Do Border Collies Get Along With Other Dogs?

Do Border Collies Get Along With Other Dogs?: Border Collies usually behave aggressively when they are surrounded by other dogs, and being a border collie owner, you must understand why is that so and what breeds they get along with.

The border collie is an alert and agile breed which was initially bred to herd the sheep. That’s why it is also called the sheepdog.

These dogs are known for their supreme intelligence and most obedient behavior. While “Wish and Halo” two border collies are the finest examples of that.

These two border collies have set a world record by playing the most number of tricks in a minute that is 28. Even though, that’s a tough task for a human.

Besides intelligence, they are also known for their obedient behavior and composed nature but until and unless they see any other dog in their surroundings.

Generally same as a human, a dog inherits many traits from its parents such as coat color, style of its tail, and ear type.

But besides these all tangible traits, a dog also inherits its personality from its parenting dogs.

If we talk specifically about the border collies, we all know that this breed was specially bred to herd the sheep.

And due to that herding nature, they are more energetic and agile than most of the other dog breeds.

And their energy level is also the main factor behind their nature of not getting along with other dogs.

But that doesn’t mean they are not friendly. Border collies are very much friendly to humans as well as dogs that are like these.

So, yes we can safely say that border collies get along with other dogs.

But, as a man always wants to be surrounded by like-minded people, likewise the border collies get along with dogs that are similar to him.

And there are various types of dogs that might be a great match for your border collie.

But before knowing about their best matches, we must know some main reasons behind showing anger when they are surrounded by other dogs.

Because many of the owners who have the above-mentioned questions in their mind also claim that their border collie becomes aggressive in front of other dogs.

Giving an Eye

Being a herding dog, the border collies were used as a shepherd to control the movements of herds or flocks.

So, it’s a behavioral trait of a border collie that it keeps an eye on every moving sheep around.

But, where the sheep or herds are not present, these dogs keep their sharp eye on every moving object around him to chase it down.

And that moving object can be any type of object especially dogs in animals.

But when the border collie can’t chase that dog or any other object around as their ancestors used to chase the sheep, it becomes frustrated.

And due to frustration, it barks and lungs at other dogs and shows anger.

Although your border collie has never herd the herds but it’s an inherited trait that your dog has been given in inheritance.

This genetic behavioral trait of border collies is named as giving an eye. And due to this trait, they are attracted to every moving object to herd and chase.

Barrier Frustration

The barrier may be another cause due to which your border collie does not get along with other dogs.

As border collies are kings in nature, their nature is to rule the herds. But when it is tied in leashes, due to frustration they show aggression.

Being a sheepdog, they always want to remain barrier-free and rule.

But here a question may arise that “is this safe to unleash an agile dog-like border collie?”

To answer this question, we must say initially it’s not safe to unleash the dog but once it gets close to you, it will be the most obedient dog.

And if you are as energetic as your border collie is, it will take no time to be your best buddy.

Likewise, it will get along with other dogs of similar nature within a short span of time if your border collie is untied and free to play.

Because, when unleashed, the border collie with treat the other dogs like herds or flocks and will rule over them.

Showing Aggression due to fear

Not only the border collies but other dogs too sometimes bark or lung due to fear of dogs around.

If your dog is showing aggression due to fear, its bark and lung will be increasing by the decreasing of the distance between the dogs.

By this type of aggression, the border collie generally shows that it needs some space.

And the dog which is coming near to your dog is not really liked by your dog.

Besides the negative social experience and less socialization, this frustration due to fear may happen due to genetics.

Dogs, Border Collies get along with:


After studying this breed thoroughly, we made a list of some best breeds the border collie gets along with easily.

The following list has been made by keeping some of the important points including energy level, working desire, and rough play, etc., in mind.

So, without any delay let’s find the best matches for your border collie.


Same as your border collie, a German shepherd is also a herding dog. That is as much energetic and agile as the border collies are.

Similar energy levels to border collies, obedient nature, and playfulness are a few of the main reasons behind keeping this breed at top of the list.

As we have mentioned above that the border collies always prefer dogs that are similar to themselves to get along with.

Just like border collies, the German shepherds are not only very much intelligent but also love to learn and obey.

These both breeds are the most intelligent and obedient breeds. That’s the reason for which they are used by investigation departments.

German shepherd also needs 1 to 2 hours of exercise on daily basis just like your border collie.

They love to play rough in an open area as the border collies do.

If you are more energetic like these two breeds and you want to keep these dogs, this might be a great pair for you.

Their crossbreed is as much energetic and intelligent as both parenting dogs are which is named as Shollie.


These dogs are very much similar to German shepherds that are the main reason behind naming these as Belgian shepherds.

As we have already discussed that the germen shepherds are similar to border collies, that means this Belgian Tervuren are also similar.

Due to these similarities in nature, the Belgian Tervuren has successfully become the part of our list.

But these dogs are a bit larger than border collies and shepherd. That’s the main reason behind keeping it on the 2nd number.

Belgian Tervuren is also more energetic like your border collie, so it loves to exercise as much as your dog does.

They also love playing rough in open space same as border collies.

Moreover, these dogs are very much intelligent and easily trainable. So, you can train them as you love.

At last, we would say that if you own any of these dogs and you want to buy another dog, buy the other one and a loving pair.


Basically, poodles come in various sizes and shapes but standard poodles have a similar size to your border collie.

They are not herding dogs but they are really energetic like border collies and German shepherds.

Although these dogs don’t have a working nature but their higher energy level and similar height are the main reasons for keeping it at 3rd.

They also need 1 to 2 hours of exercise on daily basis just like your dog.

Due to certain similarities, both the breeds get along with each other easily.

Just like border collies, poodles also love to play in vast fields and rough games.

They are 2nd most intelligent dogs in the world. Their same intelligence level is also a reason behind their strong bond.

Bordoodles are the generations that are born out of the crossing of these two breeds.


The golden retriever is the most loving dog breed in the world. The main reason behind its popularity is its all-round performance.

Although these dogs are heavier and larger than border collies but their similar energy levels and playful nature makes them stand at 4th.

Besides being energetic, they are the most loving, caring, kind, and intelligent dogs.

Both the breeds the border collies and golden retriever are very much energetic. So, they love to play throughout the day.

Golden retriever also requires as much exercise as your border collie requires.

Due to the similarities in their intelligence and energy levels, these both can be a great match.

Coltriever and Gollie are the names of dog breeds which are born out of crossing between a border collie and Golden retriever.

So, if you are going to keep any of these with the other one, wait no further just keep and enjoy the bond.


Boxer is medium to large-sized dogs with short hairs.

Same like border collies, boxers are very energetic and love to play. They also require as much exercise as a border collie requires.

Although they are a bit larger than border collies but their similar energy level and playfulness are the main reasons for keeping it on 5th.

The same level of energy and desire to play makes boxer a good match for a border collie.

Besides being intelligent, they are a little bit of mischief in nature. So, assure that they must need training before you keep it with your border collie.

Otherwise, its mischievous nature will create a bad impact on border collie’s obedient behavior.

Their energetic and cheerful crossbreed is known as boxollie, which possesses qualities of both the parenting dogs.


Dalmatians are the dogs that were used as carriage dogs in their early days. This is a large-sized dog breed.

These are larger and heavier than the border collies but at the same time, their higher energy levels and intelligence are reasons behind keeping it at last.

Dalmatian is one of the few dogs that require more exercise than a border collie.

These dogs were used to run along with the horses in ancient times. So, they have got this much energy from their parenting dogs as an inheritance.

Due to their huge energy level, they might be a great match for your border collie.

But before buying a Dalmatian, keep this thing in mind that besides being intelligent, they are a little bit of mischief and stubborn.

So, they need proper time and training otherwise their behavior may encourage your dog to misbehave.

By crossing these two breeds, we may have a new breed called Badocion.

Things to consider before buying a friend for your Border Collie:

If you own a border collie and want to buy a partner for your dog? This guide is a must-read for you.

We have already discussed the best possible matches above but this guide has been written by keeping the character of border collies in mind.

This guide will help you to choose the best match for your dog yourself.


As we have already mentioned above that this particular breed was bred to herd the sheep and to work on farms throughout the day.

Due to their ability to work all the day, their energy level is far more than the others.

And due to their huge energy level, they prefer to live in farms and vast fields where they can play tirelessly.

Being the most energetic dog breed, the border collies need at least 2 hours of exercise on daily basis.

As their energy level is at the peak, they need a buddy having the same potential to play through-out the day.

So, dogs with similar energy levels such as German shepherds can be the best dogs for border collies to get along with.

And they don’t get along with dogs having low energy levels like English Bulldogs who prefer to lay down rather than playing.


The border collies are very intelligent and obedient. They love to work and to be useful.

They are easily trainable and they like to be trained and obey the commands.

And if you are going to get a partner for your border collie that is not so obedient and troublesome, they will not get along well.

Moreover, the disobedient behavior of its partner will create a bad impact on border collie’s behavior.

So, always choose a partner for your border collie who loves to work.


Like most of the herding dogs, the border collies are also well-known for the art of nipping.

In ancient times, when these dogs were used to herd the sheep, the border collies used this effective technique to keep the herd on track.

But nowadays, this tactic of nipping can create trouble for other dogs surrounded by a border collie.

Because there are many dogs which are not interested in rough play. And your border collie may be troublesome for them. And they can’t be good buddies.

So, never choose any dog who does not like rough play, as a partner for your border collie.

But if your dog is trained and avoids nipping and rough plays, you may think to get him a partner that does not like rough play.


As we all know, human nature to feel comfortable when surrounded by people similar.

The same is the case with dogs and now science has also proved that dogs are happier when they have similar companions around.

Most of the time the word similar physique is used for physical appearance only but here in the case of dogs it also indicates the behavior.

Whenever you are going to get a partner for your border collie, must consider this point.

The dogs having the same height, weight and behavior often get along with each other in no time.

Ending Note:

Finding the best partner for your dog has always been a matter of great concern but after reading this post you must not find any difficulty.

We have mentioned a list of dogs with which the border collie gets along easily. But that doesn’t mean, these breeds must suit your border collie.

For that reason, we have also written a guide to help you choose the best partner for your dog.

In the end, we must say that border collies are one of the nicest breeds in the world if trained properly.

So, train your dogs to get the sweetest rewards.