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Gaming can be as hard as it is fun, if you want to enhance your gaming experience and become a pro at your favorite games you need not just the relevant experience but also the best gaming equipment, allow us to make the pick easier for you.

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How To Craft A Shield In Minecraft?

How To Craft A Shield In Minecraft?

You’re in a deep cave searching for ore and you stumble into a dungeon filled with skeletons. You only have a pickaxe in hand and no means of blocking their fatal blows. … Read on

Why Is RAM So Expensive?

Why Is RAM So Expensive Right Now?

The supply and demand are a big reason behind the increasing price of RAM. And the interesting thing is that there are only three companies that manufacture and fulfill the … Read on

How to Craft a Torch in MINECRAFT?

Players would be hard-pressed to find better examples of games that truly capture a sandbox survival game’s essence better than Minecraft. There have been certain landmark moments throughout the history … Read on

How to make a bookshelf in minecraft?

The heart of Minecraft as the name suggests is crafting. The game has no shortage of things to craft, from weapons to various materials to build with and even decorations to … Read on

Paper You Need To Craft A Book In MINECRAFT

Paper You Need To Craft A Book In MINECRAFT

If you ever invaded Minecraft’s strongholds, temples, and dungeons, you’ve undoubtedly uncovered dusty books stuffed in chests and bookshelves. They can be an entertaining read or a useful enchantment tool. We … Read on

Laptops under 1200 for gaming

Best Gaming Laptops You Can Get Under $1200

Gaming laptops are specifically built for gaming purposes. These laptops have powerful processors and superior heat control technology along with high-end graphic cards installed to run your favorite games smoothly … Read on

How does Avast make your Computer slow?

How does Avast make your Computer slow?

The most common question about Avast antivirus is “Does Avast slow down your computer”? Well, this particular statement “Avast slows down your computer” may not be entirely true because while … Read on

How Does Covenant Eyes Work?

Working of the “Covenant Eyes”

Today, with the increased availability of the internet worldwide through different electronic gadgets, access to adult content and websites is very easy. A large part of it includes Adult videos. … Read on

Best Cable Modem/Router Combos

Best Cable Modem/Router Combos

If you’re tired of paying your Internet Service Provider a huge amount of your money every year in line rent, you’ve come to the right place. On average providers charge … Read on

9 Best External Hard drives for Ps4

9 Best External Hard drives for Ps4

Is your PS4’s internal hard drive holding you back? Would you like to have more games installed but lack the space to accommodate them? Well, you’re not alone. Most of … Read on

How To Clean Your Mousepad Properly?

How To Clean Your Mousepad Properly?

You’ve been gaming a lot recently and you’re wondering why the control over the cursor is getting sloppy. Even the slightest delay of cursor while handling your mouse causes irritation … Read on

Top Most Expensive Alienware Laptops

Top Most Expensive Alienware Laptops

A newcomer to Best and Worst Brands, Alienware comes out swinging and lands in fourth place, just a point behind its parent company. Ever wondered, why Alienware is so expensive? … Read on

Best Operating System For Gaming?

Whenever we think about gaming, we think about buying all the optimum hardware that is available to us, but which operating system would be the best for gaming is the … Read on

What is the Best Size for Gaming Monitors?

Best Size for Gaming Monitors

With the trend shifting from consoles to PCs and gaming routers there are a number of questions arising every day regarding the Gaming PCs and their accessories. One such question … Read on

9 Best Low Profile CPU Coolers

9 Best Low Profile CPU Coolers

If your PC doesn’t overheat then congratulations you have managed to pass the rookie level. Cooling is one of the most important things when it comes to gaming. One of … Read on

Are Gaming Chairs Worth it?

Are Gaming Chairs Really Worth It?

Adding vividness to every gamer’s startup, gaming chairs are not just a gaming symbol anymore, we believe they’re much more! But are gaming chairs worth it? Why would one in … Read on

About Satellite Receivers

All About Satellite Receivers

With the rapid technological advancements, TV has become a necessity — no longer a luxury — in homes across the globe. The one-time entertainment box, presently, is better considered a … Read on

Best Gaming Routers

Best Gaming Routers For PS4

After hours of testing and running intense gaming sessions on various kinds of gaming routers, we compiled the top 3 best gaming routers for PS4. Net Gear (R7000p) Night Hawk … Read on

Why Are Alienware Products So Expensive?

Why Alienware is so Expensive?

Alienware is a computer hardware subsidiary of Dell which contains all the products specially designed for gamers. These products are highly suitable to provide the best gaming experience and of … Read on