Why are Dogs Better than Cats?

Why are Dogs Better than Cats?: Do you own a pet? If not then you must know the amazing benefits of having a pet. If you had to pick one between dogs and cats; which one would you pick?  Are you a dog person or a cat one? Well, I am a dog person, and let me tell you why are dogs better than cats.

The debate is endless when it comes to dog and cat lovers. But now is the time to bring a face-off.

Personally, I love dogs. I can assure your dogs are better than cats scientifically too.

They are one of the cutest pets and I own two Tibetan Mastiff, Bruno, and Clara.

They are now 8 months and are the best buddies that I have.

So you know, I am a dog lover and this article is a production of my endless adoration for dogs. I wish to own a German Shepherd and a Rottweiler to one day.

But well, all wishes are not granted right away and I am quite happy with the two buddies that I have right now.

There are so many reasons why dogs are better than cats and I can list dozens of them. I have done massive research on why dogs are better than cats scientifically as well. So you see?

Science supports dogs too.

I am certainly not saying that cats aren’t wonderful. But c’mon, there is a sense of sincerity in me that keeps yelling that dogs all the way.

Anyways, I will be discussing some amazing benefits of having a dog over a cat.

These will help you in understanding the reasons why dogs are better than cats (from a scientific perspective too).

So why are dogs better than cats?

#1 Dogs have Unconditional Love to offer:

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I have friends who own cats but I have never seen them give a vibe of love or affection.

With dogs, it is completely different.

A dog jumps at your sight when they see you after a long day and they tend to portray a vibe of affection towards you.

Cats seem too complicated and they don’t have the ability to showcase their love towards their owner.

A dog is going to love you every minute.

Also, the dog lover in me researched thoroughly on this and discovered something huge.

With the help of MRI technology, a study was held at Emory University which showed that the dog’s brain lit up at the smell of his/her owner. Isn’t that cute? THIS is pure love which you cannot find in cats.

And the major reason why pets are a huge part of your life is that they befriend you.

A dog is the perfect pet friend anyone can have because they have endless love to offer to their owner.

#2 They are Life Saviors:

why dogs are better than cats 1


We all know that dogs are known for their sniffing powers.

There is a reason why they are a part of the police forces. They can easily detect bombs, thieves and drugs etc. They are born with this ability.

This is also one of the major reasons why people pet dogs; for safety.

Without a doubt, this is one of the biggest benefits of having a dog over a cat.

They can actually save your life. Furthermore, dogs are now being highly useful in the medical industry as well.

The University of Pennsylvania’s Working Dog Center has been indulged in the process of training shepherds and retrievers to sniff and detect ovarian cancer.

Early detection of this cancer is highly essential and it also has the highest survival rate, if it is detected on time.

If the University of Pennsylvania is able to train dogs for it, it would just increase the demand of these amazing animals.

This is exactly why dogs are better than cats scientifically too.

Tebitan Mastiff are well-known for security purposes and my dogs have been nothing less than a blessing.

They scare away strangers within no time.

Once a friend of mine was hitting me casually, and my dog could not take it.

Bruno thought that I was being attacked and he started barking endlessly.

So you see? Dogs care for you and will do anything to save your life.

#3 Stay in Shape with a Dog:

why dogs are better than cats 9


If you don’t walk or jog a lot; pet a dog!

Seriously, they love going out and you will have to take them on a walk anyhow.

My dogs are always eager to go out on a walk and whenever they do, they literally scare other dogs and cats in the way.

I am training them for it but the best thing is that you walk with them.

It not only keeps the dogs healthy but also adds up a good activity to your routine.

Even if you two are just going to go till the end of your block; you are being active.

Also, you have to play with your dog too.

So it adds up to your daily activity.

Dog owners are usually in shape and the secret behind it is the pet!

Trust me, cats don’t love playing and they won’t indulge for long in any kind of activity.

I have seen my friend’s cat just laying around all the time.

Whenever I visit my friend, her cat is always sitting somewhere, with no intention of moving.

A lazy pet equals to a lazy pet owner. But if you have a problem with your pets running away, you can always use the best wireless dog fence we reviewed.

#4 You might be allergic to cats:


According to studies, cat allergies are highly common.

They are twice as common as dog allergies.

This is why dogs are better than cats scientifically.

If you are allergic to dogs, that is a completely different story.

But most commonly, people with asthma or minor breathing issues cannot stand cats.

#5 No issues of Litter Boxes:

why dogs are better than cats 8


Cleaning up is an essential part of your life, whether you have a pet or not.

With pets, you have additional mess to clear up but the good news is that you can train dogs.

And the bad news is that you cannot train cats.

You need a litter box if you pet cats and they stink badly.

With dogs, once you train them, there is nothing to worry about.

It took me some time to train Bruno and Clara and it was a little tough.

I am going to be honest, it was a little difficult but once it was done, I was carefree.

They never littered outside their place and it was so peaceful. I had no worries of keeping a stinky litter box in the house too.

So basically, dogs are better than cats because dude, there is no extra, smelly mess.

Once you train them, you are good to go. You cannot train cats.

#6 Dogs are extremely LOYAL:

Cats can show affection but not like dogs.

They are not going to run to save your life or be highly loyal to you all the time. With dogs, you get infinite loyalty.

A dog will risk his or her life to save yours.

From my experience, I have seen that female dogs are on the extreme side of loyalty.

They go wild to save your life and I have seen Clara react towards strangers.

If you are looking for someone loyal, trust me, there is nobody better than a dog.


I might sound crazy but no human ever will jump back into a burning building to save you; a dog will.

#7 A best Friend:

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One of the biggest reasons why dogs are better than cats is because they are your bestest friend.

The bond between a man and a dog is intense and studies have proven it too.

I once read a report that had a dog owner’s statement, saying that he felt the same affection towards his dog that he had for his friends and family.

Thus, the bond is certainly irreplaceable.

A dog is never going to look at you with disdain which cats do sometimes.

#8 Easy to train:

One of the major reasons why dogs are better than cats is because they can be trained.

This is such a huge benefit that you cannot find in cats and it brings in a massive difference too.

I am not saying that you cannot train a cat at all but it is limited.

Also, cats are not always willing to listen to their owner.

My friend has struggled a lot and has only managed to train her cat a little bit.

She says that training a cat is near to impossible.

The ability of a dog to learn things is incredible.

They have a huge potential of listening to you.

A dog won’t do whatever he feels like doing.

He/she will always prefer what you are telling them to do which is why they are loyal, life saviors and a man’s best friend too.

Their ability to learn commands is impeccable and makes life much easier for you.

#9 Dogs shed less than cats:

Dogs and cats, both shed.

I am not going to blame the cute cats here by saying that dogs don’t shed.

But the difference is a little more visible.

Cats shed more than dogs, in most cases.

This is the major reason why cat allergies are more common because they shed a lot.

You will also have to vacuum a lot in order to keep your home clean of cat dander.

#10 You bring meaning to your life with dogs:

Loneliness is a sad reality of life and many people have to go through it.

Some have to live alone due to some circumstances and some are left all alone.

This is where a dog can be your best companion. My dogs have been a major support in my life.

Bruno and Clara lit up my world.

I bought them 3 months after my mother’s death and my mind diversion was real.

I got a meaning to life. I was indulged in petting them two so much that I started living for a reason.

This might seem weird but having two dogs was a huge responsibility.

Although my brother indulged equally, but Bruno and Clara were such a relief to have.

They added life to my home and made it easier to be happy.

One of the biggest reasons why dogs are better than cats is because they make you feel their presence and do a lot for you, which tends to bring meaning in your life.

Well, I guess these are enough reasons why dogs are better than cats.

They are certainly one of the safest and most wonderful and loyal pets to own.

With unconditional love packed within them, dogs are a man’s best friend.

They are not going to make you feel lonely and will always show their affection towards you.

I have seen a massive change in my life after petting dogs and Bruno and Clara have been such great buddies for me.

If you are planning to buy a pet, then I would certainly vote for dogs.

With so many benefits of having a dog over a cat, how can one not pick dogs?

I hope these answers, why are dogs are better than cats?