Eye’s own smartphone app.

Quick Data Display

A time for the first reliable data display is just less than an hour so you don’t have to wait for 24-48 hours for the first reading.


  • Sensor Type: pulsed ion chamber
  • First reliable data out: < 1 hour
  • Data display interval: 10 min update (1 hour moving average)
  • Sensitivity: 0.5 cpm/pCi/l ( 1.35 cpm/100 Bq/㎥ )
  • Operating range: 10℃ ~ 40℃, RH < 90%
  • Range: 0.1 ~ 99.99 pCi/l ( 1~3700Bq/㎥ )
  • Precision: < 10% at 10 pCi/l ( 370 Bq/㎥ )
  • Accuracy: < ±10% (min. error < ±0.5 pCi/l ( ±15 Bq/㎥ ))
  • Power consumption: DC 12 ± 0.1V, 65 mA (12 V DC adapter)
  • Size: 80 (mm) x 120 (mm), 240 g
  • Data communication: Bluetooth LE (Android / IOS)
  • Data log: max 1year (1 hour step)
  • Display: 0.96 inch OLED

(All test data have been measured at 25℃ ± 2℃)

Who should be buying it?

This is another one of the best home radon detectors and a very authentic one too. It is made for indoors and should be purchased by anyone who wants to keep the cancerous gas at bay.

Pros. & Cons.


  • Records reading on hourly bases
  • Fast response device
  • Extremely handy device
  • Worth the price
  • Accurate readings


  • Mobile app’s software needs an update
  • Stops working after sometime
  • Connectivity issues
  • Configuration difficulty

Airthings Wave 1st Generation

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Why do we like it?

Instant Radon level check

Simply download the app and connect your smartphone via Bluetooth. Input all the necessary information into your professional radon testing equipment including your location for better results and timely awareness. The location helps access local radon concentrations and help you regulate them inside your house instantly. Hence it is encouraged to keep your location on even though a privacy mode is also installed.

Color-code system

The color-coding system makes it easier to understand radon concentrations through color signals.

  • Green: Good Air quality i.e. radon concentration is low
  • Yellow: Poor Air quality i.e. Radon concentration is moderately high hence a window should be opened
  • Red: Dangerous Air quality i.e. Radon concentrations are dangerously high

Easy installation

The installation process is another feature that needs to be kept in mind which is at times difficult. Installing wave is totally optional. If you want then all you need to do is screw in the mounting plate with the help of a single screw which is included. With the help of the magnetic screw, you can easily remove the detector to replace the batteries.

Audio alert

Alerts can easily be set up on the device for when the radon levels get higher than the recommended concentrations.

Light ring

The light ring provides convenience by showing results when you simply wave in front of the detector revealing radon levels.

Quick results

The radon detector reveals its first complete measurement within an hour and stores all previous data for analyses.

Continuous monitoring

The detector automatically calibrates to its environment, improving accuracy. Unlike a test kit, our detectors are unaffected by humidity and other radiation.

Who is it for?

A Smart Radon Detector for Everyone! Whether it be for home use or commercial use the detector is perfectly accurate and moreover portable for everyday use.

Pros. & Cons.


  • Works with Alexa and IFTTT
  • Data is easy to read and find on the app
  • Reads temperature and humidity as well


  • Few smart home integration options beyond Alexa and IFTTT
  • Price
  • Limited use

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