Choose The Best Toys For Your Deaf Dog

Choose The Best Toys For Your Deaf Dog: Do you know that deaf dogs are much more likely to be startled than normal dogs just because they don’t hear the object approaching them? Don’t you just feel pity for these poor little creatures who deserve the world, and yet cannot experience the world to the fullest just because of their disability!

This disability comes with difficulties for both the owner and the pet (How can it not?!). They have to learn the physics of the world the hard way, they fall and get hurt (and then fall back again!) more than the average dog just to learn how to cope up with this world!

It’s a challenging task for the owners as well, they name their dogs; just to know that their pet won’t be able to learn its name, let alone respond to it! The training is hard work too; owners have to rely on hand signals instead of voice commands.

It’s a heartache for the owner to know that their just adopted pet cannot hear, they spend hours and hours (and more hours) just to engage their pet, to give them a better life.

One rescue to this knot is buying appropriate toys for their pet! That not only engages them but also stimulates and develops their other senses! Cool! Isn’t it?

So let’s get started with a list of toys that guarantee a better life for your precious!

Our List Of Suitable Toys For Your hearing-impaired Pet

In creating this list we had to consider many factors, such as; it’s visibility, it’s sturdiness, the shape of the toy, it’s design, the material it is made from and many other features.

The toy has to be lightweight so that the dog doesn’t have any difficulty in playing, throwing and carrying it around. The toy also has to be made up of a chewy, rubbery type material so that the little one can easily dig its teeth into it.

If the toy glows, it’s a plus! Because a glowing toy is visible in the dark (obviously) and the pet can have a cheerful playtime even when its owner is asleep or when the power is out!

It is very essential to take all these factors into consideration so that we, as owners of these perfect little creatures, can give a near-perfect life to our doggos; that not only develops their other senses, but also indulges them and makes them cheery every time them see these toys!

The toys should also mentally involve the dog. Interactive puzzle toys provide plenty of that!

It’s also preferable if the toy is plushy! While it may not sound stimulating, plushy toys target your dog’s need to cuddle, as they act as a comfort. Secondly, plushy toys give a hunting-like experience to dogs. So, don’t worry Mr. Doggo if you don’t catch the rat!

So after taking into consideration all these factors, we have come with the perfect little list for your companion, so here we go!


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The perfect nerf-quality materials (food-grade rubber) makes this toy easy for your dog to carry around and fetch. Moreover, this quality of the toy makes teaching new tricks to your pet even easier!

This toy is also highly visible as it comes with bright LED lights, this makes it easy to track, both for the owner and the pet. The toy is easy to follow around in the dark and can also be found by your pet even when you’ve switched off the lights to take a nap!

It is also lightweight, durable and weather and water-resistant so it wouldn’t wear-off anytime soon! Your pet can play with it for hours on the run and still, it won’t wear off anytime soon.

As the toy is 7-inches long, so these barbells are ideal for medium and larger breeds of dogs.

Designed with your dog’s safety in mind, each of these dog toys is tested to ensure endless hours of family fun.

The shape of the toy along with the ridged texture helps keep teeth clean. Ah, what a treat!

The barbell shape of the toy also makes it easier for the dog to pick the toy up and encourages active use. So, you don’t have to worry about your dog being lazy anytime this toy is around!

However, it should be kept in mind before purchasing these toys that these toys are not indestructible, but they do last a very LONG time due to their durability.

Still, these toys rank on the top of our list due to their awesome features and the wonderful play-time experience that they provide for these poor souls!


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The Chuckit! Flying Squirrel makes for a great “fetch” toy because you can use it just about anywhere!

Its features include; raised sides for easy pickup, durable rubber feet, its ability to float in water and it even comes in assorted colors! WOW!

This toy is comparatively cheaper than most of the other toys for deaf dogs.

Its squirrel-like design makes it fly and float for fetch without any limits!

Its spinning, aerodynamic design grabs dogs’ attention for an exciting game of fetch. It soars high and floats in water for engaging playtime at the park or the pool.

Its bright orange paws are eye-catching during the day and they even glow in the dark. This makes it easier for your dog to play a little game of fetch even when it’s dark!

It comes with soft and curved sides that make it easier for the pet and the parent to easily pick it up and toss it wherever they want to!

Its rugged, multi-layer design ensures durability for hours of play. In short, your dog won’t leave it unless he’s very, very tired.

The versatile, buoyant design of the Chuckit! Flying Squirrel makes fetching even more fun for water-loving dogs. Moreover, it can be easily spotted in tall grass due to its color. So you’re at the right place with this toy, whether your deaf dog is a ground-player, or a playful-seal (or both!).

So, if your dog ever feels like catching an agile squirrel, but isn’t able to, this is your go-to toy!


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So, here we are with another ‘CHUCKIT!’ product. It never disappoints, now, does it?

These toys are fun for both the pet and the owner (the perfect deal!), allowing the pet to chase the fetch ball as the parents’ punt. Making it amusing for both of them (say bye-bye to boredom fellas!)

These fetch balls also float in the water due to their rubber and foam construction. So be it land or water this toy has all of it covered!

It has a deep, grooved design making retrieval of this toy easier for the pet when the owner asks the pet to fetch it. This quality makes picking up the toy easier for the parent too!

Again, this product comes in bright orange and blue color, making it easier to spot even in tall grass.

To hold up to rough, outdoor dog games, the Chuckit! Kick Fetch tough dog toys feature a durable construction that combines canvas, rubber, and foam.

Moreover, this toy has an added feature, known as ‘RANDOM BOUNCE’. It has a rubber and foam construction with a unique, grooved design that creates a random bouncing pattern that pets will love to chase.

There are also 2 sizes available for this toy, so a wide range of dogs can enjoy playing with it in its different sizes. Plus, it also has a glow edition, that charges in bright light for as little as 5 minutes for at least 20 minutes of play. So, with this edition, your dog can play with it in the dark as well!


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Have an aggressive chewer? This is a toy for your pet. Its name says it all, indestructible! Right?. Bring on your pit bulls, your rough-housing Labradors, your chewers and chomp-ers: this is the ball that can handle it all!

This product emphasizes that it does not contain any substances that might harm your dog. There are no phthalates, latex or heavy metals. Nothing bad for your pet to chew on or ingest. Instead—simply high-quality thermoplastic elastomer material specifically designed with pet safety in mind.

Okay, so this toy is a tough nut to crack (quite literally). It was personally tested by the manufacturers in the toy shredder, guess what came back unscathed! The manufacturers claim that it is virtually indestructible, fade-resistant, and can be left outside in bad weather too.

It is just the thing for your playful sweetie, it comes with hours of tail-wagging, fetch-able fun. Moreover, the design of this toy is stylish too. WOOF! Now who’s being a good boy for this toy?

It comes in a navy blue and powdered blue color. It is easy to clean and carry. The manufacturers even offer a refund if it doesn’t meet your dog’s playful expectations (and yours too!)

Due to its indestructible nature, you would not have to replace it with another toy anytime soon, while at the same time giving your little one the perfect playtime and the perfect bonding time for the both of you too!

While it’s quite expensive for a toy, we think that the safety standards and its indestructibility make it worth every cent of yours!


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Snuffle mats are the ‘thing’ right now because they promote your dog’s natural hunting and foraging skills. These mats provide a near-hunting experience for your dogs who cannot fully experience hunting to their disability.

We looked at a bunch of different mats and this turned out to be our favorite.

Dog snuffle mat puts your dog’s nose and brain to work by imitating the hunt for food outside and promotes natural foraging skills. Nose-work mats satisfy intellectual curiosity. So, these mats help in developing other senses of your deaf buddy!

These mats satisfy your dog’s destructive instinct, so, you won’t see any ruined sofas when these little things are around! Nor would you see any other torn furniture.

These wooly snuffle mats are machine-washable and have easy carry-on handles (these toys are very handy). They are sustainably made by hand from up-cycled material.

These come in different sizes so the size of the buddy isn’t an issue here.

The indoor training mat helps create bonds between the owner and the pet and allows for easy interaction! The nose-work mat works on your little one’s sense of smell.

In our opinion, these are mats are just excellent for your deaf friend as they sharpen other senses of your dog as well and gives them a better chance towards a normal life.

Instead of making a snuffle mat for your deaf dog (it takes hours and hours on the run!), trust us, you’re better off buying these mats right off amazon, and it’s a great choice!


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KONG toys are pretty much a standard feature in just about every house with a dog for a good reason: they’re designed to last!

While the standard KONG is fun, we prefer the Stuff-a-Ball for our pups!

The natural KONG Classic red rubber formula is created to be durable and long-lasting for average chewing dogs (average, not hard chewers)

The KONG Stuff-a-ball is even more intriguing for your deaf dogs when it’s stuffed with snacks and treats for your buddy. This provides a playing experience and helps in developing its taste of smell as well. Doesn’t it just sound perfectly splendid?!

It also enhances the dental hygiene of your dog as its strategically designed ‘Denta-Ridges’ helps to clean your dog’s teeth and gums. Cool, isn’t it?

This toy also comes in different sizes depending upon your dog’s body mass. So, be it a little pup or a full-sized huskie, there’s a toy for every size!

These toys are also relatively cheaper when compared to other toys, making this toy a perfect package for your precious!

These toys are easy to pick and throw for the owner and easy for the pet to fetch too. Its side grooves (the manufacturers call it ‘Denta-Ridges’) allow for all this to happen. Remember these grooves can be filled with treats too!

With your hands on this toy, you can have a fun, engaging, and interactive time with your dog while at the same time creating bonds that are going to last a lifetime!


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Okay, so these toys are totally adorable and cute. Like, would you just look at those cute little (and plushy) unicorns around the lovely rainbow house?!

These toys are eye-candy for both the owner and the pet, who wouldn’t buy these adorable toys (the designers have played nice at this front).

Your dog will have hours of endless fun playing with those three little (and adorable) unicorns and digging them out of their rainbow houses and will definitely love you for getting these gems for it!

There’s a super durable squeaker in each of the unicorns. While your deaf dog can’t hear the squeak, he’ll still enjoy feeling it inside his toy and gnawing it!

These toys come with interactive puzzles! It challenges your dog to dig out the unicorns, which stimulates interactive play. This sharpens your deaf dog’s mental abilities which are very much needed for a dog with hearing-impairment.

These toys come with a unique design that is both, beautiful and comes with high quality pet products for the dogs and parents of the modern era!

These toys are the perfect size for small to medium sized dogs, so they are just the perfect size for most dogs.

However, these toys are not for chewers. So, if you have chewer, they are still worth grabbing as these toys are relatively inexpensive!

With these toys on your hand, you can expect guests that compliment your dog and its toys, like all the time. Or guests who just come at your place to see your little one and its toys (no offence meant!).


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These toys are made of plastic and can be easily be cleaned with soap and water

This dog toy provides a new challenge to your pet every time it starts to play with it. It’s new and it’s versatile and it brings a new concept to dog toys! It comes with 3 levels of challenges for your doggo.

It is made with easy-open, easy-close compartments to hide the dog treats in! It has removable bone puzzle pieces that offer an even more intriguing challenge to your precious pet. Moreover, your dog can slide and move each flip compartment to reveal even more hidden treats.

So many hidden treats, mysterious, isn’t it?

The Nina Ottosson Dog Brick is a great way to engage your dog, even when you’re not in the room. This treat training dog game occupies active dogs and entertains them when they are bored, this helps in preventing destructive behaviors too. This also helps enhance mental skills of your deaf dog.

The level 2 challenge in this game is different from the level 1 challenge. Level 2 challenges offer increased stimulation and learning options for your dog to benefit from. The mental challenges stimulate the dog’s mind, developing its senses. These challenges also provide increased interaction between the human and the pet.

Once again, the puzzles in this toy provide mental stimulation for the dog and encourage their hunting skills.

Dogs love this toy and learn the tricks of its trade pretty fast (of course, because they get treats to make up for it!).

Ending Note


To put it in a nutshell, while selecting the perfect toys for your deaf dogs, many things have to be considered. Most importantly, the amount of stimulation it provides for the dog’s other senses.

This is essential as these hearing-impaired little creatures don’t get to see the world for what is really is, just because they cannot hear a thing. They don’t get alerted by any sounds created by incoming objects.

Therefore, in this article the toys that provide the greatest amount of stimulation to these perfect creatures are considered, hoping that we as owners of these dogs give a better chance at living life to its fullest to our pets.

Where our dogs lack in hearing, it could be made up by an enhanced sense of feel, or perhaps the perfect vision, or a sharp sense of taste.

These poor creatures can only have a better chance at life if we provide them with the right stimuli (the right toy), that not only sharpens their other senses but also indulges them in a cheerful and playful experience.

Therefore, in creating this list all of these features had to be considered. The toy that tops our list is ‘LIGHT-UP NERF BARBELL’ for all the reasons mentioned above and others as well.

Let our deaf dogs have an experience that makes up for their disability!