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What do you Mean by being Cool?

What do you really mean by being cool

What is your definition of being cool? Is it rebellious-ness? Is it copying someone else’s style?  Or is it all about being tough and adventurous? Or probably your definition of being cool is confined till your attire? Or maybe you believe that you are a cool person if you have immense control over your emotions?! …

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Why People Hate Each Other?

hating people

Hating People: It would not be a difficult task to say that “hate” is quite often the lead story on the nightly news. Criticism of people who don’t share our perspective is the main thrust behind the greater part of the human ensuring that we visit upon each other consistently. Where does everything originate from? Analyzing …

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Why Hugs Feel So Good?

Reasons why hugging feels so good

If you are unable to sleep without hugging your pillow, we assume that you are familiar with this craving for physical warmth and touch. Craving for a hug can also be described as a longing to embrace your loved ones so tightly that you can convey all your feelings via touch without having to speak …

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How To Stop Being A Pushover?

How to stop being a pushover?

Are you one of those people who are constantly apologizing about everything? And if someone points it out to you, you apologize for constantly apologizing. Maybe you are always afraid that people wouldn’t like you until you give them exactly what they want. Perhaps you have always wanted to try this new restaurant that opened …

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