How To Get Things Done & 5 Reasons Why You Cannot

How To Get Things Done – Have you ever felt like a cornered mouse that does not have any place go in an emergency? This is the feeling you get when you have a deadline to meet and you are nowhere near completion of your project or task. This is a feeling that often surrounds us when there is no one to help us finish our assigned chores.

Three Ds – result of an inability to work:

It does not matter whether you are at home or in office, the feeling of not having the ability to get work done can be distressful, demotivating and depressing. And it is a failure that engulfs your zeal and zest to do work. It stops you from moving ahead in life and hampers every goal and objective that you want to accomplish.

You get stereotyped:

People around you also develop a negative impression about you and typecast you as a person who is unable to complete his work. Your to-do lists get longer and harder as work piles up and your energy levels go down. It is a list of undone work that keeps on growing and getting bigger.

It is unproductive:

At night when we look back on the day, we find that nothing meaningful was achieved while the day was still spent busy. But have you ever tried to overcome this situation? You can only overcome it when you know what the causes behind this situation are. Do you know why you cannot get any work done? Let us look at some of the reasons:

Lack of Planning:

The reason that you do not plan ahead is a quite common cause of inability to complete work. These days most of us are living our lives with a go with flow approach. The hectic and busy lifestyles do not allow us to plan our lives. Living life as it comes is a positive approach but leaving it in the hands of others is not as wise as it seems.

We should incorporate weekly planning process for our professional as well as household life. Every day early in the morning we should give ten to fifteen minutes towards drafting down a plan about what needs to be done and how to do it. Make your schedule according to the time available to you and realistically the time required to complete each task.

Inability to Prioritize your work:

We often do not realize the importance of certain work tasks and as a consequence leave them at the mercy of time to be completed. This is an inefficient and ineffective approach towards success. You need to do work in order to priority.

Everyday plans a plan for what is the most important things to be done today. Start by the most important and end in the least important. You should be strong in decision-making about what can be delayed until a later time and what is urgent.

Getting Distracted:

The attention span of people these days have reduced a lot. The ability to concentrate on one subject with full attention is hard to achieve. When we are working in the office we are under the influence of many distracting factors like:

  • Social Interactions with Peers and Coworkers
  • Customer Walk-ins
  • Noise from the outside
  • Noise of equipment inside the office
  • Telephone calls and messages
  • Social media and internet

Similarly, when we are at home, we might be distracted by various things that may hamper our ability to do work. These distractions may include things like:

  • Children activities and playing
  • Noise from cleaning equipment
  • Television and programs
  • Music playing outside or inside
  • Telephone calls
  • Unexpected guests
  • Unimportant chores like snacking or munching.

We need to overcome our distractive environment and learn to focus on our prioritized workload. This can be achieved meditation and realization processes.

Inability to say no:

There are a large number of people around us who just cannot say no to anything or anyone. Whatever people ask them to do they accept it without realizing their own workload or hectic time schedule. The right way to deal with incoming work is to check your existing work list, see if you have time and then decide whether this work needs to be taken up or not.

The increasing use of smartphones and internet:

One of the leading causes of inability to do work is the highly increased usage of smartphones and devices. With smart devices in your hand all the time, you get to use the internet and social media without any reason or cause. As a result, you end up spending all your valuable time towards unproductive work and no real effective job gets done.

Final words:

Whatever might be the reason, if you do not get to complete your work lists, it will keep growing and piling up. These will become problems in the long run and you will have to face the consequences. So try to come out of this situation as early as possible. So that you can gain success in life.

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