Cost Analysis of Samoyed Dog Breed

Cost Analysis of Samoyed Dog Breed: It is quite interesting to know that Samoyeds belong to the oldest dog breeds in the world. These are considered as those genetically ancient breeds, who are close to wolves but are gorgeous in their appearance.

If you want a beautiful and loving companion, who will love you for no reason and keep your feet cosy, especially in Siberian nights. So, you should definitely look for a Samoyed. These dogs make your mood fresh as, these are famous for having a smiling face and expressions.

You know, Samoyed can work hard in extreme winters. They can fetch your lost slippers even, in snow falling. Its white fur makes it comfortable to work in extreme weather conditions. The reason is that they were bred in Siberia for herding and hunting.

One fun fact about the breed is that name of these dogs is always mispronounced all over the world. People pronounce them as Sam-Moy-ed, instead of SAM-my-EDs.

People, who want to have them as their pets, often ask question before buying that how much does a Samoyed cost? So, let’s discuss the approximate cost of along with its other expenses.

How much does a Samoyed cost?

Samoyeds are very loving and family-friendly dogs. Every-body wants to have them as his pet and companion at home. But this breed of dogs is not cheap. Everyone cannot afford Samoyeds. Because apart from its own price, its other expenses are also very expensive.

The cost of Samoyed falls into range of 800-1500 dollars. But there are some special Samoyeds, who belong to the award-winning families. So, their prices are somehow, higher than normal Samoyeds. The special bloodline Samoyeds cost about 3000 dollars.

Their cost may vary from area to area, health conditions, and on your personal priorities. Especially, when we consider pedigree of Samoyeds, their prices become double. Or it totally depends on your Samoyed’s breeder.

That’s why, Samoyeds are considered as one of the most expensive breeds of dogs. But investment on these dogs does not feel so much as their every time smiling face covers its high price.

As, we know that the cost of Samoyed depends on various factors and can vary on some points. So, lets discuss every factor in detail, which can enhance its cost.

  • Pedigree dogs:

The most important reason of costly Samoyeds is that these are Pedigree dogs. It means that its pure breed has the ability to breed further for producing pure Samoyeds. So, the purebred Samoyeds are highly demanding.

Even after knowing its high rates of about 3000 dollars, apart from other costs, people urge themselves to adopt these dogs as their family members. But a question arises here, why pure breed of Samoyeds is so expensive?

While buying Samoyed, make sure that it is from pure breed. Although, the bloodline of Samoyeds is quite expensive, but it has a very important benefit of producing pure Samoyed pups. That’s why these are more costly than cross-fertilized Samoyeds.

The Samoyeds are considered as very loyal to its owner’s family. Because a pure bloodline Samoyed that is bred to herd and then, its love can make a family happy and can bring it together.

  • Small age:

When people talk about having Samoyeds as pets, they mostly prefer the young and cute puppies of Samoyeds. People love to adopt them of age between 8-12 weeks. Because it is a sweet spot at small age. That’s why their prices at this age are the highest.

Breeders earn their highest profit by saling Samoyeds at small age. But affordable price starts at the age of about one year. And if you want a Samoyed at a reasonable price in between 400-800 dollars, by avoiding to spend thousands of dollars, you should go for an adult Samoyed.

Another way of having a Samoyed is to take them from a rescue shelter home. For this purpose, you have to pay just the adoption fee of about 150 dollars. With this small amount, you will make Samoyed your family member.

  • Beautiful colour:

Samoyeds has four different and beautiful colours. These colours are; white, biscuit brown, white-biscuit, and cream. Although, they are available in other captivated colours, but the Samoyeds with white colour, with soft and long fur coat, are very attractive.

The white colour of Samoyeds is innate to survive in the arctic and snowy region. Pet lovers often demand white-coloured Samoyeds, as it is quite cheap than other coloured Samoyeds. So, apart from white, other coloured Samoyeds cost very high, like; cream Samoyed.

  • Gender:

When we talk about the cost of Samoyed, the gender of the dog also has influence on its price. The cost will be decided on the basis of gender, such as; either it is male or female Samoyed.

So, the male Samoyed demands its highest price than the female Samoyed, due to its energetic and stud body.

  • Highest quality:

To be honest, every breed of dog in this world deserves love and affection from their people. All are of highest quality. But, the puppies of award-winning Samoyeds have a different influence on other dogs. So, cost of Samoyeds also depends on their quality.

The highest quality of dogs, i.e., pure bloodline, muscular body, having beautiful fur, smiling face, energetic, and active dogs will definitely cost you more.

  • Breeder’s location:

The cost of Samoyeds, surprisingly also depends on location of breeder, from where you purchase it. Like; if you want to buy Samoyed from a breeder, who live in high filed society. He will obviously charge you extra. Hence, its price varies from area to area.

So, location does matter, in case of buying the Samoyed. If the breeder is the only one in your area, who sales Samoyeds, he will also command a high price.

  • Registration:

Breeders often waste both time and money of the customers on registration of Samoyed. In fact, there is no need of any registration for an adult Samoyed. But if you want to breed for having new pups further in your family, then, try to register the little pup of Samoyed.

Otherwise, the certified Samoyed also demands highest price, if you want to sale it further. This type of registration helps you to explore the history line of pure breed of Samoyed.

Other cost-associated factors:

After buying a cute Samoyed, by keeping in mind all above mentioned cost related factors, you should also know some other cost-associated factors. Because even, after bringing a pup of Samoyed in your home, you should make ready some extra cash for it.

Here, we will discuss some others cost related factors of Samoyeds, after adopting it for long-term relationship.

  • Diet:

As, we know that Samoyeds are cute, little and sensitive dogs. So, you should be conscious about its proper diet. For this purpose, make ready cash of approximately 15 to 30 pounds per month for buying the feed of Samoyeds.

Cost of its feed may vary with age; it requires more food. Because, a little pup needs more calorie-rich food for its health. Secondly, it largely depends on brand’s price of feed. And the total estimate goes for about 20 to 60 pounds, for every month upto next 12 to 14 years.

  • Training:

The major portion of your money is spent on training of Samoyed. This training is essential to make it confident and obedient of its owner. For its training, you can either choose any boarding school, group classes, private sessions or training at home.

Among all these options, the most cost effective one is to train it by yourself. If have zero experience of training before buying a Samoyed, you can join online group classes. But training at home is not considered as safe because it can limit socialization of your dog.

The overall pay rate of training in group classes is about 5 to 30 dollars per hour. After this training, your Samoyed learn a lot of things, like; inhibition of bites to your family members, socialization and some other necessary skills.

  • Grooming:

Although, Samoyeds are considered as one of the most beautiful breeds, of dogs, but still. they need grooming. It is not an easy job to have a Samoyed as a pet, because it demands time and cash for its grooming. Avoid your dog for a long time can create mismanagement.

Complete package of its grooming requires about 50 to 120 dollars. It again depends on cost of professional groomer’s appointment. Keep in mind that this package is on monthly basis.

Other expenses include its comfortable bedding area, and some chewy toys, etc. although these things are one-time purchase but still, they are much costly. So, maintaining routine for grooming of Samoyed is very important.

As, we know that Samoyeds have long and thick fur. That’s why, it takes time to bath it and trim its nails, which make it more attractive and cleaner. Both of these things should be done on monthly basis. But try to brush its hair daily.

If you want to groom your dog at home, it will take your amount of about less than 100 dollars. Just purchase a good brush for thick fur, a branded doggy shampoo for bathing, a comfortable towel, and a good nail trimmer for Samoyed and save your precious amount.

For the grooming of Samoyeds, accessories of dogs are also needed. Dog’s accessories include collar of dogs, leashes and various toys. Although, these are one-time expenses but cost heavily. Like; collar and leashes cost about 30 dollars and 10 dollars for doggy toys.

  • Vaccination:

Vaccination cost also depends on charges of a veterinarian, either he is a local one or associated with agency from where you buy your Samoyed. Vaccination’s cost will be totally upon your preference.

But some vaccines are considered as must, such as; rabies vaccine. This vaccine is injected to the Samoyed between age 1 to 3 years.

When Samoyed is a little pup, the total amount spend on vaccination will be about 200 dollars. But for an adult one, annual cost of vaccination will be between 25 to 75 dollars.

The best way to reduce the costs on vaccination is to check simply the titre of the Samoyed, which can prevent from unnecessary vaccination and their cost.

Why selecting a good breeder is important?

If you decide to make Samoyed your family member, you should be careful about your Samoyed breeders. Try to check different breeders at first. Do not buy from the first breeder in just first visit.

It is important to know that either the Samoyed breeder is a high-quality breeder or not. So, select a good Samoyed breeder. There are many reasons for selecting a good breeder, like;

  • A good breeder can provide you the parents of little Samoyed, if you ask him for meeting. Even some breeders show you the authentic certificates of its lineage, which include the family history of Samoyed.

Because uncertified Samoyeds are often of shady breeding.

  • A good breeder often show concern for a comfortable home for the little Samoyed pup. And they do not sale his Samoyed before age of about 8 weeks.
  • A reputable breeder can tell you the health conditions of Samoyed with medical reports, to provide guidance for its health.

All the above-mentioned points are enough to rescue you from investing on non-pure-bred Samoyed. As, some Samoyeds are bred from cross breeding with other bloodlines of different dogs.

Health issues of Samoyeds:

Like other large dogs, Samoyeds can have many problems, like; heart issues, endocrine diseases (which include diabetes and diseases of thyroid gland), and Progressive Retinal Atrophy, etc.

But the most common health problem of Samoyeds is hip dysplasia, which is rubbing and then, grinding of hip joints. In this condition, the ball and socket joint of hip does not match perfectly and as a result, joint gets deteriorate with the passage of time.

For the treatment of this disease, about several thousand dollars are required. So, confirm all the health issues before buying a Samoyed. Do regular exercise for about 30 minutes because exercise is the best way to maintain a long-term health line of Samoyeds.

Next, we will discuss about precautionary measures, that should be taken about their health and care.

How to take care of a purebred Samoyed?

After adopting a cute pup of Samoyed, the next question is that how to take care of a purebred Samoyed. Extra care of a Samoyed is very important because it is very expensive and sensitive dog. So, come and read some important tips for taking care of a Samoyed.

  • First of all, adopt the Samoyed as your family member. This will make your and his relationship bond stronger, because these are very loyal and family friendly dogs.
  • Second tip is that always take your Samoyed along with you, wherever you are going. Because these dogs often get depression, anxiety, and feeling of loneliness. So, take care of it and do not leave it alone, otherwise, your pet will depress.
  • Third tip is that allow it to walk and run into your yard. As, these dogs were originally bred for hunting and herding, so, they are physically active dogs.

And they need regular exercise for its body. Visit your Samoyed in doggy parks, regularly, to make it socially active.

  • Fourth tip is that avoid too much direct contact of Samoyed with sunlight. As, it has very thick fur on its body, which makes it heat sensitive.
  • Fifth tip for taking care of Samoyed is that groom your dog properly. It will enhance its smiling expression and make it more attractive dog than others.
  • Next tip is related to its feed. Experts warn people to not feed your dog the stuff like; chocolates, alcohol-based food, grapes, garlic, dough, and spoiled food. All these things can disturb the stomach of your dog.
  • The last tip of how to take care of your purebred Samoyed is that feed your little pet puppy four times a day, as it is in its growing weeks. But in case of adult Samoyed, it can be satisfied with one or two large and proper nutritious meal in whole day.


After reading the whole article, you should know the exact cost for buying a Samoyed as a pet, that how much you have to pay for a Samoyed. You should be able to choose the purebred Samoyed because it is quite different from other dogs.

Samoyeds are very caring, loving and loyal breed of dogs. But every-one is not financially strong to have them in his home. So, consider your own expenses first and then decide.

But before buying a Samoyed, keep in mind all other expenses of this breed. If you can afford them, you should contact with authentic breeder, go for it and adopt them as your family member