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6 Signs of a Bad Therapist

6 Signs of a Bad Therapist

Psychotherapy, a word we need to hear and say more often, so it is not stigmatized. We need to have conversation starters, for people to accept Psychotherapy or mental therapy or simple therapy.  Therapy is mental health counseling for people struggling with mental health issues. These issues are common, and we find people struggling with …

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“I Don’t Like Children, I Don’t Want Kids” Let’s Solve That

Why I don't want kids and Why I don't like children?

There are several reasons to not like children or don’t feel comfortable around them. However, these reasons do not make you an abuser, a monster, or a neglectful adult. Look, everyone is unique. We are not the same. We have different personalities. People struggle with all kinds of different things (like some people hate holidays) …

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