Why Do Dogs Chase Squirrels?

Why Do Dogs Chase Squirrels?: As time passes, we always stress a lot about what is done and what has to be done. We always remain too concerned about the past and the future both. This more than necessary concern is harmful not only for our mental health but for our physical health as well. So, we need always to avoid creating this extra fuss in our minds.

In times like these, pets become the moment of stillness for us. By seeing them, we put a glance at our present, which is too often left neglected.

Pets are always the best of friends. They make us laugh and love and feel loved. With a pet by our side, we truly realize what is it like to love someone or something unconditionally.

So, this is how out of love pets have become a very important part of our lives. Also, they play a prominent role in framing our society by framing the environment of our homes.

Among pets, dogs are a major category. Most of the people adopt dogs for their homes and within no time they get very affiliated and concerned about their dogs. Hence, dogs keep becoming an important part of the lives of more and more people.

Despite everything else, dogs have some inherited habits. One of these habits is chasing other animals.

Here is a detailed summary of the nature of dogs, what is it like to have them, and what are your responsibilities towards your dog and the safety of other animals if you adopt one. Here it goes.

Nature of dogs at home


Adopting a dog can be an exciting experience for one’s self. When one adopts a dog, he looks forward to a lot more to come.

Dogs are like the best little buddies for you. You get connected to them at a spiritual level most often. They are the best children you can ever have.

Dogs very play full. They love to be around their family. They are very charming, affectionate, loving, caring, and attention-seeking cuties. They truly have the capability of turning the homes that they become a part of into the heavens.

If you feel lonely and have no partner in your living place then, dogs are the best thing to fit in for you. Even a single dog occupies all the empty spaces at your home and in your life.

By adopting a dog, you no longer feel the absence of love in your life. They make love and give love in return. So, they do become the most positive part of your life.

With a dog at home, you no longer face anxiety or depression. You don’t feel stranded in your living place anymore.

A dog is also the best hang out partner for all dog owners. He accompanies you in doing all the household activities, be they cooking, cleaning, dancing, or simply watching a film and eating.

So, for all the people out there, who think that they do not get enough from their lives, it is very recommendable to adopt a dog. For a dog truly turns one’s life upside down.

Dogs can be the best of friends even for the children at home. They usually love to play with babies and kids. Hence, with dogs at home, parents do not get to make their baby smile too often, this responsibility is instead taken up by the dogs at their homes.

They cuddle the babies and love to sleep beside them. Also, dogs protect babies from all of the wrong things.

If you are a parent to many kids, or a single man, living alone in an apartment or hostel for studies or job, the dog is what is going to fill your life with even more colors.

Adopting a dog will always be the best thing you do for yourself. We assure you that by adopting one, you will not be disappointed.

What are squirrels like?


Squirrels are found in almost all parts of the world. They are a part of our ecosystem. There is a vast diversity of squirrels. But here we are not discussing their diversity.

We are only discussing the common behavior of squirrels that proves to be attractive for dogs and so the dogs chase the squirrels.

Squirrels are usually found near areas where there is wood and trees, as they live inside trees. So, they can also be found living in a tree just in front of one’s home, or in the trees of the colony park.

Squirrels are very innocent little creatures. They are so cute and are clean from all impurities just like all the other creations. They are very lovely but illegal to be kept as a pet as their survival demands a wild habitat and freedom.

The problem is that squirrels also eat and drink like other living beings and while looking for the food, they come across certain other animals including dogs which endanger their existence.

If the dog owners find squirrels cute (which is very likely to happen in animal-loving humans) and try to feed them while sitting in a park or simply having a walk with the dog will be triggered and he will try to find a way to eliminate this element from his life.

The dogs think that squirrels tease them and they often get offended by finding them near their homes as they do not want any other animal kind to enter their territory. This is where the opposition starts and dogs truly aim at ending the squirrels from their world.

If a dog is not stopped from chasing a squirrel, he will only return by either killing the squirrel or injuring it to a critical level. This thing is very dangerous for the healthy survival of our ecosystem. It also endangers the existence of squirrels in a particular area.

Therefore, as human beings, even if we don’t own dogs, we should stop this miserable thing to happen. By further reading this blog, you will know how can you play a positive role in saving squirrels.

So why do dogs chase squirrels?


It is like dogs to chase squirrels. They are crazy about chasing them and this madness is often accompanied by chasing other animals as well. These animals include sheep, goats, deer in some cases, and birds.

Small furies and birds are the favorite prey of the dogs. They chase them as they are a toy to play with.

Not, all dogs are crazy about chasing other animals but it is in the genes of most of them to get very easily offended by simply seeing other animals nearby.

To have a dog by your side, to love him unconditionally, and to take care of him and become his parent is always a beautiful experience for all pet owners. But then to see the same dog chase other animals offensively and to harm them is far more than merely a nightmare.

Almost all pet owners don’t want their dogs to chase squirrels or other animals but some of the owners take it easy and allow their dog to play with other animals thinking that it is like their pet and cannot be stopped.

You should keep in mind that it is very inhumane to allow your dog to harm other animals. This is the worst thing one can ever let happen to the innocent animals out there. Above all, you can also overcome this beast-like behavior of your dog.

Man, and his duties towards nature:

When one steps out in the world, he realizes that this entire world is so beautifully created by the creator. Everything in this entire framework is so perfectly put in its place. This is where he realizes that even a very small role that he might play to preserve nature will be worth a lot.

The thing is, all animals are also a part of this framework that the almighty has created and we should always strive to do as much as we can to not let any harm happen to any piece of it.

Our ecosystems and habitats are all framed by the animals living in them. The degradation of a single of them can have very long-lasting and devasting impacts on the environment.

All the things in our ecosystems are directly or indirectly dependent on one another through a chain. So, we should always try our best to prevent the species of different animals from declining.

Here, stopping our dogs from letting them chase the other animals is a very important aspect. Nature is made so beautiful. Now, we, human beings are responsible for either letting it devastate or protect it.

As, as a dog owner the most important responsibility of a man is to stop his dog from attacking and chasing other animals. Now the question is, how can one make it possible?  The answers are hidden in the blog itself.

Some responsibilities of dog owners to stop their dogs from chasing squirrels:

Being a responsible pet owner, one always wants to restrict his pet and do not allow him to hurt other animals. This is very humane to want to avoid your dog from chasing his neighbor animals. As mentioned in the content above, it is very harmful to the survival of other species to be chased and hurt by dogs.

So, to make your dog a decent and sensible pet and stop him from chasing squirrels and other animals, you only need to very patient, and work hard. And here is what you can do to make this possible.

  • Hire a trainer:

The basic and most important part of avoiding this horrible behavior is to hire a trainer first for your dog. A trainer is the first step one should take towards fulfilling his responsibility of keeping other animals safe from his pet.

By having sessions with the trainer, the dog will start developing the required habits in the due course.

No matter how hard you try on your own, you do always need to consult a trainer. It is important because only a trainer knows the many ways to train a dog and convert him into a nice and sensible pet.

If you cannot afford a trainer, even then you need not worry. Keep conditioning your pet. Moreover, the following content describes the other parental duties that you have towards your pet’s behavior.

Additionally, you can also give your pet all of what a trainer can give him you’ll only need to treat him like his trainer and never give up. Your consistency and hard work will bear fruit one day and your dog will no longer be a squirrel chaser.

  • Consider the activities of your dog:

You should keenly consider the activities that your dog is involved in. Above all, you should never allow your dog to get involved in any hunting or chasing activity. Just never let him chase the animals.

If your dog chases an animal once in front of you and you don’t stop him, he will only be attracted even more towards it. He will think that chasing squirrels or other animals is not bad as you have not stopped him and this will insert a stronger chasing behavior in him.

If you ignore your dog while chasing other animals for once, he will become even worse at hunting or chasing the animals, so you should never ignore it. Each time you see your dog behaving oddly with other animals you should immediately stop him.

  • What to do when the dog sees a squirrel in the park or a cat at his own home?

Many pet owners having both cats and dogs at their home do know what is it like when a dog annoys and even hurts a cat. Such pet owners always have many problems with their dogs and yet they cannot choose to eliminate either cats or dogs from their household.

It becomes very difficult to stop the dog from fighting with the cats at his home. In this case, it is very important to keep some toys that you think your dogs will get attracted to around them.

You should tell a dog to play with the toy instead. You can do so by making commands and giving him treats for playing only with the toys. Also, you should love your cats in front of him so he shall know that they should be friends together.

Second, it is another important aspect that many dogs’ owners face. This one is that while going out with the dog or simply sitting in the colony park with their dogs, the dogs run after other animals on seeing them and hurt them. These animals that the dogs run after mainly include squirrels.

To overcome this thing, you should keep the favorite toys and food of your dog with you. Whenever you see that your dog is about to chase a squirrel nearby, make him sniff his food and give him some of it to eat. Then, give him the toy to play with.

  • Keep your dog on his leash while going outside:

When you go outside, you should always keep your dog on his leash, so that, whenever he thinks of running after another animal, you should have his hold in your hand. This is important to avoid his dreadful behavior of playing with other animals.

You also use words like ‘stop!’ or ‘no’ while pulling him from the leash. This will make him know that the animals outside are not his toys to play with but only the toys at home are his toys and he can only play with the toys at home, not on the street.

Related Questions people ask:

  1. Should I let my dog chase squirrels?

No, you should never allow your dog to chase squirrels. Although this might not seem problematic to you but chasing a squirrel is not good for the life of the squirrel and it affects the survival of the species. so, you should instead train your dog and a well-trained dog will never chase squirrels.

  1. Do all dogs chase squirrels?

No, all dogs do not have a chasing instinct. Some breeds have this instinct and those having it are so crazy about chasing squirrels. It is a part of their genetic makeup.

  1. Do dogs kill squirrels?

Yes, dogs are very likely to kill smaller animals like squirrels. If a dog catches a squirrel by chasing it, he will kill the squirrel then. It is not the aggression that the dog shows by killing the smaller animals, it is only the habit of the dog and is very normal for him.

  1. Do squirrels play with dogs?

Yes, they often do play with each other. It mostly depends upon the breed of the dogs. Some dogs slow down on coming closer to the squirrel so their game of teasing and chasing continues. on the other hand, some dogs just kill the squirrel to show their enthusiasm.

  1. Are squirrels afraid of dogs?

Yes, squirrels often get afraid of dogs as dogs have a scary habit. They don’t want any other animal to enter their territory so the dogs mostly don’t let the squirrels come to their homes.

  1. Why do dogs lick you?

Dogs lick their owners to show affection and trust. But obsessive licking does not mean this, instead, it shows that the dog is anxious and had some underlying problems.

  1. Do squirrels carry diseases?

Yes, squirrels are known for it. They carry many diseases but only very few of them are very dangerous for human beings,

  1. Should I be worried if my dog killed a squirrel?

If your dog killed a squirrel, you should only e worried about the death of the innocent animal because of your dog. To worry about the health of your dog then is of no use. The dog does not get sick by killing a squirrel. Even if a squirrel bites your dog, the dog will not get sick as squirrels don’t carry rabies.

  1. Do squirrels attack small dogs?

Most squirrel attacks arise when a dog or a cat attempts to catch it, and while your pet will likely win the battle, the squirrel does have sharp teeth and claws that can damage soft tissue. The best way to prevent injury from a squirrel is to be mindful of your animal at all times when outdoors.

  1. Has a dog ever caught a squirrel?

It depends on the type of dog. Hunting breeds and especially terriers would naturally dispatch them the moment they catch them. Herding breeds also have a strong prey drive and would likely give a chase, but many would attempt to herd or play with, rather than kill the squirrel.


Dogs are very comforting pets and are very commonly adopted among families. They spread love and happiness all around and are a true symbol of loyalty.

But adopting is a dog is not that simple. It is not only about just going to a pet shop and adopting the one you like the most. After taking the dog home, you face several challenges which are mostly related to the training of your dog.

If behavioral training is not done properly, the dog might cause trouble for the lives of other animals. For a dog owner, it is always so terrifying to see their dogs running after other mammals like squirrels. So, training is the most essential and effort of taking part in dog adoption.

Squirrels are also very cute and small animals that are very likely to be chased by most of the dogs. If the squirrels are caught by the dog, then the dogs either kill them or leave them severely injured.

This entire thing is against environmental protection and preservation. It affects our habitats and we should never let it happen at whatever the cost. It is our responsibility to be citizens.