Best Multifunction Black and White Laser Printer

Best Multifunction Black and White Laser Printer: While color laser printers are becoming more efficient and cost-effective with each passing day, the fact remains that the monochrome laser printers are still the most productive for users that need to print documents and text.

While buying a color printer especially pocket-sized ones like the HP sprocket is ideal for printing photos. Monochrome printers are mostly for printing documents.

As a matter of fact, black and white printers fulfill most of the everyday printing needs. This is especially true for offices that need to print black and white documents instead of graphics or creative design.

Buying a Black and White Printer not only means a lesser upright cost but alose lower running costs since you will only need to buy black toner instead of four toners for color printing.

What the user wants in a black and white printer is for it to deliver speed and precision while saving up on bucks. That is exactly where the best black and white laser printers come in handy.

These days the modern Monochrome laser Printers also have other practical features to improve convenience like greater connectivity, LED touch screens, and auto double-sided printing all while being swift at their job.

So let us get started on this list of the Best Black and White Laser Printers in the market right now and what makes them special.

Our Picks for the Best Black and White Laser Printer

No product is perfect. So we have tried to highlight where each product excels so that you can use each product exactly how it is meant to be used.

Do read the FAQs section right after our top picks so that you may know a bit more about effectively using your printer machines to your advantage.

Let us begin with our top picks.

Canon ImageCLASS D1620

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The ImageCLASS D1620 is our pick for the best black and white laser printer for medium to heavy-duty office work. Let us explain why.

First of all, it has tremendous capacity since it can handle a maximum of 2300 pages at one time.

It starts with a 550 pages tray and a 100-page multipurpose tray upon which three 550 page trays can be added by spending a few extra bucks.

This capacity will be more than enough for most businesses that require bulk printing of monochrome documents and remains unmatched in this price range since most printers have capacities going as high as 900 pages.

The printing speed is up to 45 pages per minute which is at least 10-15 pages more than the market standard.

It also has a 50 sheet single-pass ADF which is found in most latest Canon models.

It features an impressive 5-inch color touch screen display making controls easy and customizable.

Its various connectivity options like Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, and USB makes printing from various devices easy.

It has a standard three-year warranty which is pretty impressive for this sort of product. And you can always purchase an extension to your warranty.

The 3.3 cent cost per print is underwhelming and is one of the features holding it back.

However, if you use double-sided printing you could decrease that too.

Another little shortcoming is no NFC connectivity but Wi-Fi Direct accessibility could probably make up for that too.

Everything else about this printer is great and if you do not mind spending a little extra for exceptional printing quality and the ability to churn out thousands of pages every month this could be a good option for you.

Canon ImageCLASS MF424dw

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The biggest strength of this printer from Canon is its versatility working as a scanner, copier, fax machine, and printer while not compromising on printing quality.

It has a remarkable printing quality of up to 900 pages and can print about 4000 pages every month which is almost double of the usual printing capacity in the market.

It weighs 35 lbs and has dimensions of 18 x 17.8 x 15.4 inches which means that it is not the lightest printer you will ever use but can be put on top of a desk with no problems.

It has 50 sheets single-pass ADF so that it can automatically copy or scan two sides of about 50 sheets. This is a feature found only in the best of monochrome printers.

The factor where it really shines though is a good cost per page of about 2.3 cents which is especially lower than the D1620 from the same company.

This makes it suitable for small businesses looking for a cash-saving option.

It is not a printer for heavy-duty usage and the photograph quality is nothing to write home about but overall, it is a good mid-range option for small scale business owners to look at.

HP LaserJet Pro M402dw

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HP has been the market leader in printers manufacturing for years now. And it is not without good reason.

The LaserJet Pro M402dw is a great mid-range product with lots going for it.

It has an impressive printing speed of 40 pages per minute and an input capacity of 350 pages, the LaserJet Pro is a great option for small businesses that require moderate function.

It can easily print on both sides of the paper which is especially versatile and a standard feature in quality printers in the market right now.

Many monochrome printers tend to be quite large but this one can easily fit on your desk with a weight of 18 lbs and dimensions of and which are quite acceptable for a printer

While this speed and capacity are not that high, it is exactly how much you would want as a small scale business owner.

The standard connectivity options of Wi-Fi and Ethernet are up to date making sure you can print from your mobile phone conveniently.

While printing photos is not considered a strong suit of laser printers in general, it seems to be a particular drawback of this printer.

All in all, the M402dw is a suitable printing solution for small businesses with its ample capacity and printing speed.

Hp LaserJet Pro M426fdw All-in-One Printer

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The LaserJet Pro M426fdw is another multifunction printer from HP that has great merit in being used as a shared office printer for the small to medium business usage.

The defining feature of this printer is its speed. It can print as fast as 40 pages per minute and the first page is said to be out in about five seconds.

This is impressive for its price range and only improved by some of the heavy-duty printers.

It weighs 28 lbs which may not be light but in its category, it is quite adequate since most Canon printers weigh near 40 lbs.

The capacity starts from 350 sheets and goes up to 900 sheets which are considered standard in the best monochrome laser printers.

It also has an ADF sheet capacity of 50 which is another market standard.

It can print, fax, scan, copy, and send emails proving to be a trusted ally in the office helping in several tasks.

The 3” touch screen control and impressive connectivity options including NFC add to the luxury of this product.

Due to the fast printing speeds, some of the text quality may occasionally be average but besides that, there is nothing much to worry about.

Lexmark B3340dw Monochrome Laser Printer

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The advantage of this Lexmark printer is that it gives you an exceptional capacity and speed at a great price making it ideal for businesses looking to save a buck whilst looking for an efficient printer.

The paper handling capacity of this printer goes up to an exceptional 900 sheets with an optional 550 sheet tray with a 100 sheet bypass and the standard 250 sheet tray.

This feature alone sets it apart from the competition with most black and white printers only having a capacity of about 350-400 pages.

The printing speed of 40 ppm is pretty standard and something you expect from a good printer.

It also has the convenience of printing on both sides which is sustainable for the environment using paper efficiently.

These days duplex printing is a mainstay in all good modern black and white printers and the B3440dw does not lag behind.

The connectivity options of Ethernet and Wi-Fi are standard and allow you to print right off your phone to make the whole process convenient for you.

While it is an efficient option for small businesses with its capacity, it still may prove to be insufficient for large scale companies requiring much higher capacity.

Brother Compact DCPL2550DW Printer

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Brother is a brand known to deliver quality printers that are especially cost-efficient saving up on toner costs and power costs. And this model is no different.

The printing speed of a maximum of 36 pages per minute is impressive in its price range but the HP M426fdw can do better at 40.

The sheet capacity of 250 sheets is basic but maybe enough for the everyday needs of small businesses. It has the usual connectivity options if Wi-Fi and USB although NFC is not available.

It can scan, copy, print but can not send faxes which should be kept in mind by business owners looking for fax sending capabilities.

The cost per print is impressive and something that gives it a slight edge over its competition.

The display is nothing to write home about since the two-line LCD display is the bare minimum.

What this and no fax capability ends up doing is controlling its cost and making it a good option for small businesses running from homes.

Xerox B215DNI Monochrome Multifunction Printer

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Another decent entry-level printer for you is the Xerox B215DNI Monochrome Laser printer.

The printing speed is not too shabby with a maximum capacity of about 31 pages or a minute. The 3.5-inch color touchscreen makes controlling it a breeze and is a feature mostly seen in high-end printers.

The paper capacity is quite standard with a 250 sheet tray and a 40 sheet ADF tray that should be enough for small businesses. It weighs just 25 lbs so it can easily be put on the desktop and moved around with ease.

The ADF tray is manual which means that you will have to turn over the documents for two-sided documents with several pages. This may be a tedious task when working with documents in bulk.

A welcome feature of this printer is the low running cost that it can give. It is probably the least expensive printer on this list which can operate at about 2.4 cents per page which can save you several dollars on toner costs as time goes on.

Overall, it is a good option for small offices that do not deal with double-sided documents as frequently.

Brother HL-L2390D Monochrome Laser Printer

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A great entry-level printer with basic features for home office users who just want simple functionality without any fancy details.

It has an extremely simple design with a monochrome LCD (no color touch screen). There is no ADF or Automatic Document Feeding so that would slow down much of the printing and scanning.

The printing speed is touted up to 32 ppm but for practical purposes, it is in the mid-twenties. It is not that quick making it suitable only if you use it at home.

The tray capacity of 250 sheets is also standard in its price range.

The reason it makes our list is the affordable price and the low cost per print of about 3.7 cents which is below that of its competition.

It gives you the option of duplex printing at a great cost which is another plus.

The obvious drawback if this printer is that it is not suitable for offices looking for quick performance. And since there is no ADF, that may be a nuisance if you are used to that feature.

Dell E310DW Monochrome Printer

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The striking feature of this Dell printer is its lightweight. It weighs just a little over 12 lbs and gives you decent functionality for personal use at home.

Since it is built for a small office space or personal use, the sheet capacity is just 250 which is not that remarkable when you look at the other inclusions in this list.

The printing speed is about 27 pages per minute that should be enough for personal use but what should be kept in mind is that this speed may not hold when printing graphics or PDFs.

The connectivity options it has are excellent for its price range with the standard Wi-Fi, USB, Wi-Fi Direct, and Ethernet all supported allowing you to print with any device of your choice.

If you ignore its other limitations, text quality should have been a little better since it is the primary function of a monochrome laser printer.

All in all, it is a good printer for personal use but can not fulfill the demands of a business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best black and white printer for home use?

In homes printing speed is not that big of a factor and a cost-effective model that has a low cost per page is a good fit. In this context, the Brother HL-L2390D model is a decent option.

It has a standard 250 sheet capacity with a maximum printing speed of about 32 pages but the advantage of this printer for home use is its low upfront price as well as the fact that it would not need frequent cartridge replacements due to the low-cost per print.

It also has a compact body and can fit at any table in your home. Overall, it is best suited for home use and gives great performances in its price range.

What should I look for in a black and white laser printer?

A few necessary details to consider while buying the best black and white laser printer for your needs are:

  • The printing capacity should meet your needs and it is also vital to look at the duty cycle (monthly sheet capacity) for this. Most printers have a duty cycle of about 1000-5000.
  • The printing speed is important in offices but if you are a home user you may want to sacrifice that to save a few bucks. The usual printing speed is about 20-35 pages per minute. Keep in mind this is for normal text documents and as the input gets more complex the speed may decrease.
  • The operating costs should be minimal and the toner should last you for a longer time. Replacing the inks from time to time can be a significant cost.
  • The connectivity should be easy with Ethernet and Wi-Fi direct options as well as the standard USB option
  • A multifunctional printer that can copy and scan is a good option for small offices wanting a one-stop-shop solution.
  • If you have a compact office space a printer that is light in weight and can easily fit on a desk may be a good fit for you.


So this was a list of The Best Black and White Laser Printers. We tried to define the scope of use of each printer and defined the limitations of every single entry on this list.

If we had to pick two products, we would pick the Canon D1620 for commercial heavy-duty usage and the Brother HL-L2390D for domestic occasional usage.

The rest of the products are best suited for small and mid-range applications.

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