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5 Best 50 inch Smart TVs

5 Best 50 inch Smart TVs

Upgrading to a smart-TV from the ones that we regularly use is a big change. A smart-TV uses the internet and allows you to stream videos and music, view pictures, and browse the internet.  It allows you to access a variety of channels and download their app to view their content, like Netflix, HBO, Hulu …

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Best Meat Slicer to Buy

Top Best electric Meat Slicer

Who does not want to have a juicy slice of meat flavored with their favorite seasoning? Mmm…the very thought of it makes my mouth water. Having a slice of meat once in a while is a common practice in almost every household around the world. It is one of the basic staple entries in the …

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8 Best Portable Ice Makers

Best portable ice makers for home

A chilled drink, on a hot summer day, is a picture-perfect scene to imagine. Investing in the best portable ice maker can literally make your summer days relaxing and enjoyable. It is important to keep your drinks cool and fresh. A home bar is incomplete without a good ice maker. The fresh ice that this …

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