How To Keep Dog Playpens From Moving?

How To Keep Dog Playpens From Moving?: Dogs have proven to be naughty animals and are pretty much always high on energy. It is highly unlikely that you see your dog sitting quietly in a corner unless they are sick. If left unattended for long periods of time, they may cause trouble in your house and also hurt themselves in the process.

To give dogs a safe arena to play, which they can proudly own too, a playpen is the best choice a dog owner can make.

You should set up the playpen of your dog in a place which comparatively has less furniture so that the chances of your pooch harming the household goods are less.

To ensure that your dog is comfortable in its playpen, you should not force them in the pen. Instead, try to treat them with toys so that they enter it on their own.

It is recommended that you provide your dog with proper toys they can play with, a bed for napping and water so that they remain hydrated. This will help them spend good time in their dog pens.

What are the reasons for the movement of a playpen?

Dog PlaypensOne of the most common problems dog owners have to face is the movement of playpens. As they are light in weight, it is easier for you to carry them around your house. However, this causes them to slip and it becomes hard for dog owners to ensure that they remain intact.


At times, dogs can be pretty hyperactive. When they are playing inside the pen, they might cause it to move especially while hitting its edges. It is quite possible that they do it on purpose to have fun.

The other reason for the playpens to move is that dogs get keyed up when left in playpens for extended periods of time.

Also, they might be making an attempt of conveying something to you.

The moving playpen may hit fragile objects such as TV screens or other things made of glass present in your room. It is necessary to take safety measures to prevent dog pens from moving.

How to keep playpens from moving?


Choose the right playpen:

Before finding out the steps to restrict the movement of dog playpens, you might want to ensure that you have the right one. Buying a small and weaker playpen which your dog can move effortlessly is not recommended.

There are certain factors that need to be kept in mind when you go to get your dog a playpen. You would want to prefer a playpen that successfully meets the requirements of your dog and provides them enough freedom.

Consider the size:

The first thing that you have to consider is the size. To give your pet enough space to roam around and play freely, you should make a suitable choice. Larger the dog, the bigger the size of the dog pen.

Construction (depends on the dog breed)

To make sure that you do not have to change your dog’s playpen after a couple of months, you should go for a hefty playpen that offers more stability. Moreover, the choice must be made according to your dog’s strength.

Material used:

Playpens with thick and heavy bars, preferably made of metal, can combat destructive chewing. Your decision must be based on high quality materials to guarantee extended robustness and heavy weight of the playpen for its additional firmness.


In some dog pens, accessories like stabilizers for legs and roof of the playpen are also included. This helps in lessening the motion of playpens and increasing their weight that makes it easier for them to stay in place.

There are various types of playpens designed according to their settings. If you want to provide your dog with a playing arena inside your house, you should opt for an indoor pen. They are built with home friendly materials like wire or soft cloth.

On the other hand, outdoor playpens are considered for dogs who enjoy playing outside the houses in open air. This ensures their safety as they have fun with others and also remain bound to an extent.

One of the concerns of dog owners is to spend on their dog’s playpen every now and then when their dogs grow rapidly. In these situations an adaptable playpen appears to be extremely helpful. Your dog can spend its time comfortably in them in spite of their speedy growth. These playpens are also used for both indoors and outdoors.

Consider the floor surface

Before setting up the playpen, you will want to make sure that the floor will help in maintaining the stability of your dog’s pen. Linoleum and Tarp floors are the types of floors that can confirm exactly that.

Another option is to go with a carpet that is plain and not fuzzy so that the chances of getting it cleaned regularly are eliminated.

You can also place slip proof mats beneath the playpen to securely stabilize it. They can be used in gardens and lawns as well.


To verify that the playpen has been installed securely. anchors come in very handy. Anchors are included in the accessories of most playpens. However, if yours did not come with any, you can consider objects with a flat bottom, heavy and difficult to move. A few examples of things that you can use are: Concrete bricks, kettlebells, heavy furniture, weight and ropes.

Placing the pen in the centre of your house or garden will allow your dog to move it as much as it wants. In this way, this can become a source of its fun.

The playpen can be placed in such a way that it is against one or two walls so that it is securely supported. You can fix anchors on the sides of the playpen which are not supported by the wall. But you have to make sure there is enough air flow and lighting so that your dog is comfortable. This will prevent mobility.

Reduce your dog’s energy by walk or exercise:

Dogs tend to be high on energy most of the time. To help calm their excitement, the healthy way is to take them for a long, good walk or to exercise with them. This way, they will be more keen to have some rest or maybe some light play when you put them inside their pen.

Provide dogs with toys for pastime:

One main reason for your dog moving the playpen can be boredom. When they have nothing to do to have fun, they try their own ideas to spend time and may end up moving the playpen. To prevent this from happening, you have to leave toys, food and chews to help keep your dog busy while they are inside the pen.

Make sure that your dog is done with its business:

When your dogs need to relieve themselves, they may make efforts to escape from the playpen as they do not want to soil their own space. You should make sure that your dog is done with their business before they enter their pen.

Limit the time dogs spend in playpens:

Playpens have undoubtedly made things easier for dog owners by helping them raise a well behaved dog and have given dogs a secure arena to play. However, it is very necessary for you to set a time limit for your dog to spend time in it.

Aside from keeping them busy in the dog pens, it is important that you take them out when they begin getting agitated by staying in their pens for too long. You must not leave your dog in their pens for more than two or three hours. And as an appreciation for their good behaviour while being inside the playpen you may give them a reward.

Ending Note

You obviously can not ask your pooch to behave a certain way but what you can do is follow some prerequisites to keep your dog away from danger. One way to avoid your dog getting into trouble is to trim their nails. The ideal way to keep things in control is to understand the problem and find solutions for it.

Even though setting up a playpen and keeping it steady at its own place is not very easy, you can avoid problems and consequently keep your pet happy by implementing the right steps.