Best Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds For Sleeping

Sleep hypnosis is getting more and common these days. I mean I use this all the time to get a very good nights sleep. But this raises a question.

What are the best Bluetooth earbuds for sleeping? And if you are a stomach sleeper, don’t miss out on these Pillows.

Because you can’t just put on the regular earphones and fall asleep and trust me I’ve tried a lot.

There are soundtracks that actually aid a lot in sleeping. Many people have trouble going to sleep at night due to insomnia & PTSD, but it gets easier, listening to music while sleeping with headphones.

A study of 2012 suggests that people suffering from insomnia and PTSD found listening to music before sleep as an aid in reducing the symptoms.

So we are here to take your sleep to the next level by gathering up the best wireless sleeping headphones. Our main criteria for listening to music while sleeping with headphones is based on a few things. We looked for:

  • Sound Quality
  • Build Quality
  • Battery Life
  • Price
  • Comfort

We believe these are the things one should look for when buying the sleeping headphones.

Best headphones for sleeping – AcousticSheep

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Our First Pick for the best wireless headphones for sleeping is the AcousticSheep Wireless Sleephones. They are an amazing product for helping one to sleep at night. They are well-rated and are made by a reputable company.

Sound Quality

If you just go ahead and buy just any earphones for sleeping and they have crappy sound quality then they can’t be called the best Bluetooth earbuds for sleeping.

But the AcousticSheep Sleep phones don’t have low sound quality.

They sound above average and can get you an amazing experience for sleeping.

Looking at their amazing sound quality, going to sleep will get much easier for you by listening to music while sleeping with headphones.

Build Quality

For the best wireless headphones for sleeping having a solid build quality is important. And unsurprisingly the AcousticSheep Sleep phones are very well built. They are built with a nice quality fabric with thin but good speakers. The fabric feels good to the touch and is fine for nightly use. One good thing we liked is that you can use these earbuds for a different purpose like exercising.

Battery Life

The AcousticSheep Sleep phones have a whopping 10-hour battery life which is more than enough for one night. The battery life is exactly what you would expect from one of the best Bluetooth headphones for sleeping. The battery life is also good for exercising which makes it makes them even better Bluetooth earbuds for sleeping.


When buying the best Bluetooth earbuds for sleeping it is important to take comfort into consideration.

If the earphones are not comfortable to wear while sleeping then it’s not going to help you sleep and the purpose of listening to music while sleeping with headphones will not be accomplished by them.

Luckily the AcousticSheep earphones were built keeping comfort in mind. A there band like design and fabric material makes sure that they are comfortable to wear for sleeping.

They also have a feature that helps you to cover your eyes. With these kinds of features, one can easily call the Acoustic Sheep as the best Bluetooth headphones for sleeping.

Voeru sleeping headphones

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Our 2nd choice for the best wireless headphones for sleeping is the Voeru sleeping headphones! They are one of the best ones you can get if you are on a budget!

Sound Quality

The Voeru sleeping headphones sound nice for their price. They sound nice and can get loud if you want to cut the noise of your surroundings. It’s something that you would want from the best Bluetooth earbuds for sleeping to do. This kind of features is especially helpful when you’re in noisy environments like a plane! We mainly chose the Voeru because of its sound quality but there are more features to it as well.

Build Quality

The build quality of any Bluetooth earbuds for sleeping should have a good build quality for nightly use. And the Voeru do. They also have excellent design. They have a nice fabric so that it feels good while sleeping, it also has a sleep mask which is cool as well. It is also advertised that you can wash them by removing a few things from the band, which is an amazing feature, especially if you plan on using it for exercise.

Battery Life

Not having sufficient battery life for the night is frustrating, but you won’t be facing this frustration with the Voeru because they advertise a play-time of a whopping 15 HOURS! This is exactly what you’d want from the best wireless headphones for sleeping!
But the battery life will hugely vary on the volume!!


The Voeru sleeping headphones are comfortable for sleeping and will easily get you the sleep you want. With it sleep mask you can easily fell asleep anywhere and say goodbye to insomnia. Only the best Bluetooth earbuds for sleeping can help you out when you need good sleep in a noisy environment.


If you have tried out Bluetooth earbuds for sleeping before and they just haven’t worked out for you then we have a few alternatives that can help you out.
We recommend buying a pillow that has a speaker.

These kinds of pillows are not loud enough for the entire room but are perfect for one person.

The pillow we’d recommend is the MusicBean Pillow.

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The pillow itself is comfortable like any other pillow you see. But they connect with your phone’s headphone jack (if you still have one) to receive an audio signal.

If you find Bluetooth earbuds for sleeping a little uncomfortable then this is an option you should consider.

What should you buy

Well, we have already told you about the best Bluetooth earbuds for sleeping.

What should you buy depends on your budget, if you have a lower budget then we’d go for the Voeru sleeping headphones, but if you’re willing to pay a little more for better specifications like quality and sound then we would recommend you go for the AcousticSheep, that has amazing sound quality that is perfect for sleeping anywhere and for making insomnia a past.

And if all options fail and you don’t find yourself feeling comfortable with the best Bluetooth headphones for sleeping then you can go for a pillow that is both comfy and enjoyable.


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