How much does a Boo dog cost?

How much does a Boo dog cost?: After our detailed research, we came to the conclusion that selling cost is priced differently as  it very much relates to your purpose for buying the Boo dog.  If you are finding yourself a Boo pet, then it will cost you between $ 750 to $ 2200-ranging from a low to high breed quality and purity.

But if anyone wishes to get these Pomeranian Boo dogs for breeding purposes and as well as for pets, in this case, the selling price would be more.   So in both the options the cost would be different according to your purpose.

If professional breeders are interested in one, then the Pomeranian Boo dogs ranging from over $ 2200 to about $3000 will be best suited for such activities.

Detailed Cost Analysis:


Is there any maintenance cost as well?

Boo dogs are precious and that precious little thing does demand high-maintenance.

The maintenance cost of your Boo consists of keeping its hair in full shape and form. Its hair has to be shortened every now and then because of its speedy growth. One may have to trim it after 1.5-2 months.

Pruning your Boo’s hair makes it look neat and tidy while making it easier for the owner to comb them daily. Even bathing becomes less of a hassle because the hair is tangle-free and falls less as compared to longer hair.

However, the maintenance cost is not too high as you may think. It may cost the owner around $30-$50 every time you take your dog out for grooming and approximately about  $180 to $300 annually.

How much does a Premium Breed Boo Dog cost?

Premium Pomeranian puppies- of the most superior breed have the highest price of all. Costing even more than $ 2,200, these come from professional breeders.

With having an excellent family record and a guaranteed high level of Pomeranian breed purity, it is confirmed that they have parent Boo dogs who remained champions of dog conformation shows.

And are still rocking them.

Such puppies are worth $3000. It is due to their high percentage of breed purity and having a good family history.

It is no doubt, the best decision when it comes to breeding.

Does their size matter?

These lovable beings are known to be quite small in sizes –ranging from 15cm to 25 cm in height to weighing around 2kg-5kg.

The price of a Pomeranian dog is influenced by its size too. The bigger is the animal, the higher the price one would have to pay. At the most, these can be 35cm tall and 6kg in weight but such dogs are not found in large numbers.

They are rare and that is what makes them even more expensive.

Below are the general queries that may come to any mind wondering the costs of a boo dog.

Cost-Related Queries


We know most of you might be picturing this cute little creature on your lap while having cost-related questions in your mind. If this is the case in your situation, then stick with us till the end for further details!

The price of a Boo dog is the same as the price of a Pomeranian dog. However, additional money has to be spent on its maintenance. In other words, sale price-which is a one-time cost-plus the  cost to be spent on maintaining, equals the total cost of raising a Boo dog.

Cost as a Pet Boo Dog?

If all you want to do is cuddle and play with this furry buddy, then it wouldn’t be a burden on your pocket! Just expect an expenditure in between $ 750 – $ 1200 and the boo dog will be all yours!

Imagine the pleasure of entering your house after a hectic long day and getting a warm welcome from an extraordinarily cute, loving creature.

Well, wait and there will come a day when you will say Damn! This was all worth it.

Cost as a Breeding Boo Dog?

In contrast, if someone is looking for more than just a pet, it will certainly have a heavier impact on his/her pocket –that’s for sure! Pomeranian Boo puppies are worth $ 1200 to $ 2200 if you want to raise them for both the purposes-breeding as well as keeping them as pets.

This high cost is because these Boo dogs are fully registered officially. Even the family history recorded shows their well-known breed.

Pomeranians costing around $ 750 – $ 1200  are not fully registered so we don’t know much about their family history as well. They are less attractive than puppies which are of a higher price.

It is obvious that the level of cuteness in these boo dogs is all dependent on the purity of their genes.

So if your boo dog isn’t as cute as others, perhaps it is because your dog is not a pure Pomeranian breed.


One can always adopt a Pomeranian dog from the shelter. It is less costly, around $100 to $500 which is quite lower than the actual price in the pet shop.

Some may even cost you less than $100! Surprising isn’t it!

This adoption fee does not include genetic testing and registrations. But other payments such as spaying or neutering, vaccinations, and micro-chipping are covered.

But it is very unlikely to get a pure breed from here so people looking for a Boo in terms of breeding purposes or dog shows may feel disappointed for not getting what they want.

Also, one may find more adult dogs than pups here in the shelter.

Getting a dog from a rescuer may not ensure you a healthy one. But many animal rescues might help you cover medical treatment costs if you are facing difficulties paying them.

Whatever the case, just remember that buying your Boo dog from a pet store will prove to be more costly for you.

Factors Affecting Price


Mixed breed Pomeranian dogs are considered to be of lower quality than pure breed. Some preferred mixed breed such as the Pomsky (Pomeranian-Husky mix) and Pomchi (Pomeranian-Chihuahua mix) are priced higher than other mixes,  but still cheaper than the pure Pomeranian.

Pet quality purebreds are pure Pomeranian dogs but cannot compete in dog shows , but they still can win in non-conformity competitions for instance obedience trials.

Nevertheless, these Poms can prove to be great pets for you at an affordable price as they are cheaper than those show quality puppies.


Pet quality dogs can have serious health issues so are cheaper.

However, they would require proper care from their owners.

Show quality Pomeranian dogs that meet the breed standards may also have health issues but still, such Poms are the most expensive types and can even reach up to $10,000.

The price of your Boo pup can be affected by their health issues and the degree of conformity to breed standards.


The place where the breeders live and where they sell the puppies also affects the selling price. Prices tend to be over-charged in posh areas where the cost of living is high.

The more the rules and regulations on animal breeding, the more the prices.

Additionally, in places where there is a higher demand rate for Pomeranian dogs,  sellers will charge more.

In contrast, If the market has many competitors, i.e there are more sellers, then the prices may reduce so as to gain more customers than the rest.


Looking for a companion for hot summer beach walks?

Trust me it’s not only you, but many other people are in search of someone to accompany them in the summertime.

Sellers usually price these boo-pups according to the weather conditions. Summers call for many outdoor activities like walks , so sellers often set a higher price for the dogs and may lower it during the winter season.

Color, gender, and age

Pomeranian dogs having black, white, lavender, and blue colored coats will be heavier for your pocket as compared to colors like red or orange.

Plus, there is a high demand for female Pomeranian dogs which again, affects the price rate.

When it comes to the age of these dogs,  young puppies are much cheaper than adult ones. But if you are searching for an adult show dog, you might need to think twice! It can be a burden on your pocket.

Additional Costs

Your expenses just not end here….

Like us, they need constant  love, care, and attention

After all, they are cute for a reason, no?

We have to keep up with their needs and desires.

Food cost is one of them.

A 30-pound bag of dog food costs $55 which lasts for around 120 days.  Your pom will not consume more than 1-2 bowls of food per day.

However, your dog may want to be fed more often if it is larger in size but it normally weighs approximately 4-8 pounds which is not much.

Vet Costs

Just like humans, they can get ill too. Being very charming and sensitive, they need extra care. These delicate creatures are prone to many health issues including:

Dental, eye, breathing, and coat loss problems.

Luxating patellas

Issues with the windpipe


Other serious health concerns that are costly

Entropion – $1200-$5,500

Patent Ductus Arteriosus – $4,500-$9,000.

Cryptorchidism – $500-$2500.

Luxating patellas – $1,500-$9,000.

Moreover, spaying or neutering will cost another $250 to $2000. Emergency vet visits will cost an additional $250.

Happy pup, Happy you! A happy pup needs regular visits to the vet which will cost you a further few hundred dollars.

Costs building up more and more so be prepared, your bank balance will surely go in the drain!

But all this cash worth it, no?

Training Cost

An obedient pup is what every dog lover wishes for, right?

This will go hand in hand with money. You give $50 – $150 and within 4-8 weeks your Boo is a well-behaved boy.

This amount of money is given for an hour-long training. Enrolling your Boo dog in obedience training is fruitful for the long run so it doesn’t behave violently and wild.


To welcome this new member to your family, a few supplies should be kept ready in your cupboard …

A handful of toys, plenty of different food and water bowls, a soft bed, leash, and a harness is what needs to be bought and finally, you’re ready to start a new journey in your life!

Pet Rent

This is an exceptional case for those owners who live in a rental. In such a situation, a pet deposit or a pet rent needs to be paid. This payment can be between $10 to $100  monthly depending on the location.

Some areas also require a licensing fee as well.

Day Care

Boo pup craves your attention 24/7. You just can not simply leave it all alone for your 9:00 a.m-5:00 p.m job.

A better option would be to hand it over to a daycare center.

Travel Costs

Holiday plans? Need to catch a flight?  You would have to get a pet sitter or pay for boarding and if you want to take your travel buddy along, then additional payments have to be made such as a car harness, a TSA-approved carrier, and a  pet passport also has to be made.

Overall, an approximate expense of  $1641 per year awaits you if you are a Boo dog owner. This covers your vet visits, food, grooming, treats, boarding, vitamins and toys costs .

Getting this Boo dog can be life-changing in a positive way. So one shouldn’t miss out on any opportunity to buy one.

If one can afford it, then why not?

Ways you can cut down your costs altogether:

Rescuers are a great option for buying. They are light for your wallet too!

Buying an adult Boo dog is less expensive than Boo pups. It also saves you from paying for toilet training equipment and puppys medical care.

Plus, one can always choose a low-cost coat color. This will cut your fixed cost further.

Look for Pomeranian dogs in areas where the cost of living is less. It could also mean somewhere away from your locality as well but don’t forget to add on the travel expenditure too. This is a hidden cost that you won’t see coming!

Lastly, buy your dog’s supplies on sale or in bulk.

We hope we were able to help you out with these budgeting tips.

Characteristics of Pomeranian Dogs

Pomeranian dogs are very charming creatures. Very joyful in nature, they can be very fun to play with! If they are trained properly.

they may behave in a loving manner with children and other pets too, as they are not to be extroverted.

Intelligent yet sentimental, this dog can suffer from small dog syndrome.

To prevent this, the owner needs to be a little strict when training them from a very young age so they can be more disciplined. Such dogs need to be toilet trained as well.


If we were to conclude, we would just say that even though the price of a Premium Pomeranian may seem a little exorbitant at first, but trust us, it’s actually worth it!

You are not going to regret buying this after seeing the results in the years to come. It will without any doubt, fulfill all your breeding requirements.

 Why should you buy a Boo Dog?

If you want a dog but not a dog that looks straight out of the Jurrasic park i.e beastly instead you want something very tiny and cute.

This deal is for you!

Our take on the Boo pets is that they are easy to afford as well as an adorable being to spend your quality time with.

If you are stressed or depressed for any reason then surely messing around with this one is what you’ll be looking forward to each day! This will be therapeutic for you.

Crux line: If you are finding yourself a Boo pet, then it will cost you between $ 750 to $ 2200-ranging from a low to high breed quality and purity. Overall, Boo’s costing you from $ 1000 to $ 1500 will prove to be a great pet for you.

If professional breeders are interested in one, then the Pomeranian Boo dogs ranging from over $ 2200 to about $3000 will be best suited for such activities.