Best Robotic Lawn Mower Without Perimeter Wire

In this post, you will find the best Robotic lawn mower for efficient cuts, navigation and sensors to hype your gardening experience as with these Robotic mowers doing less means doing more.

Here we have tried and tested some of the best available mowers without perimeter wire which will be your ideal yard companions saving both your time and energy. If you have better things to do rather than tending tediously to your yard this fall then these robotic lawn mowers are indeed the perfect choice for you, sit back and relax as the unmanned vehicle does all your laborious vocation for you.

Our Judgment Criteria

We have based our ruling on the following factors:

  • Features
  • Design
  • Usability


“We have come to the conclusion that Ambrogio Line 400 is the best option for you and your yard.”

Get a healthier and chic yard with the with the top-of-the-line choice featuring smart technology, an intuitive interface and weather resistance. It is indeed the world’s most capable robotic mower. All you have to do is give the instructions and Ambrogio Line 400 will do the rest for you.

Why it’s the best?

Although there have many new additions to the robotic lawn mower market with comparable features and out looks, there are several features that render the Ambrogio Line 400 to be superior in comparison to the other available models hence making it our top choice.

  • Perfect for medium-large sized yards and covers areas up to 30,000 m² with a slope up to 45%
  • The model is one of the most impressive and diverse model created till now and us an amazing and modern outlook.
  • The best feature of the model is that it does not require any installation and perimeter wire.
  • The mower without perimeter wire makes use of GPS technology to navigate and move about your yard by making an accurate map of the yard and has theft tracking system.
  • It efficiently navigates through obstacles and tight spaces using the built in sensors.
  • Has a battery charge time of 10 hours but works for 11 hours without stopping for any recharges.
  • The mower makes its way backing to its docking station via the radio frequency when running out of battery by itself.
  • The device comes with the blades at least three the size of competing models.
  • The mower has a spiral cutting mode that quickly mows long grass from a limited area by mowing in tight spirals.
  • The technology operates through the App making it super convenient and fun to maintain your lawn giving you complete control of the device using your smart phone making it possible for you to monitor it from anywhere anytime.
  • The device can easily adjust and navigate across uneven and trenched surfaces and all grass types resulting in smooth and evenly trimmed yards.
  • Another feature that sets apart this lawn mower without perimeter wire is that it comes with a rain sensor and stops the mowing process during the rain.
  • The mower is also environment friendly as it produces no harmful emissions.

With so many amazing features this robotic lawn mower with no perimeter wire is at the top of our list. The mower has a mowing system which is second to none using the top notch technology. It is really efficient and user friendly as settings are very easy to manage.

Another amazing feature of Ambrogio Line 400 is that it cuts the grass into tiny pieces so that the grass can drop down into the soil giving an overall thicker and healthier outlook to the yard and also providing it with a natural decompose.

Considering the result it produces, the brand new features introduced and the time and energy that is saved, it is indeed a dream come true for the passionate yard maintainers.

Why is Ambrogio L60 Deluxe 2nd on our list?

Ambrogio L60 and L400 are similar as they both make for very reliable robotic lawn mowers with no perimeter wire however there are following differences between the two models as well

  • The Ambrogio L60 has been designed specifically for small yard spaces.
  • The mower has blades which are 25cm wide.
  • The mower has a mowing duration of only 2 hours after one charge and requires a manual transport to the docking station.
  • There is no rain sensor.

The Ambrogio L60 is still a very reliable and stable without perimeter wire producing very efficient results, bluetooth enabled and being user and eco friendly makes it the second most preferred robotic mower on our list.


The Ambrogio Line 400 model which is our top choice for your yard is that the robotic mower without perimeter wire can run out of signal and will require manual effort to bring it back. Although the mower has a rain sensor but it is not weather resistant.
Another aspect is that L400 has big and heavy blades making it a bit heavier design. It exceeds in price as compared to other models although the features and convenience greatly outweigh the price but for those who do not want to pay as much can consider for themselves the Exgain and Big mow robotic lawn mowers.

Therefore our top choice is Ambrogio Line 400.

Why do we like it?


The design is very modern and aesthetically appealing and certainly is a very impressive device.

Mowing Technique

The mower without perimeter wire has four strong, razor sharp carbon steel blades that ensure very efficient and clean results for your yard.


The mower is GPS enabled and navigates by drawing a map of the yard. It proficiently and accurately navigates through obstacles and small tight places.

Phone connect

The mower can be connected with the smartphone with an App and allows the user to control the basic functions and settings of the mower from anywhere and anytime making it user-friendly and convenient.


The mower is eco-friendly as it does not produce any harmful emissions and utilizes low energy to operate.

Easy setup

The mower does not require any lengthy installment process as the device operates efficiently without any perimeter wires.

Rain Sensor

The mower has a reliable rain sensor and returns to the dock by itself.

What’s inside the box?

  • The mower
  • Charging station
  • Power supply
  • Charging station screws 6 pc
  • Operator’s Manual and Quick Guide
  • Extra blades

Who is it for?

If you have better things to do and are tired of spending a huge part of your time in tending and maintaining your large yard spaces then this is a great option for you as this device will carry on working unsupervised and get it all done for you. You can make use of this smart, reliable and efficient device and save up a lot of your time and energy.

Pros and Cons list

Saves time and energy
Results in a well-maintained yard with absolutely no work to do
Keeps the yard healthy
No perimeter wire.
Easy setup
User-friendly App
Safe to use
Navigates and works without supervision
GPS enabled
Theft tracker
Low energy consumption
Efficient and reliable
Loss of signal
Not weather resistant
Big and heavy blades

Lets talk about Ambrogio L60 some more.

Why do we like it?

It is the second choice is quite reliable and suitable for small yards.


The design is a smart and notable device.

Mowing Technique

The mower with no perimeter wire ensures clean results for your yard.


The mower is GPS enabled and navigates on its own.

Phone connect

The mower can be connected through the Bluetooth route.

Who is it for?

This device is perfect for small yards and people who are interested in saving up their time and energy and while having a perfectly maintained yard.

Pros and Cons list

Saves time and energy
Easy setup
GPS enabled
Bluetooth enabled
Lacks in several modern features
No rain sensor
Rechargeable mode is manual


If you want a relatively cheap solution for your tiring yard work then you can choose our second choice of Ambrogio L60 for your yard and save your time and energy and enjoy a well kept yard.

However if you want the device to cover large yard spaces and require excellent results, convenience, reliability and efficiency then Ambrogio L400 is our top choice for you in robotic lawn mowers without perimeter wire list to maintain your yard and enjoy the superior features.

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