How to get rid of fleas on dogs fast?

How to get rid of fleas on dogs fast?: When your pet experiences terrible itching and constantly scratching; it is 100% sure that your cat has fleas. Several questions come in mind like how to get rid of fleas on pets fast? How to get rid of dog lice in the house? The best natural way is to use fine teeth comb on cats. You will comb cats from head to tail. The comb will skim off adult fleas, larvae and kills their eggs. Finally, your furry friend would get relieves from distress situation & feels comfortable.

Mostly pets especially dogs get fleas when they wander off.

But how to really make sure, your pet has fleas?

Some parts of the world where the temperature is below 30-degree centigrade for more than 2 days times in a month, pets stay away from fleas in those areas but as the temperature rises the pets are more and more prone to getting those tiny insects crawling up your pet’s skin and hair. So the best thing to see is the temperature of your environment.

A single flea on your dog’s skin can mean chaos as they are very active and they feed off your pet’s blood and multiply at a very fast rate.

Their bites can also cause inflammation and rashes on the pet’s skin. And as the infestations become severe, the fleas are very easy to spot and they are literally jumping around.

But you may want to need to fix it before their jumping start as the fleas cause a lot of biting and inflammation (sucking blood off your pets skin).

First signs of fleas

  • Your pet is scratching and chewing skin most of the time.
  • Your pet is shaking the head alot.
  • Upon close investigation, you may see scrating marks and read sores.

In order to look for fleas, you have to be very active (and small at the same time) as they jump around very quickly and know very well that they need to hideaway.

The more blood they suck off your animal, the lighter skin texture they get and become less black-ish.

How to check for fleas?

  • Make your cat or dog lie down on the back on some sheet of white paper (so as to see black fleas easily)
  • The armpits and the groins are the top major tourist’s attraction for the fleas.
  • Get a good flea comb and comb through to see if you catch any fleas.
  • Check out your dogs or cats hangout locations, where does your pet sleep? where it stays most of the time. The fleas don’t just stay on your dog skin, they also like to hang out on places where your pet hangs out. So they can be found throughout your house which is seriously a nightmare if you ask me, but it’s okay, we got it.
  • Set a small bowl of water with dishwashing soap and a light source near it. Fleas like light and they are drawn to it and they will start drowning in the water trap.

Recommended comb for fleas

The Safari Flea Comb

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It’s comb’s teeth are designed to catch and pull fleas out from under the haircoat where they are hiding. Make sure your comb is close enough to the skin of your pet.

Ways to get rid of fleas on pets fast?

Fleas are the most common types of pests. Did you know there are round about 2,000 types of fleas in the world in which 300 of these varieties exist in our living areas? The pet fleas prefer to feed on your furry friends such as dogs and cats and discomfort them. Fleas attack result in an itchy, rash, scratch, sudden loss of hair, tail and behind the ears of cats and dogs. Obviously this is seious & shocking situation for you and your pet. Did you go through such kind of situation? Are you looking for the best pet fleas treatment? If you are facing such kind of alarming situation and know how to get rid of fleas on cats fast, you do not need to worry about it. Just continue to read this post you will find a reliable and affordable solution at the end of this article.

Do a Flea Check to make sure the fleas are feeding on cats or dogs

Before to spend hard-earned money on different pet flea treatment make it sure that fleas are feeding on cats or dogs body. But how you will find out about these pests that have permanently settled on your cat or dog? It is very simple, you just need to do a flea check & ensure the existence of pet fleas.

  • Trace out any sign and movement of pet flea on the fur of cat or dog. If you experience any adult flea, tiny bugs, larvae and their eggs. How to get rid of dog lice in the house? It’s time to fight with dog fleas.
  • Now it is time to answer, how to get rid of fleas on cats fast. Choose the best product for pet flea treatment.

Obviously you desire effective and affordable flea removal products that hold two main characteristics.

  1. Quickly eradicate cat fleas and offers immediate relief
  2. Ensure that pet do not suffer from adverse effects of toxic chemicals that are being used to kill cat fleas on a large scale.

The electric flea comb is a perfect device that holds the ability to capture and dispose of fleas, lice, larvae and their eggs instantly and free from any adverse chemical reaction.

Several companies are manufacturing custom and innovative electric pet flea combs. From these products, the Oscamo electric flea comb, Vbestlife electric head lice comb and Yosoo electric flea comb are highly rated in terms of working and affordability. These pet fleas combs are offered by renewed brands and exclusively designed for pet flea treatment.

Now we explain the features of these electric pet fleas combs that are made of innovative technology and premium quality plastic and stainless steel materials.

Some products to look at

Oscamo electric flea comb

This flea comb is designed for puppy flea treatment. When oscamo electric flea comb applies the body of cat or dog from head to tail; it collects all fleas and their eggs in a filter which allows us to remove pet flea and dispose of it accurately in a smooth way. The Oscamo electric flea comb teeth are made out of stainless steel and come in rounded shapes. You can adjust its combing angles as per your ease or choice. The electronic head lice comb plays a crucial role to eradicate of pet fleas. The custom types, sizes, designs and shapes of an electric flea comb are available in the market. Buy right type of electric flea and get natural and non-toxic lice treatment for dogs and cats. The electric flea comb is user friendly and so simple to operate. The comb is reusable and does not create any allergy or skin problem for both children and adults. After treatment, you can easily detach the filter and clean it with any hygienic chemical. Now it is again ready to get rid of fleas on cats fast.

Vbestlife Electric Head Lice comb

The vbestlife electric head lice comb holds stainless steel teeth that eradicate head lice and their eggs from cat hair perfectly. It is very easy to use. All lice and eggs are captured in filter automatically. After successful removal of cat fleas, you can detach filter and clean it with any detergent for reusing. For better result you should drag slowly on the hair of cat or dog as near to the skin. So that fleas can remove thoroughly. The vebestlife head lice comb teeth are flexible and easily reach to the hidden places of cat fleas, such as base of tail, groin, armpits of the cat and remove the fleas and their eggs instantly. This product offers user-friendly and safe treatment to get rid of fleas on cats fast in-home. The comb is reusable as many times as you can.

Yosoo Electric Flea Comb

Yosoo electric flea cob is another great product that skims off all lice and eggs and ease dog itching. For effective results comb your dog from head to tail several times a day. To kill  fleas dip the comb in a liquid detergent. This product incorporates both combing and vacuuming to eliminate head fleas and prevent eggs. It is very easy to use, simply drag the comb teeth on hair dog all lice, fleas and their eggs would be collected in comb filter. Clean the filter with chemical and use it again. Massage your furry friends with an electric flea comb and keep your pet healthy and fresh all the time. This revolutionary device can be used to comb for many animal furs including dogs, cats and so on.


Consistent application of branded electric flea combs helps us to keep pets and family protected from lice, fleas, and ticks. Now you know how To get rid of fleas on cats fast or remove dog lice in the house by choosing the right type of electric flea comb that best meets your requirement and budget.