5 Best Adjustable Drafting Tables

Drafting tables have been used more commonly by craftsmen in past. Gradually, they developed more specified being related typically with draftsmen and performers.

They truly converted more prevalent when used in homes and offices. In the past, drafting tables were made by hands and imprinted with colorful wood having lots of designs.

The contemporary drafting tables are fairly altered and list below will prove the fact. Drafting tables are used for multiple tasks such as: for drafting, drawing, examining outsized documents and painting.

They commonly have an inflexible structure with an adjustable top. Its size is important because if you have a limited area, you can fold it when not in use.

However, moveable drafting tables are less strong and long-lasting providing less sustenance. You must search for a drafting table which not only fits your own elegance but also the style of the place which it would be a part of.

If you have a modern-day place, the table must uniform the location. Possibly, a metallic or a glass top table might be a good option. However, usual wooden tables are commonly a best choice.

Having so many dissimilar kinds of drafting tables with various designs as well as styles, it is significant to consider the priorities before purchasing the one.

For instance, you might require a table having incorporated storage or saving tray for your materials, moreover, appropriate light on the table for writing easily at night routines.

Our Top 5 picks of Best Adjustable Drafting Tables

An excellent drafting table has to be convenient even after using for extended periods. Obviously, this relaxation is attained by the use of first class tools and a variety of modifications.

The essential feature of a drafting table is its capability to position the top of the table up to about 45 degrees from the flat.

This approach permits for a superior drawing angle as compared to a customary table, creating it stress-free to grasp all parts of the area.

The surfaces of these tables are normally built with wood or glass, the benefit of a glass top is that you can use it as a bright table placing a lamp below.

A number of drafting tables comprise a fastening rack to avoid markers and drafting pencils slipping down the table.

A drafting table having adjustable legs is more comfortable to use as you can adjust its height according to your requirement.

Moreover, few tables come with a distinct area on the sideways that rests smooth even while the table is slanted.

This area can be used conveniently to store and place tools while at work. You must consider one thing that the tabletop dimension is satisfactory to suit your usual assignment or drafting panel.

Zeny Height Adjustable Drafting Draft Desk

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The Zeny drafting table is designed with a durable and secure structure that is essential to keep it firm and offer the finest work situations to consumer.

It has so amazing features such as: an MDF tabletop and steely legs that are powder coated. This combination finally enhances its varied and multipurpose look.

As long as its design is concerned, this drafting table is made to be useful as well as long-lasting. Moreover, it copes to be visually attractive. It’s contemporary with manufacturing intonations lacking of working overboard.

The elevation of the table can be accustomed from 28” to 35.8” as well as several points among them, helping every consumer to adapt their workspace accurately according to their need.

The angle of the tabletop is also adjusted able from 0 to 45 degrees. It is designed with a lip that stops pages and other things from getting slipped.

Moreover, the table also comprises of two large drawers to store representation gears and supplementary equipment to keep them near and easily reached at all times.

The Zeny drafting table has overall dimensions of 55″ x 23.62″ x 28″-35.8″and the seat is comprised.

One Space Craft Station

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The OneSpace drafting table is indeed an amazing piece of art. It looks like an awesome combination of appearance and functions.

It attains this combination by retaining a modest and well-ordered construction. It has a fantastic, tough and well-made casing which is prepared with long-lasting steel along with a sophisticated silvery varnish.

This beautiful preparation bounces its distinguished appearance and stops it from looking excessively industrialized. The glass top is too refined and a little amazing component.

Furthermore, it increases extra grace to the design without bargaining its complete practical application.

The 4 casters (two with a fastening tool) make the table to transfer from one place to another and change the position as required that is appropriate and needed.

The desktop is able to bear weight up to 130 lbs (59 kg) so, don’t be fooled by the glass. This table has a particularly nice feature like; it has detachable platters on every side for storage and organization of all the stationery and gears you commonly practice.

These platters are always there and reachable. It features another set of 2 slide-out drawers for additional loading and although they are positioned away, however, still simply reachable.

SD Folding Glass Top Adjustable Drafting Table

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Very parallel to the One Space which is mentioned just now, this drafting table lacks the storing drawers. Overall, it has sizes of 40.75” breadth x 23.75” deepness and 30.5” altitude.

You should keep in mind that its height cannot be adjusted which is a big disadvantage it has. However, this product has something amazing to offer: a collapsible structure.

It means you can have the choice to simply bend the table and store it or put it out of the way while not in use and creating space for some other thing.

This model is particularly beneficial if being used for your home office. It provides you a work space of having a 32.25” width and 23.75” depth which is manufactured with strengthened glass.

Two supplementary preferences are obtainable: available with a maple upper part and a white lower part of a white upper part and a black lower part.

In the blue glass variety lower part has a silvery gloss. The border is designed with weighty instrumental steel that creates it long-lasting and tough.

You can slant the top at the chosen position (six selections to pick from, starting from level up to 35 steps). It has four detachable platters on each side which allow you to store and organize office gears as well as other stuff.

Vintage Rustic Oak Drafting Table

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If you’re searching for a drafting table which has an extra realistic and antique appearance then we have reviewed here some of the really good selections to pick from, this Vintage Rustic Oak Drafting Table is one of them.

Although having a nice old-fashioned structure, however, it is manufactured for modern use at the same time. This varied drafting table has the complete measurements of 42” width x 30” depth x 36” altitude.

Moreover, the altitude of this table is immovable and you don’t have the option to adjust it like other modern drafting tables so you must be careful about this aspect.

In the case of using a height-adjustable chair, it should not be problematic any way, however, it might be difficult to use if you want to use it as a standing desk at any place.

An interesting feature that is not shared in other models is that you can modify the table top angle from flat up to 90 degrees. The tabletop is really simple and has no accessories, storing platters, and other components.

It has only an incorporated pencil furrow with a 24” rack. The finest portion of the design remains the old-fashioned feel.

The table is prepared with compact wood that creates its appearance more identical to a consistent unit of furniture and less similar to a specific counter.

Height Adjustable Drawing and Drafting Table

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As you have noticed by this time, a number of drafting tables are definitely multipurpose enough and you can also use them like traditional counters. It is true in most scenarios but particularly, for those tables which have extremely artless designs having no additional features.

However, this model has even more adaptable design as its stature is adaptable as well. It means that it can be used as a standing desk also in case you need to.

Furthermore, the desktop position is adjustable also and you can tilt the table if needed as well as keep it flat.

To adjust the stature of the table and position at which the desktop is placed, you may use the king size thumb screws that are flawlessly fixed into the border.  They can be used easily and retain the style of the drafting table humble without decreasing its complete capability.

It should also be mentioned that this table comprises of a tough and durable casing which is manufactured with powder-coated steel that delivers it a lot of flexibility and guarantees it would work for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What makes a good drafting table?

A first class drafting table should be contented even after using for extended durations. This ease can be derived by the usage of the finest materials as well as a variety of modifications.

The describing aspect of a drafting table is the capability to position the top of the table up to about 45 degrees from the flat.

  1. Do architects still use drafting tables?

Despite of the increasing practice of Computer-Aided Design (CAD) skills amongst architects and engineers, a number of individuals in commerce are still practicing drafting tables to organize their tasks.

  1. How do you adjust a drafting table?

Every drafting table can be accustomed to the viewpoint on the table. Simply, you may discover a set of handles anywhere on the upper side of either the front line or the rear legs of the table.

Unbolt the handles and position the table till you make sure to achieve the correct surface viewpoint. Re-fasten the handles in place.

  1. What is the standard height of a drafting table?

The height of a drafting table is determined with a top that is raised 36 inches from the ground. On the other hand, the elevation of the table is for the tables having a height of 30 inches from the ground to the tabletop.

A number of architects, engineers, and designers like the drafting elevation over the counter tallness.

  1. What angle is a drafting table?

It would be easier to view from the front and step back to overview your work if the work surface is more vertical.  Some people favor to work at an angle of 45-degree or more and others prefer 30 to 40 degrees to be perfect.

Your selection of seat, such as, drafting table chairs or standing up would impact your choice.

  1. Should I get a drafting table?

Drafting tables are helpful not only for the designers, engineers, and draftsmen, but also they are best for pupils who are learning paintings, business, and construction.

Drafting tables might be a bit costly; however, you would understand that they are worthy to spend your money on.

  1. Do drafting tables lay flat?

Designers, realistic artists, and many operational steel draftsmen practice the drafting tables to advance their concepts. You have the option to lay the surface flat down to practice the table in the standard mode or you might regulate it at an angle.

Final Thoughts

Selecting a drafting table must not be a problematic job. The most significant aspects which you must contemplate are the excellence of tools used as well as the slanting position of the table.

You must also consider the elevation of the table. Moreover, select a table that has accessible features such as; pencil racks and side platters.

One of the five tables discussed above, the Zeny Glass Top Drafting Table is the finest drafting table. The reason is its solid glass top structure, a broad slant angle of 62.50, a lot of storing space, and easy to transport.

In fact, drafting tables have been practiced by artists, constructors, and craftsmen for years, and the inclination displays no symbol of disappearing. With such a diversity of suggestions, you would certainly select a desk that is great for your particular needs.