8 Best No Pull Dog Harness

8 Best No Pull Dog Harness: A long walk with your dog can be one of your favorite activities of the day for you and your dog. But you can never enjoy a peaceful stroll if your dog is constantly pulling on the leash and you have to constantly power through it.

A poorly placed collar to contain your pup can not only damage his neck and upper back but if you have a strong dog, it can be a nuisance to you too having to control him.

That is why no-pull harnesses are so useful. They ensure comfort, stay snugly fitted around the chest so that the dog can not get out of it, and can reduce any pressure to the neck or upper back of your canine.

Dog harnesses are an enormously popular product with hundreds of products on the market in different shapes and designs. So it can be confusing selecting just one suitable for your dog from so many viable options.

So let us make the choice easy for you as we review ”The Best No Pull Dog Harness” in the market. Do read the FAQs section as we answer some of the pertinent questions regarding no-pull harnesses and their types.

Our Picks for The Best No Pull Dog Harness

In this list, we have tried to include products that can serve a definite purpose and are suitable for specific conditions. Without any exceptions, these products are pull-resistant and not just ordinary harnesses.

Let us start with our top pick as we try to explain why it sits on top.

Sporn No Pull Harness X Large

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The dogs that need a no-pull harness the most are large dogs that love to pull and can overpower their human friend. That is where our top pick becomes the most useful. Sporn was the first brand to create a no-pull Dog harness with the famous Sporn Halter design being around since 1992. What we have featured here is the Sporn no Pull Harness in the XL size.

Finding a good harness for large or giant breeds is a particularly substantial challenge. Most harnesses work best with small to medium dogs and can prevent any pulling from them but large dogs can be tough to control.

The Sporn No-Pull Dog Harness is available in four different sizes but the one we recommend is the Extra Large size. It is tailor-made for large canines that can be tough to control on walks.

The recommendation from Sporn is that it can be used for dogs with a 16-33 inch neck size and approximately 60-100 lbs. This could include Labradors, Shepherds, Great Danes, Pyrenees, or other dogs in the same range.

This dog harness is made of sherpa and nylon and works kind of like a backpack that tightens when the dog pulls but loosens up in general. The design of this harness is that of a back clip harness which is much more natural for dogs to adjust to and most do so in a matter of a few days.

The mesh straps are extremely comfortable and will make sure your pup gets used to them as he learns to not pull with time. The fitting is adjustable to get a snug fit while keeping the dog at ease.

The catch with this product is that it is not as effective for fluffy dogs as the mesh could get irritating from them. All in all, it’s a good product for large-sized dogs that can not be stopped from pulling with standard harnesses.

Puppia Dog Harness

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A good option for small to medium breeds is this dog harness from Puppia. It is light in weight weighing just 2.4 ounces making it easy for your small pups to carry and the mesh construction is comfortable and breathable.

The fitting is snug around the base of the neck and gets wider as you move towards the chest giving a comfortable fit that stays in place. The chest buckle is adjustable so that you can customize it as needed and a one-click quick release buckle makes it easy to use.

It is available in fourteen imaginative colors so that it can be customized according to the personality of your dog or probably buy a few of these to alternate between according to his mood.

The caution with this harness is that the size does not entirely hold true as per the sizing chart so it is always advised to buy a size slightly bigger than what you might think to be appropriate. That also means that even the large size is not suitable for large dogs like the Sporn No-Pull Harness XL.

The Company of Animals HALTI No-Pull Harness

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This harness is definitely not an ordinary one. It has several interesting features separating it from the pack.

A great feature for new dog owners is the dual attachment with both front and back clips giving you unprecedented control over your canine as he learns to not pull and you learn to control him.

It has three different sites of adjustment to make sure that you always have the perfect fit and the weight distribution remains even.

The durable nylon straps are comfortable and adjust according to the pulling so that they only tighten when the dog pulls. They are also reflective which is a good detail while walking dogs on the road at night or early morning.

This no-pull harness is ideal to use with the Halti Training lead that adjusts seamlessly with this harness to make life easy for you as well.

Usually, dual clip harnesses are high on price but this one is priced quite reasonably. The only problem experienced by users has been that the adjustable straps tend to loosen on long walks. If you want something for long walks, consider our next pick.

Kurgo Journey Adventure

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The distinctive quality of the dog harness is that it is tailor-made for long walks and the outdoors in general.

It has two attachments with clips at the front and back for superior control. Steel buckles give it the durability and strength you need on your hiking or adventure trips.

It has a comfortable mesh construction and a design that is exceptionally natural for dogs to wear throughout the day with ease.

The chest plate has a V-shaped design that further decreases the load on the chest and back making it suitable for hiking. Four adjustment buckles make it easy to customize for your dogs to ensure the perfect fit.

Another little detail making it suitable for your travels is a seat belt tether so that you can drive in peace going outdoors.

While the durable construct does work well, it does come at the cost of being on the heavier side weighing about 10 ounces. What that means is it is not suitable for small dogs that can not bear this weight.

Gooby – Comfort X Head-in Harness

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If you find most harnesses to be too large and heavy for your small pups, this could be the product that you are looking for.

Made specifically keeping small dogs in mind, it is suitable only for dogs up to 30 lbs with several clever features to keep your little friend at ease.

It is not something with exceptional anti-pull properties but it does enough to control the size of dogs it is made for. It is made of polyester mesh with nylon straps that are relatively thin and easy to wear.

The small size weighs just 0.3 ounces and can be practically worn through the day with comfort. It gets its name due to the X shaped design that avoids any contact with the neck making any discomfort highly unlikely.

The manufacturers recommend that the sizing be done via chest width and that is the right way to go because an estimate based on the weight of the dog alone may be inaccurate.

It is readily machine washable which is not the case with most heavy or bulky harnesses so that you can let your dog play with no worries.

Voyager Step-in Dog Harness

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Another option for dog parents looking for a harness for their small dogs, this one can also double as a cat harness for cats as big as 7 lbs, so that it can work for large cats but not for small ones.

The whole body of this harness is made of breathable mesh so that your pup is comfortable while wearing it and his skin is spared of any rashes. There are 23 different colors available to match your dog’s personality and a variety of sizes to find the perfect fit.

There are two clips in place so that you can use the rear ring for daily walks and the front ring for training. The buckle and hook and loop fastener make sure that the fit on this is gentle yet firm. The reflective keeps your dog safe in the outdoors.

What we recommend regarding this harness is maybe buying a size higher because, with small pets, such sizing tends to often be inaccurate. Also, look elsewhere

Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Harness

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Another inclusion from Kurgo, this one is a good first harness for your dog to get used to being on a leash while avoiding any pulling. It has a few similar features to the Kurgo Journey Adventure but the differences define its value.

This product has two variations, one is the crash-safe Enhanced Strength with metal buckles while the Quick Release has the convenient plastic buckles for easy on and off. Each one takes up a necessary function but the one we like is the Quick Release.

Both variations have a few common features like the front and back D rings for exquisite control and training your dog not to pull. Both have a tether to keep dogs attached to the seat belt so that you can drive safely, like the Kurgo Journey Adventure.

There are five adjustment points for slight variations present in different types of dog breeds. With the mesh chest construction, your dog will remain relaxed on routine walks.

If you look at the downside, it is not the lightest harness you will find in the market with even the smallest size weighing 6 ounces. This could be a significant weight for small pups so you may want to look elsewhere for them (like the Gooby Comfort X-Head).

LupinePet Tail Feathers Dog Harness

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Dog harnesses are, no doubt, vibrant expression of the personality of you and your dog. And this Dog Harness is a great representation of a stylish individual.

It comes in 18 imaginative designs woven into the nylon construction (and not printed) inspired by birds, patterns, flowers, and everything beautiful. Do not be mistaken into thinking that this harness does not do its job.

It keeps the dog from pulling due to the dual clips both at the front and the back. It is ideal for small and medium weight dogs due to the light burden of this dog harness since it only weighs 0.8 ounces.

It fits dogs of about 15” to 30” chest girth which would include most of the small to medium dogs. The company is behind this product completely with a replacement guarantee if the product is chewed by your canine.

All in all, it is a good trendy harness that does its job, keeps your dog comfortable and looks cool.


What are the different types of dog harnesses?

The different types of dog harnesses vary according to the placement of the clip where the leash attaches. Broadly speaking, it may be at the front or at the back, thus making the broad classification of front clip and back clip dog harnesses.

Back Clip Harnesses have the clip attachment at the back. These are more commonly used than the front clip harnesses and are definitely much more comfortable and easy to adapt for dogs.

The leash is away from the neck and since it is at the back there is no chance of leash entanglement around the legs. Generally, the back clip is best suited for daily walking instead of training your dog not to pull.

The disadvantage of back clip harnesses is that they are not as effective at preventing the pulling of the dog in comparison to the front clip harnesses.

Front Clip Harnesses are the less commonly used type. They have the leash attachment at the front that makes it a lot more difficult for the dog to pull with the natural momentum going away from him. This is why front-clip harnesses are better suited to train your dog to stop pulling instead of being a good everyday walking option.

Also, front-clip harnesses are better suited to larger dogs that need some resistance to stay stable. A drawback of front clip leashes is that there is an increased likelihood that they can get entangled around the dog’s legs and that can be a problem on long walks.

A good compromise is having dual clip harnesses. They still have a predominant back clip but the front clip does its job whenever the pup starts pulling. This is a decent middle ground seen in recent models that are on the higher side of the price range for this aspect.

Is the front clip harness good for dogs?

The jury is still out on this query. Front clip harnesses offer great mechanical support to the dog owner having exceptional anti-pull capabilities. But if they are not well fitted, there is evidence that they can lead to gait anomalies.

This is because they can press on the attachment of two major front limb muscles of the dogs. This can result in a weakness in these muscles which manifests itself with increased dependence on the hind limbs.

All in all, the benefits and drawbacks of such a harness should be weighed and then a decision should be made.

How do I get my dog to stop pulling on walks?

While a good dog harness can be a decent temporary solution to stop dogs from pulling. This is due to the discomfort associated with it for them as they return to their normal controlled walk to avoid it.

The long term method, though, is definitely to train them not to do so. A good way is to reward them whenever they walk beside you trying to match your pace and constantly staying by your side. There are several other ways to train your dog but it is a long-term process and definitely takes more time.


So this was our effort to find The Best No Pull Dog Harness in the market. We tried to give you a solution for a variety of situations and for all pup sizes.

If you ask for our preference, we like the Sporn No-Pull Harness XL for Large dogs that tend to pull a lot and the Gooby Comfort X Head-in Harness for small dogs that can not bear heavy burdens.

For the medium-sized dogs, we say take your pick from the rest of our esteemed entries on this list.