Top 7 ISFP Careers to Avoid

Top 7 ISFP Careers to Avoid: The acronym itself is an abbreviation for Introversion, Sensing, Feeling, and Perceiving.

Their ability to create aesthetically pleasing experiences has been a reason why these people are commonly referred to as The Composers.

These people may appear to be distant or unresponsive to you but if you observe them, you will notice and learn how loving and affectionate they are. Learn all about ISFP here.

Due to their introvert nature ISFP’s hate to be the center of attention. They would always prefer to be side support rather than being in the spotlight.

They’re unpredictable and indecisive, which directly contributes to the fact that they lack the ability to plan their future.

And this is where the need to guide them begins. It is very important for an ISFP to have detailed know-how and guidance about the right career path for them.

But what is even more important is to be clear about ISFP careers to avoid in their future.

After thorough research on this persona type, we have concluded below a list of 7 ISFP careers to avoid.

A read through this will help an ISFP to know their preferences and comfort zones regarding career paths more clearly.

But before that let’s dig into how career paths can affect an ISFP.

How ISFP’s Affect Career Paths?

ISFP- The Adventurer Personality Traits

What makes ISFP stand apart from 15 other groups of Myer’s Briggs Personalities is their ability to figure out patterns and connections between things.

They always find possibilities for change and improvement. This ability makes them perfect for jobs related to the artistic approach.

Their excellent artistic abilities make them sensitive to colors, textures, and designs so they can prove to be an asset to the art industry.

Let’s say if an ISFP opts for a career in graphic designing he/she will progress through leaps and bounds. Not only will he bring innovation with his advanced techniques but will also feel significantly contended with their efforts.

This is because arts and crafts are their comfort zone.

On the Other hand, if any ISFP gets stuck in sales, engineering, etc he/she will have to operate completely outside his/her natural preferences. This will result in anxiety and stress and thus a poor outcome for the assigned tasks.

This can cause a big deal of negative impact on the firm or company they are working for as it can lose valuable projects.

Being an ISFP leadership and planning can be your biggest weaknesses so whenever looking for a career path, do make sure you don’t opt for managerial jobs.

If you are an ISFP, it is important for you to know that any job that doesn’t make you feel personally engaged with your task is a big no.

The career you choose must relate and allow you to work for a cause that you believe in. otherwise, it is a wastage of your energy and time.

ISFP’s are people with a tendency to lose their creative abilities and strengths when they encounter unfavorable circumstances or an environment that contradicts their natural preferences.

You being an ISFP are a strong advocate of freedom of expression, any job that goes against your freedom or contradicts with your instinct of liberty is a big NO.

You may have divine artistic abilities but do keep in mind that creating or dealing with situations where you face oppressive ideologies can even make you lose your natural creativity and charm.

They are excellent advisers, their advice will always be practical and sensible

Our Picks for the Top 7 ISFP Careers to Avoid:

These people are the most confused ones when it comes to selecting the best career path for them so, perhaps knowledge about careers they definitely should avoid is good to start with.

Jobs that involve administrative or managing abilities are a big no. As long-term plannings and leadership have never been the forte of an ISFP.

The introvert nature of an ISFP can also not be overlooked when selecting a career path as they are not good at interpersonal skills.

Anything involving mathematics should be avoided because ISFP’s are truly not good at maths.

Considering these points we have formulated the following list of 7 ISFP careers to avoid.


Boring job

We have a couple of strong reasons for why this career path is on the top of our list.

First of all, being a salesperson one needs to be ideally perfect with his/her interpersonal skills. But this is exactly opposite to an ISFP personality.

Secondly, though good at short-term planning, ISFP’s are not good at setting financial goals or milestones. Sales are all about short term financial goals.

Moreover, being very loyal to the cause or people they interact with, this group can never progress in sales.

The reason being that they can never sell something which they know is not really up to the mark. Whereas, sales is all about glorifying your products even if they are not good enough.

Not only this but sales is also a very competent job. ISFP’s are not essentially competent people rather they enjoy working in a peaceful and cooperative environment.

The key to being a good sales-person is to be persuasive and engaging with other people both of these properties are 180 degrees opposite to what an ISFP is.

This particular persona type leans more on social implications and less on logical conclusions adding just another no for this career.

Overall, This career can threaten the natural capacities of an ISFP and therefore is a complete NO.

Jobs Related to Psychology:

Traditional Psychology

If you belong to this group of people being a psychiatrist is all the more challenging and difficult for you

Psychiatrists need to deal with a lot of strangers. This profession demands getting into deep talks and skimming through the personal details of their client.

How is this even suitable for a highly introverted person as an ISFP?

These people can be good advisers but a psychiatrist requires excellent decisive power as well.

And being decisive is not a personality trait of an ISFP.

Administering medical and psychological solutions and making decisions based on their consultation does not come easy to an ISFP.

Moreover, these people can readily get stressed and anxious when listening to sad depressing experiences of others. Thus being a psychiatrist will put their mental health at stake.

Continuously hearing and listening about negativities can also deprive an ISFP of his/her natural optimistic positive approach to life.

Marketing Manager:

Clerical and Accounting job

Planing and leadership have always been a big weakness on the part of an ISFP. thus jobs involving managing positions are never suitable for this group of people.

Marketing itself is an extrovert career. You can never expect an introvert to be good at marketing. And being a marketing manager gets even tough as both the career and the assigned seat are completely out of what we call an ISFP comfort zone.

A manager is required to be good at planning and has good decisive power whereas, an ISFP always struggles with finalizing things and making decisions.

ISFP’s are rather confused people, in this regard and thus a position such as a manager can threaten their credibility.

Moreover, this career path has no space for the creativity and artistic abilities of an ISFP. so, all the natural tendencies will go unused and will strongly affect the mental well being of an ISFP.

ISFP’s can work well independently when they work with others. This because they have a natural capacity of putting full effort into what they are doing and then enjoy the results of their efforts.

But can miserably fail when guiding others or leading groups of people.

For all these above-mentioned reasons we strongly recommend that any ISFP should never opt for a career in Marketing and managing jobs.


Electricians or Technicians

As mentioned above ISFP’s are not good at maths and this makes them unfit for tasks and jobs demanding mathematics knowledge.hence, engineering is also a big no.

Similarly, these people are more interested in artistic stuff. They have a natural ability to manage designs, color combinations, and such tasks.

Anything that relates to mechanics, technology, and electronics may appear dull and boring to these people.

This fact supports the cause of putting this career on our list.

Working in an environment that is not a forte of an ISFP can drain them of their natural talents as well.

Moreover, no matter how much you train them if they are not finding their energy in whatever they are doing or being trained to do, they are not reaching anywhere.

This career path may be a very gloomy and monotonous choice for ISFP’s as they get bored really quick.

But what is more important is that this monotony and gloominess can target all the natural abilities and talents of an ISFP, flushing them down the drain.

Job Role As An Administrator:

Job Related to Administrative roles

How can you be a good administrator if you lack decisiveness, ability to lead, and last but not least planning?

You cannot be one, for very obvious reasons.

Leadership skills and the ability to plan well is all that is required to be a good administrator. And a true ISFP may just not be the right choice for such a career.

Yes ISFP’S can work very well if administrative work involves short-term goals but anything that focus the administrator to work on long-term goals then it can get very complicated for an ISFP.

Moreover, administrative jobs can threaten the free-spirited nature of an ISFP.

As these jobs involve rigid timetables, fixed schedules and all of this can prove to be threatening for the natural tendencies of an ISFP.

Like we mentioned earlier that whatever profession an ISFP chooses must have something related to art and design cause that is pure ISFP zone.

But Administration is quite opposite to being artistically active so all the natural abilities of an ISFP are neglected, dumped, and thus left unused.

All these above-mentioned factors conclude that for an ISFP it is better to avoid a career in the administrative sector.

Career in Acting:

Actor related Job

ISFP’s are true introverts and hate being in the spotlight. Whereas, an actor always stays on the radar of fame and publicity marking the first reason why this career is an ISFP career to avoid.

Secondly, acting is completely inclined towards extraversion and an introvert can never be comfortable in such a career.

ISFP’s being true introverts will never enjoy dealing with directors, producers, cast members, team staff, and all this camera-related fuss.

Fame and money are not never their preference so they will rather work behind cameras than be on the screen.

Moreover, this group of people is very loyal and honest, acting out and pretending certain situations is not their forte.

So, casting an ISFP can result in the downfall of the entire team, as they truly suck at acting.

Just another factor contributing to why this profession is a big no for ISFP.s is the fact that it requires no artistic abilities to showcase and thus is never a good choice for an ISFP.

Lawyer Job:

Law Related Jobs

Law is again an extraverted career. You will need to interact with and talk to several people in this profession.

The list includes judges, other lawyers, clients, politicians, bureaucracy, etc. this makes it a poor career path for you if you are an introvert.

Being an ISFP you will never be comfortable in proving your point, collecting and showcasing evidence in the court. Life will get tough as you face problems in your journey through law.

What is even more important to consider is that lawyers need to talk to and investigate criminals and crimes. So being an ISFP you are a sensitive and light natured person and hearing crime stories or interacting with criminals might just snatch away your peace of mind.

Thus leaving behind a depressed and anxious lawyer who certainly won’t fit in.

Next important thing is that how creative and artistic can you possibly be in a court?

Not even 1% and here is the major issue. When you cannot show who you are as an individual, your interest, and true abilities you can never claim to be on the right career path.

All of this is enough to support why we feel this career is not ideal for this particular persona type.


Choosing a career path might not be easy for you if you are someone diagnosed with the ISFP persona type.

but our list of ISFP Careers to Avoid will surely help you in shortlisting a few careers that you should not opt for.

Our detailed research about this persona type suggested that these people genuinely require an environment of their type in order to progress and excel in their field.

Otherwise,  they will end up losing even their natural abilities and strengths.

The basic weaknesses of any ISFP that make these above-mentioned careers a big no for them are lack of future planning and decisive power, sensitivity, and unpredictable nature.

But their artistic minds, creative powers, loving, humble and observant nature, bold and spontaneous attitude, principled lifestyle, and unique individuality is what makes them suitable for a huge number of attractive career paths.

Eg fashion designer, artist, graphic designer, nurse, cosmetologist, geologist, fitness trainer, and a lot more.

Written By Isabella

Isabella Martinez, your go-to relationship advisor and creator of Life Falcon. I love diving into love, life, and star signs, sharing helpful tips and interesting thoughts with you.

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