How to help your dog beat the summer heat?

How to help your dog beat the summer heat?: Have you wondered how to keep your paw friend comfortable throughout the changing seasons, especially the hot summers?

Summer can be pretty challenging for dogs, particularly in many nations where temperatures in many parts average between 32–40 °C. Beating the swelling heat for the pup means air-conditioning and plenty of ice cream for you.

Your pal has you to trust to get comfortably through the summer. That’s why you need to realize that the hotter months are not simply discomforting for pets.

As ambient temperatures grow, dogs pant too much to reduce their body temperature and raise their energy needs.

Dogs thus require extra energy to maintain their body temperature in the hotter months.

The most prevalent tendency is dehydration, appetite loss, heat rashes, and even heat strokes in severe instances.

Heat also affects dogs in various ways.

However, don’t worry yet! The following are tried and verified techniques for keeping your dog calm, quiet, and happy with rising temps.

Do not forget to consult your Veterinarian, as each dog has its own set of needs and preferences.

#1: Train your pet while the outside is cooler

Animals might catch the heat if they sleep in the warm sun; therefore, midday heat exercise is certainly another no-no.

Take the morning or the night when the sun’s not strong, and your daily stroll or jog is more relaxed. The air is cooler.

Put the palm on the pavement before you go to check that it is not too thermal and does not burn the sensitive paw pads of your pet.

And do not forget your pet in the backyard outside and run with your neighbor’s dog along the fence.

#2: Recognize indications for heat exhaustion in your animal

They begin to look and feel unwell if your pet is overdoing it and its body temperature goes over normal. Notice your dog for indications of heat exhaustion to cool it down before it gets dangerous. The following signs show heat exhausted animals:

  • Too much humpback
  • Thick, cunning drool
  • Coordination failure

If your pet displays indications of heat exhaustion, take them in and quickly start to cool their surroundings to prevent a heat stroke that can lead to bloody diarrhea, collapse, seizures, and even death.

#3: Know whether your animal is likely to overheat

Any animal may overheat if heat or humidity is too high. However, some specific animals need closer attention, like:

  • Brachycephalic races like bulldogs, pugs, Shih Tzus, etc.
  • Higher ranks
  • Dogs who are overweight
  • Animals having chronic conditions, such as cardiac illnesses
  • Animals having respiratory problems, such as laryngeal paralysis or trachea collapse

Since pets rely on oral and nasal moisture evaporation, they cannot refresh themselves properly and overheat rapidly. Besides brief bathroom breaks, high-risk pets should be removed on hot, moist days to avert a tragedy.

#4: Do not leave your animal in a parked automobile

We hear incidents every year of unlucky animals that overheat and die in hot cars. On a hot day in only a few minutes, the inside of your automobile may reach high temperatures. Leave your troubles at home when going out with your furry friend so that you are not tempted to dash into the market and leave your closest buddy in a practical oven.

#5: Make keeping your animal cool fun

Your furry friend certainly loves playing with water, be it that rain sprinkler or just chilling in the pool. Dogs are naturally capable of swimming, but be extra sure before letting go of the leash that your dog is comfortable in water depths. This will help both you and your best friend beat the summer blues together. Your animal, too, will let loose, and so let the fun begin!

#6 Reward them with Popsicles

How about treating popsicles to your little best friend! Give your dog to enjoy a favorite cold summer treat as a reward for coping with the heat! Frozen dog treats are becoming more common in grocery stores, and many local ice-cream shops are following suit with their dog-friendly treats.

Do you know you can also make your own popsicles at home? Yes, homemade popsicles are easy to make and also healthier than the ones that are sold outside.

Frequently asked Questions

Is it essential to keep the dog hydrated?

Yes, it is crucial to keep your dog hydrated to beat the heat. Place one cup of bone broth in your dog’s water bowl or travel bottle to encourage him to drink to help his system. You can freeze the bone broth and add it as frozen cubes to help keep his water cool! You can also give them Coconut water as it is high in electrolytes, which helps your dog stay hydrated. Remember not to render them with any juice which has any added sugar or other harmful additives! When you are giving them ice, record and watch their reaction to the ice. You will love it!

Do we need to shave the dog in the summer?

No, please don’t shave your dogs in the summer. Their fur helps in protecting them from sun and sunburns. But instead of shaving, trim their fur. We all know how important it is to groom your dog for their health. Trimming out excess fluff is a massive help to them, and dogs with hair that needs to be cut regularly may benefit from having shorter hairstyles in the hotter months.

Are there any collars that keep the dog cool?

Yes, there are many cooling collars available in the market as well as online stores. These collars have become popular recently. These unique cooling collars are an excellent way to keep your dog cool with the help of a freezer. You need to place the dog’s collar for 20 minutes, and the unique cooling gel will keep him cool. He will love it!

Is it advisable to leave the dog inside the car when it is hot?

Not at all! If you are doing this, please stop. On a hot day or even otherwise, don’t leave your dog in the car, even for a short period. Why? Well, because the temperature inside the car rises quickly, even when the windows are down then. Consider the parked vehicle to be an oven; it won’t be long before your dog suffers from heat stroke or other complications that could lead to strokes and even death. We are pretty sure you don’t want that! You can keep the ac on if you are leaving the dog inside the car.

Summers are around the corner. How am I supposed to take care of my dog in the summers?

Summer can be difficult for your four-legged friend; therefore, it is imperative to keep them cool and help them beat the heat! When it comes to keeping your dog cool, you have a lot of options.

Limit your dog’s exposure to the sun by taking him for a walk early in the morning or late at night.

Try to keep them in the shade to avoid sunburns and health problems.

Please give them a good trim and not an entire shave.

Also, make sure you keep your dog hydrated.

What can I give my dog to eat in the summer?

You need to keep in mind to give them cold things, so they don’t feel exhausted and ill (just like when we overeat hot food in summers!) Some fruits like watermelon, muskmelon, oranges, and others are the best way to beat the heat.

Make sure you give them frozen fruits cut into small pieces. Oh! Did you forget about your best friend’s favorite dish? Chicken!

Your dog will enjoy Chicken stock cubes. You need to fill an ice tray with chicken stock, freeze it, and serve it to your dog.

Can a fan help my dog to stay cool?

A fan will undoubtedly cool your dog, but it will not cool the dog in the same way that it does humans.

Dogs usually sweat and expel heat through their paws or panting rather than through their bodies.

Wetting their paws and putting them in front of a fan will help your dog cool down.

However, relying on a fan to keep your dog cool will not be a completely dependable solution.


The summer dog days are here, and you have undoubtedly already made efforts to overcome the heat. Ensure that your dogs are also ready as you turn the AC on and slurp onto your favorite beverage. The summer is now in full swing, which means that temperatures rise and grow warmer!

Dogs have various specific needs, and as their trusted friends, we must identify them to keep them healthy and happy. These furbabies need some extra care and love and do not compromise on the products designated for them.

Get the necessary supplies from any pet market and consult your Veterinarian immediately if you notice something is off. Keep note of their reaction to food and water to identify the discomfort beforehand and thus prevent any harm.

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