7 Best Citronella Bark Collars For Small Dogs

7 Best Citronella Bark Collars For Small Dogs: The barking of your dog can stem from fear, a territorial character, or you may have a breed that just barks more than others.

Pet owners are generally compelled to take action when their neighbors complain about the excessive barking that can be heard in the neighborhood.

An excellent alternative to shock collars is Citronella bark collars. They’re safe, effective, and they’re humane. (Make sure you also check out these anti-shock vibrating collars as well.

It does not matter if your dog belongs to a large breed a small one but finding a proper collar for a small breed can be quite tiresome, but, say goodbye to the sleepless nights caused by the nuisance barking by using a bark collar, a more humane approach than a shock collar is a citronella bark collar, that sprays a citronella burst at your dog’s snout, citronella, a rather hated smelly herb by dogs, gets the work done without hurting your fur baby. 

A common problem dog owners contend with daily is constant barking. You love your puppy, but you might need help cutting down on the noise for the sake of everybody’s sanity.

Things to consider before buying your Citronella Bark Collar

But before you step out to shop for a citronella bark collar, you should consider a few factors:

  • Spray concentration:

That solely depends on your dog’s temperament, the smaller the breed the lesser their temperament shall be for the citronella concentration.


Some dogs like to play in the pool or the nearby puddle, for such dog’s owners, your best bet is a water-proof citronella bark collar.

  • Controls:

Assess your controls. Do you want it to be automatic or remote-controlled? Some products offer both options.

  • Cost:

Dog accessories can be a bit expensive, you wouldn’t want it to be heavy on your pocket, would you?

  • Comfort and weight:

Try restricting the weight of the collar to 5 oz for small dogs. It is possible that any bulkier item than this and your dog would feel overburdened.

Our List of Best Citronella Bark Collars For Small Dogs

Here, for your ease, we have summed up some of the best citronella bark collars for small dogs:


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PetSafe elite citronella bark collar, with dimensions of 3” X 5” X 8” inches is perfect for smaller dogs.

For small dog breeds and their short, delicate littlenecks, this flexible soft collar is perfect. By distracting your dog, the citronella spray does the trick and helps them to avoid their repetitive barking patterns. Instead of citronella, you will have to pick an unscented mist.

As soon as your dog barks, the state of the art technology and the proprietary device go into effect. An advantage is that a collar, such as other dogs barking, does not respond to surrounding noises. This makes the training effective and removes any misunderstanding. It can fit the neck size of up to 20 inches and dogs weighing from 6lbs to 120lbs.

Indoor and outdoor use of the waterproof collar is possible. Per citronella can, there are 400 to 500 sprays, lasting for a long time.

Your little breed of dog may be physically small, but it has a huge bark. Constant barking, like interrupting sleep cycles, can interfere with daily life. This safe and sturdy bark collar keeps the repetitive barking habit of your dog under control. What we don’t like about this collar is that it’s produced in only one color.

ELenest Premier Bark Collar

One of the best budget-friendly bark collars on the market, the ELenest Premier Bark Collar, differs from the competition in that it relies on vibration rather than sound to cause a correction. With extraordinary sensitivity, any sound other than the bark of your dog will set the collar off.

Again, the whole idea is to reduce false positives. The Premier is designed to make the stopper bark using tone, vibration, and shock. In both vibration and shock modes, there are 7 levels/intensities of correction. You can easily check the mode and intensity level with a glimpse of an easy to read monitor.

With seven intensity levels, it has three correction modes: beep, vibrate, and shock. It can range from 6lbs to 120lbs for dogs. This model suits from 6 to 120 pounds for a wide variety of dogs. It also has a waterproof IPX7 ranking, making it a perfect option for dogs who might find themselves taking an unplanned swim.

According to the mode and intensity settings, the battery lasts 10 to 14 days per charge. The battery output could be a bit longer than this. Using a normal USB cable, it recharges, giving you some additional charging options if you’re away from homes, such as your laptop or phone adapter.

Although hypersensitivity to even small and negligible sounds could make it harder on you dog and might be a prologue to aggressive behaviour.

DOGROOK Small Dog Bark Collar

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The DogRook weighs 3.2 ounces and has a remote control with dimensions of 2.8 “X 1” X 1.6 “inches to help keep your dog’s barking under control.” This gentle, humane way for your dog to be trained is simple and safe.

Excessive barking often comes along with other bad behavior, such as violence. An excellent choice for pet parents is to use one training collar to address a wide variety of problems.

The trick to avoiding the problem, in the long run, is to figure out the cause of your dog’s bad behavior. The need for affection, lack of instruction, or extremely noise-sensitive are common causes of aggressive behavior and excessive barking. Talking with a veterinarian and professional dog trainer about the root cause will help find the cause.

This training collar and bark collar is renowned for its humane way of handling dog problems. It has two citronella spray levels, two-tone levels, and two vibration levels, which can all be changed.

The collar is water-resistant and has a receiver that operates up to 450 yards and has the ability to sync several dogs at the same time with another collar receiver to practice. For dogs with neck sizes ranging from 9 ‘to 22’ inches, state-of-the-art technology offers fast results and is well suited.

The one chink in the armor is the battery, the battery in DOGROOK is prone to failure.

PAWONIT Rechargeable Spray Bark Dog Training Collar

“The 4.6 ounce Pawonit, measuring 3.2” X 3.2 “X 2” inches, is gentle on your dog and helps him develop healthy habits. The citronella scent is environmentally friendly and has the potential to instantly silence your dog’s barking.

The collar fits with many distinct fragrances of eco-friendly citronella that are neither harmful to your dog or the children nearby.

It releases a sudden spray as soon as your dog begins barking, which attracts the attention of your dog and keeps them distracted by the smell. Your dog is going to be distracted and curious as to where the scent comes from, making them stop barking.

When your dog begins barking again, it will release the misty spray and distract your dog again. It repeats this scenario until your dog finally stops barking and calms down. There is an LED indicator in the adjustable mist spray that alarms you about replacing the battery.

The collar is easy to clean, the battery is changed and the citronella refill is replaced. Pet owners and dogs will appreciate the use of this environmentally-friendly bark collar. This collar is very soft, efficient, and completely secure for your dog. The citronella that is used is very environmentally friendly.

Hypersensitivity to even small sounds like your dog playing may set off the spray system.

Petsafe gentle spray bark collar

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Another electronic collar that senses vocalizations to administer a corrective spray is the PetSafe Gentle Spray Bark Collar for Dogs. It’s the middle of the pack option, but it has its share of pluses and minuses, like the other options.

It helps you to use hands-free without remote use, ideally suited to dogs who bark when left unattended. It is painless but extremely effective, ideal for outdoor use, and waterproof, ideal for outings and dogs who love to swim in the pond. The spray collar comes with 2 spray cartridges in 2 scents, unscented and citronella. Using revolutionary bark sensing technology and a gentle spray correction, the collar reliably teaches the dog not to bark.

This collar is not appropriate for dogs under 6 pounds. It is a bulkier choice than our first competitor with an uncomfortable vertical position, not short-neck friendly, it can not be used to correct other behaviors.

A bulkier alternative with an uncomfortable vertical positioning, not short-neck friendly, is another complaint that has been received about the sensitivity it provides. This collar may be used to correct other behavioral nuisances

DOGTEK No Bark Citronella Spray Collar for Dogs

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A reliable collar available at a very good price is the DOGTEK No Bark Collar. The DOGTEK Collar comes with these essential products, unlike some other units that come without spray or batteries, making your purchase even more convenient. The No Bark Spray collar will automatically detect your dog’s bark through vibration and sound with NO HUMAN INTERACTION function.

It is suitable for small, medium, and large dogs The No Bark Spray collar provides an alternate form of training, a gentle but efficient solution.

With an adjustable nylon strap collar, it fits on dogs as small as 6 pounds, it comes with a one-year manufacture warranty. Many owners were very happy with this collar. Additionally, the DOGTEK No Bark Collar is one of the smaller units available on the market.

Weighing just 2 ounces, this is one of the better options for dogs in the 6- to 10-pound range. While most customers were pleased with the DOGTEK No Bark Collar, some reported that their collar failed to work properly for very long.

While this is often a necessary tradeoff when purchasing low-cost items, it is still annoying. However, if your dog takes to the training quickly, they’ll probably stop needing the collar long before it breaks.

PetSafe Basic Bark Control Collar

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This simple model provides you with everything you need and nothing you don’t. A pocket-friendly no bark collar from industry legend PetSafe.

You can turn up to 6 static correction levels to get started with a lower level of shock and see how your dog reacts. If he still wants to bark when he does not, dial your way through the stages and a noticeable change in actions should be seen.

You’ve got all the bases covered regardless of your pet’s size, a smooth match for tiny breeds or big dogs like German Shepherds. The bright red collar is completely waterproofed and, without letting you down, can stand up to plenty of punishment outdoors.

Check out this no bark collar at your earliest convenience, with rock-solid customer service and a price you will love. It offers a broad option of 6 correction levels, so it fits for all dog temperaments, even if your dog is a stubborn little furball with a valuable safety feature of 50-second auto shut-off, it avoids over-spraying, thereby keeping your dog safe.

It suits dogs from 6 inches to a hulking 28-inch neck size with enormous adjustability. While there have been few quality management problems reported, this is not a chink in the armor, and it can still make the list.

We have carefully enlisted the best citronella bark collars for small dogs. But, before buying a bark collar maybe you should look into the matter as to why your dog might bark, there could be an underlying cause, perhaps a suspicious person, a disease, or maybe your dog just has a knack to bark.


So, we think that the PETSAFE ELITE is undoubtedly the best choice concerning all the aforementioned protocols. It is one of the most dog as well as a user-friendly model there is in the market but it depends on your usage and taste.