5 Best Dry Dog Foods for Loose Stools

5 Best Dry Dog Foods for Loose Stools: You give the best food to your dogs because you want to keep them healthy, smart, and happy. However, treating loose stools requires a lot of care and giving them the best food full of the best ingredients.

There are many products in the market that you can buy for your dogs. Also, there are affordable options for everyone.

You also have to find the cause of loose stools to give them the right food for treating any illness.

Because frequently, gastric distress is a reason for a mild allergic reaction.

The following given list would help you to find the best-formulated foods that help to treat Loose Stools.

Our Top Five Best Dry Dog Food for Loose Stools

We have listed our top five products for you to treat your dog’s stomach problems.

Purina Pro Plan Dry Dog Food

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Purina pro plan dry dog food is for the sensitive stomach and considered the top dog’s food brand. It contains quality ingredients that meet all the needs. It helps to get rid of loose stools and maintain your pet’s health. This food is specially made for sensitive tummies in mind and focuses on giving a complete nutritional meal that your dogs will love to eat and feel better.

The salmon and rice contain essential oils and healthy carbs that are great for the digestive system. Additionally, the oatmeal and barley give your pets enough energy and a healthy amount of fiber. Furthermore, salmon and sunflower oils are great sources of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids for dog’s healthy skin and coat. It is also good for joints.

For people searching for food to treat loose stools for their pet’s sensitive stomach, it would be the best choice for them. The best thing about Purina Pro Plan is there are no preservatives and food coloring in this food, so your dog would be free from possible allergens.

Why should we buy this? It is affordable so everyone can buy this. It works amazingly great for your pup’s skin and deals with food allergy. However, the mediocre taste is not considered to be a good feature. As well as the quantity is too small.

Taste of the Wild Dry Dog Food with High Prairie

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It is the best food to treat loose stools that your dogs want to eat without the mess.

This food contains optimal amino acid profile and proteins for strong muscles. It has vitamins and minerals; fruits and vegetables for healthy, shiny skin and coat.

It does not have grain, corn, wheat, artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives, so your dog can enjoy the rich flavor without getting sick.

It is formulated with premium ingredients that provide nutrition so it will satisfy pet craves.

The list of the elements that they add to this food is the greatest for a healthy immune system since 70 percent of a pet’s immune system is in the gut, so always choose a good enough food for the digestive tract.

This food contains prebiotics and species-specific probiotics with bacteria found in a pet’s GI tract.

It is also important to make sure that your dog’s body absorbs the beneficial minerals of food. Taste of the wild has chelated minerals for absorption during digestion.

The main and most famous ingredient of this food is omega-3, which comes from salmon oil or smoked salmon that helps maintain your dog’s skin and coat. It has high-quality meat and vegetables for the dog’s immune system. However, it does not have a high level of omega 3 fatty acids and a bit addition of carbohydrate proportion is not good for loose stools.

Blue Buffalo Natural Puppy Dry Dog Food

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This food is specially created for pets with sensitive stomachs and food allergies. It is formulated with limited and selected ingredients.

This grain-free food is made with High-Quality Proteins such as real turkey, salmon, duck, or lamb that helps your pets avoid adverse food reactions.

It contains Carbohydrate sources like potatoes and peas, plus oatmeal and brown rice to give better nutrition and improve digestion.

Dog lovers want their pets to be healthy with shiny skin coats. That’s why Blue Buffalo Natural Puppy provides omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, which is beneficial for dogs and works great for healthy skin and coat.

This food is free from chicken, meals, corn, wheat, soy, and artificial flavors or preservatives.

The blue buffalo is available in four different flavors that are Grain-Free Turkey and Potato, Grain-Free Duck and Potato, Grain-Free Lamb and Potato, and Grain-Free Salmon and Potato, so you can use the right one for your dog. It is made for adult dogs with loose stools and best for people who are looking for a dog’s food with a limited number of ingredients.

If your dog is overweight then this would not be a good choice for you. As well as, it is not beneficial for pets with grain allergies and puppies with joint problems.

Hill’s Science Diet for Adult Advanced Fitness Dry Dog Food

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This food is specially made for dogs having issues of digestion and loose stools. It helps to improve digestion and strengthens the immune system. It provides balanced nutrition for adult dogs aged 1–6. An exclusive blend of omega-6 fatty acids and vitamins (especially vitamin E) or the other nutrition for a healthy pet’s skin and coat.

It is a clinically proven antioxidant that supports a healthy immune system.

Hill’s science diet is made with real chicken to maintain strong muscles and give ideal body weight. This food for adult dogs contains easy to digest ingredients without having artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food is recommended by many veterinarians. It does not just help to improve your dog digestion but also it is available in most pet stores, online, and easy to find. However, it does not contain Omega-3 and missing vitamins and might be expensive for many people.

Wellness Simple Natural Grain Best Dry Dog Food

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Wellness is an excellent dry dog food not only for treating loose stools but also well for sensitive tummies. This food is specially created for dogs with a serious, sensitive stomach. The ingredients of this food are so limited and can easily digest and also fulfill the necessary nutrition for your pets.

It does not include grains or any kind of gluten. As well as safe from artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

This food contains ingredients that are suitable for delicate digestive tracts. Wellness simple natural grain also contains prebiotics and probiotics for a healthy balance of the gastrointestinal tract.

The other additional ingredients are excellent for healthy skin and a shiny coat.

The best thing about this dry food is, it comes in different flavors. So you can choose the right one for your dog. The flavors are Duck, Lamb, Salmon, and Turkey.

The best thing about this food is it does not have any artificial additives or fillers, as well as dairy, egg, or wheat-gluten which is not good to treat loose stools.

It does contain few ingredients but the chosen ingredients are advantageous to treat loose stools.

On the other side, Wellness Simple Natural Limited Ingredient Dry Dog Food added potatoes which are not high-quality ingredients for dogs who are facing stomach diseases. As well as, it is not advantageous for puppies.

Causes of Loose Stools

There are many reasons for a dog’s loose stools. If the loose stools continue for 72 hours, then contact the veterinarian. The common causes are listed below.


Diet or food allergies are one of the common reasons. It often happens when the dogs eat something new or wrong that they aren’t used to. Commonly, loose stools are caused by food allergies or any disturbance to the gastrointestinal tract.


Infections are usually common in younger dogs. Parasites upset the gastrointestinal tract of dogs, and it causes all types of loose stools.


Antibiotics can cause loose stools because often, the medications have side effects. Always make sure that veterinarians prescribe the medicines you are giving to your dogs. However, it is only temporary.

Emotional Turmoil

Stress and emotional turmoil can be a reason because it affects the dog’s digestive system. If the dog has been left alone for some time or loses a close family member, it would result in an unsettled digestive tract caused by stress.

How to Maintain Dog’s Digestive System

Avoid Feeding Your Dog Human Food

It may harm your dog’s digestive system because human food is different from pet food.

The food that we love and it easily digests may not work the same with the dog’s digestive system and may disturb it. We love them like children but forget to take proper care of them sometimes.

Remember that they are not human beings, and their sensitive tummies cannot easily digest the food we eat. However, accidentally if it happens, then select the proper nutrition for them and visit veterinarians as soon as possible.

Visit a Vet for Allergies

If you are planning to change your dog’s food, make sure you find out your pet’s allergies.

Many people make this mistake, and their pups have to survive with the sickness, loose stools, and digestion problems. It is not important that your dog would like every food and it will be good for its health and stomach.

Some pets have a very sensitive stomach that easily gets disturbed with the wrong food intake.

To avoid facing any allergies and health issues of your pet, make sure you must visit a vet before selecting new food.

Keep an Eye on Your Pet’s Activities

Make sure that your dog is not eating the things that he shouldn’t. Because pets eat anything that looks edible and attractive. They are curious by nature and eat those that seem interesting and can badly harm their digestive system.

Always observes their activities so your pet and you would not face any problem.

Keep Their Diet Uniform

A uniform diet is key for a healthy Fido.

You may like changes in your diet, but your dogs don’t like changes, and the inconsistent diet could cause digestive issues in their sensitive tummies. Usually, sudden changes in your pet’s diet can be a reason for their digestive problem that you may neglect.

If your pup is happy with what he is eating, give him the same food regularly, and do not change until you find some problem regarding your dog’s health.

Always try to provide them with a balanced diet to maintain and strengthen their immune system.

Provide a Moderate Amount of Food

Many pups eat food, whether they are hungry or not.

It is your responsibility to give the average amount of food and the right amount of size because it would help stabilize and maintain their digestive system and strengthen their immune system.

If they eat a lot or you won’t set their proper timings of the meal, then it may cause them to face loose stools and digestive issues that are not good for your Fido’s health.

Keep Your Pet Hydrated

Ensure that your pets have access to clean water.

Hydration is good for a pet’s health. It helps them to digest easily. This factor of digestion is the same as the human body.

A good amount of water that you give to your dogs directly affects their digestion process as well as it also keeps your pet healthy and active. A proper intake of water can really help you a lot to solve minor health issues of your pet.

Selection of Food for Your Dogs

When it comes to a dog’s food, a dog’s love always tries to give them the best to maintain their health. However, the selection of food is also the main reason for any problem that your pet faces. For this matter, you have to know your pet’s allergies and the food, which causes any issue to their health.

You can also visit a vet to consult about your dog’s diet. The wrong food causes many problems and issues in your dog’s health that you never imagine, so never compromise on it. Try to give them proper nutrition and omega fatty acids, which keeps their skin and coat healthy and shiny.

Stop Them from Eating Too Fast

If your pup has a habit of eating too fast, it immediately stops them because it causes distress to its digestion. Try to give them food in a maze bowl to slow down their fast-eating habit or find food that slows down the meal.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to get rid of dog’s loose stools?

Loose stools are not only a sign of pup’s bad health but also the reason for their inactive and unhappy behavior. As well as, it is difficult for the dog owner to clean the loose stools every time. To get rid of them, try to give your pet limited ingredients, food, or dry dog food to treat digestion instability. If the dry dog’s food does not work, then visit a veterinarian as soon as possible.

  • Is it good for a dog to change their diet?

Switching dog food may cause gastrointestinal upset such as vomiting and diarrhea. However, if you are planning to change your dog food, then transition to the new food moderately. It helps your dog’s system adjust to the change.

  • How many times should I give food to my dogs?

Dogs usually eat two meals a day, with a gap of 12 hours. However, breakfast, lunch, and dinner is also a good option.

  • What is the homemade diet for a dog?

You can give your dog protein such as meat, seafood, dairy or eggs, meat or oil is good for their skin and coat, grains, or vegetables is also the best food to give your dog for a healthy immune system.

  • List down the food that is poisonous and dangerous for dogs?

Avoid giving dogs alcoholic beverages, apple seeds, apricot pits, avocados, cherry pits, and candy to make your Fido’s healthy and active.


We have listed the five best products from our top picks after researching the different dry dog foods.

These products are highly suggested for dogs with sensitive tummies because it is difficult to treat loose stool, especially dogs with a serious, sensitive stomach.

The ingredients that are included in these dry dog foods are limited and easily digested, so your dog will not face any problem, or you can treat this health issue accurately.

We choose these products for the people who want the best dry dog food with limited ingredients and rich flavors so their pets would love this food.