Stop your neighbor’s dog from pooping in your yard?

Stop your neighbor’s dog from pooping in your yard?: You have the perfect little yard in front of your house, with well-trimmed grass and some very neat bushes to trap the dust and litter from flying every now and then and messing up your yard. Classy!

You have planted some fragrant flowers too and your yard just wafts with a fresh and pleasant aroma all the time. Not to forget the great contrast those beautiful flowers create with their lively colors!

All your friends consider it a pleasant and picturesque space to click some of those selfies in front of the jasmine tree you planted a year back! Everything’s just perfect!

But caring for your exemplary yard doesn’t come easy. You have to put in a lot of effort, and it really shows! You need to water your yard every day, protect those plants from pests and insects, you have to mow your lawn and trim those plants, and you even need to weed your lawn. Yes, this is some hardcore gardening work!

But your work doesn’t end there, there’s more to it and you know it. Nothing good comes easy!

Every now and then you might find dog poo in your yard, ruining the pleasant vibes. You try punishing your own furry friend for it, but turns out that it wasn’t him, it was your neighbor’s dog! And oh man, it stinks!

This problem becomes even worse when instead of finding these through your eyes or through your nose, you find it through your feet! You have stepped on dog poo! Gross! This becomes even more troubling when you are barefooted. EW, don’t puke! I might just have…

Every other day you find your neighbor’s little gremlin’s poop in your yard, and you know that you have had enough. You want it to stop, but you feel helpless!

You tried talking to your neighbor about it, but they didn’t pay much attention to it. The owner merely ignores it due to which their dog considers this as acceptable behavior! Now, this is bad!

It’s not even your own dog that you might give potty training to. You feel like you can’t do anything now. Just thinking about the stink gives you anxiety! Just writing about the pain is giving us anxiety!

But don’t fret it, the four-leaf clover we found in the morning told us that it’s your lucky day! Fortunate!

In this article, we will be guiding you with some techniques that you can use in order to counter-attack this neighborly problem of yours.

So, let’s go! Your happy, problem-free days are here, amigo!

Here are some techniques that might resolve this stinky problem of yours!

Your pet, your responsibility

Politely ask the neighbor to clean it up and tell them why this should stop!

You need to politely ask your neighbor to please clean and scoop out the mess that their dog has just left behind in your quintessential little yard. It’s only logical that they should clean it since it is THEIR dog! You need to explain this to them.

Tell them of the unhealthy consequences of leaving the poop behind in your yard and how and why it must be cleaned up at ALL COSTS! We don’t want anything else!

These consequences might include:

The poops brings germs and diseases to your yard

While your neighbor might argue that there is nothing to worry about since the left over poop only acts as manure to your lawn, gently tell them this is so not the case!

Only cow manure is considered as a good fertilizer (as they are herbivores). The poop of a dog contains harmful bacteria and worms such as ringworms, E. coli, and parvovirus. Nasty!

These bacteria and worms can spread illnesses if left untouched. YOUR dog might get sick because of this. Even you yourself can fall victim to this and your children are vulnerable too!

Moreover, dog poop attracts insects and flies that act as transmitters of these filthy diseases. You need to keep yourself away from these to be perfectly safe but no matter where you, these flies follow you around everywhere. You can’t escape them, you can only remove the source they are coming from!

Also, there’s high a probability that your neighbor’s dog is sick or suffers from some sort of illness, the feces of these dogs contain germs that might even cause your family or your pets to fall prey to those germs! We don’t want anyone sick!

You can’t compromise on the health of any living being in your home, therefore you need those ‘not so pleasant gift’ cleaned up at all costs!

The filth contaminates water!

You might have heard it from someone that if it is about to rain, there is absolutely no need of cleaning up after your dog. But please don’t take that seriously as this can get pretty nasty!

It is very much harmful and dog poop needs to be scooped off even if it is about to rain!

What really happens is that, the poop mixes up with the rainwater (nasty!), and reaches the main water channels through the rain water drains (your local drainage system!).

Now this water is obviously deposited somewhere (duh!) because water likes to travel. It might even make its way to your nearby lake or pond. If you are going for a swim there, please reconsider it (for obvious reasons)!

This also causes a sudden increase in the bacteria that is in the water, this could ultimately lead to damaging the environment or harming the poor marine life. You don’t want that to be on your hands!

It plays a great role in ruining your yard!

Dog poop is packed with many components and nutritive elements. This does not in any way mean that they act as good fertilizers, they may start ruining your yard!

They can result in wild, long grass in your perfectly maintained lawn and you may also see dark green patches here and there in your lawn, if left there for a long time, the dark green patches can even go brown. Noooo, please!

Not to forget the obnoxious and unbearable smell dog poo gives off and definitely does a deal in making your perfect little yard ‘not so perfect’.

Dogs that have no poop training are considered as bad boys!

Yes, that is true! Dogs that are known to poop everywhere are frowned upon in many public places.

Many public places like parks, restaurants and cafes prohibit the entry of any dogs that are not potty trained. Mr. Neighbor, if you are ignorant to the local dog laws, your dog might have to wait outside while you wait for your coffee!

Tell them about the local dog laws!

Yes, there are laws (discussed later in this article) for taking your dogs out for a walk. And there might be consequences if your neighbor doesn’t follow them. You just want your neighbor to be a law abiding citizen!

Guide them about the local leash law or the local doggy bags law.

You need to tell your neighbor all these things for them to pick up what their pet left off. You need to highly emphasize how this has been a great deal of a problem to you and how worried and concerned you really are!

In most cases, your neighbor might be considerate to your concerns and do what you want them do to (they might even feel sorry), but neighbors can be stubborn too and won’t accept the responsibility that comes with raising dogs. Shucks!

This is what you can do if they didn’t pay any heed to your concerns earlier when you tried to teach them:

  • Approach them at the right time – Make sure your neighbor is in a good mood when you go around knocking on their door to raise your concerns. We suggest talking to them on their weekends when they are in a peaceful state of mind! You don’t want to ask them when they are exhausted!
  • Find some common hobbies or interests – Get friendly with them by discussing what you like to do in your free time (and find some common interests). By doing this you have a chance to make them understand your concerns on a level that they are comfortable with. Perhaps talk about what a charm a neat yard is.
  • Now raise your concern – Now tell them how this poopy problem has been affecting you and the rest of the neighborhood community. Make them understand this on a personal level. Don’t blame, accuse or threaten them as this might only get things worse!
  • Provide some solutions to the problem – be creative with the solutions and come up with solutions that are both easy and effective. You can even ask for their take on the problem! They will feel involved and heard that way!

That’s it, you are good to go now.

Good luck in getting your neighbor to understand your concerns.

But remember – DO NOT GET INTO ANY CONFLICTS WITH THEM. This might only make things worse for the both of you and might result in not getting your problem fixed!

What you can do to stop your neighbor’s dog from pooping in your yard?


If you cannot get your neighbor to clean the mess their pet has left behind, you can always try any of these techniques mentioned below!

Maybe your neighbor is just ignorant of their dog’s behavior and is too stubborn to accept what went wrong, or maybe it was a one-time mistake, don’t fight them (deep breaths)! This is what you can do on your part to tackle this problem on your own! Hmm… taking the matters in your own hands!

Use CCTV cameras

Sometimes your neighbor won’t accept that it was THEIR dog that littered your yard. This is where these cameras come in handy.

Have these installed to give 24/7 footage of your yard? This can be used as an excellent proof to show those unbothered and rude neighbors who deny the fact on your face that their dog just dirtied your yard (when it really was their dog and they know it, the nerve!). Excellent work, Sherlock!

The sight of these on your property will also send those burglars running away. Such a handy thing to have! Talk about added benefits!

Have some warning signs on your property

Yes these warning signs really work. Have these placed on your property where they are clearly visible to the owner.

Let the dog parent know about your dislike for that nasty act of their dog!

A warning sign can be anything. It can say something like ‘no dogs on this property’ or ‘please clean up if your dog poops’. Make sure the owner understands the purpose of the sign!

This way your neighbor will be extra careful when it comes to walking their pet near your property! Just what we wanted!

Use poop deterrents

These work like an absolute charm and are very much effective! The principle behind these deterrents is that they prevent any sort of bowel movements in your dog when it’s anywhere near these.

Dogs can detect warning signs through their exemplary sense of smell, using this to our advantage, we can use these deterrents to stop them from pooping anywhere that we don’t want them to. Taking full advantage of nature’s gift!

A few effective dog deterrents are mothballs, water sprayers for gardens, motion-activated watering systems, and repelling plants that will not hurt dogs, such as citrus and rue.

You can even use motion activated devices like motion based sprinklers, ultrasonic repellants, or flashing light devices (dogs hate bright light and annoying noises).

Motion-based devices and gadgets are very useful as they only work when they sense kind of motion (your neighbor’s dog approaching).

What you need to do now is place any of these deterrents where your neighbor’s naughty little dog is most likely to eliminate. Or spread them out everywhere, you are in control!

These are sure to keep those dogs away at all times. Awesome!

Try using barriers

Talk about going old school with problems as old as time! Use the old fashioned ‘barriers way’ to keep those dogs away. These can do actual wonders in solving your problems. Wow!

However, some barriers might require some digging into your yard. But don’t worry, the outcome is totally worth it!

You can try putting fences around your property to use as barriers, but make sure that it does not have any gaps in between that might beat the purpose of the fence in the first place by allowing dogs to enter through those gaps. You need to plan it wisely!

Another thing that you can do is: consider planting some thorny plant all around your yard’s boundary. Some great options are rose bushes, gooseberry, raspberry and Japanese barberry. While keeping those gremlins away, these bushes add beauty to your yard as well. And who knows you might even get some berries!

Trying contacting animal control authorities

This should be used as a last resort only! If none of the above techniques work for you, this just might!

What you can do over here is try getting in touch with the animal control authorities in your area. Tell them the details of your problem, the neighborhood, how long this has been going and who are the other affected people.

If enough complaints are received, this might force these authorities into action. They will start monitoring your area and make reasonable efforts to solve your ugly issue! True Angels in the face of men!

Laws to tackle this issue – do they exist?


The law makers recognize just how big a nuisance can dog waste if let un-scooped be. They recognize that it can pose high health risks to both humans and animals alike. It should definitely be removed as soon as it comes out of your pet, period.

Yes, this means that laws relating to this problem really do exist. Many countries and states recognize this problem and have drafted some intelligent laws to tackle this! These laws are called ‘pooper scooper’ laws.

These law direct all law abiding citizens to just simply pick up what they left off. As simple as that! All dog parents must clean the feces put by their dogs on any private or public property, including yards and sidewalks. You have to clean it up no matter what!

Being a responsible dog parent, you are responsible to pick its poop too! This is your job! No one else should be responsible to pick up your dog’s filth! You cannot just sit back and expect other people to be just okay with it, because they won’t be!

These pooper scooper laws vary from one state to another when it comes to their severity. But the principle behind all of them is just the same – IT IS ABSOLUTELY UNLAWFUL FOR YOU TO LET YOUR DOG POO ON SOMEONE ELSE’S PROPERTY!

Laws in some of the cities are very strict and you have to abide by them, no excuses! They can get even as strict as asking dog owners to carry poop bags everywhere they go with their dog. You aren’t even allowed to carry plastic or garbage bag as a substitute to poop bags. IT MUST BE A POOP BAG!

In other regions, you cannot take your dog out on a walk without a leash. Yes, they have to be constrained in all public places! The principle behind these laws are still the same – to stop your pets from pooping on someone else’s property. You won’t have dirty yards you live in one of these regions!

In the Netherlands, it gets stricter! Yes, the laws there are stringent and you as responsible dog owners should oblige to these laws! There are trespassing laws. People who let their dogs wander off to someone else’s yard, have to pay fines if their dogs poop there! Great! They have to pay a 3 digit fine!

If someone else’s pet is entering your property without your consent, it is trespassing and you can use these laws to your advantage. Thinking of shifting to the Netherlands? Maybe it’s a good idea!

Trespassing laws differ from state to state. They mostly focus on unauthorized entry (even if your dog knew what it was doing or nah!) into your humble abode and harm to the right of possession by damaging the land.

In cases such as these, the pet owner is responsible for any repair costs that the property owner might have incurred in fixing the damage! And they should be – your pet, your responsibility!

Charging them also has an added benefit, paying for the damage motivates them to not let their dog on your property again! You must have started to feel relaxed by now!

So, we have given you another solution. Research on the pooper scooper laws that apply to your locality, gain some knowledge about them and take advantage of them!

Use the local rules and regulations to your benefit. Try contacting your very own friendly neighborhood sheriff and they might just solve your problem. Eternal bliss! Thanking the stars for these laws!

What not to do when you occasionally find dog poo in your yard?

Never take revenge for this act – Maybe you are thinking of vandalizing their walls, or perhaps leaving your OWN pet to poo in their yard, or maybe mailing them a pack of stinky dog poo.

Don’t do this. We repeat – DON’T! While it may lead to legal consequences for you, it’s not the best idea either. This may cause you to have a bad relationship with your neighbor, and may even aggravate the issue. And you definitely do not want that!

Even if your dog poops in someone else’s yard, don’t think of it as the perfect oppurtunity for revenge. Pick the mess up! You are not like your neighbor, why should you act like them? You might even be able to teach them a thing or two about being a responsible dog parent!

Have a healthy dialogue with your neighbor, a conversation that can help them both of you. Don’t go loggerheads over the issue if you are not able to effectively mediate with them. Keep your calm! Don’t think of taking revenge!

To sum it all up…

Pooping in your yard is not your neighbor’s dog’s fault. It’s natural. Don’t hate the pet for it. What really might be the issue here is that the dog only lacks some basic training.

Perhaps they don’t have a clean litter at home, or maybe the right behavior is not being reinforced by your neighbor when it comes to pooping.

You can always talk it out with your neighbor and find a healthy solution when it comes to this problem. A healthy dialogue is a must. You might even take some time out of your busy and precious schedule to give the right training to your neighbor’s little gem.

But for that you need to have experience in that forte and need to know the tricks of the trade of potty training a dog. However, we understand training your neighbor’s dog cannot be an easy option and you have absolutely no obligation of doing this!

Perhaps the most essential thing in a situation when a neighbor’s pet is regularly dirtying your yard is not to let things get out of hand (you want a solution, not another problem!). The best option may be to sort it out with your neighbor to see if you can work together to solve the problem.

After all, an intelligent solution is much better than allowing tensions to escalate and relations to deteriorate beyond repair. This way the both of you aren’t making any progress. And your problems are much likely to remain unaddressed!

You can also ask some professional trainers to help you out in solving this issue. They have just the right amount of knowledge and experience. Maybe the solution to your problem lies with them, try out all your options, and do not leave out a single one unconsidered!

One thing you need to understand over here is that you don’t need to punish the neighbor’s dog for it. Perhaps you thought of hurting them because you absolutely had had enough. But don’t do that! These little creatures are not at any fault.

They just don’t know the difference between right behavior and wrong behavior. And only their trainer (that is your neighbor) can teach them to distinguish between the two of them. These poor creatures don’t know a thing! So oblivious yet cute at the same time!

You just need to find the right solution, and we have brought you those solutions. Try them all out until you find the ONE. The one solution that is like a knight in shining armor for you.

And with that solution you are in good hands, you won’t have to worry about a stinky and squishy yard anymore now because you have had some good help!

After much research, we were able to come up with this article to solve your stinky little problems. So give it a good read and you might have just fixed your problem!