Why Searching for your Ex on Social Media is a Bad Idea

Social media is so famous for connecting you with people, who are far from you and friends whom you cannot meet…and now they are famous for stalking your ex as well, to see if he/she is totally fine without you or not.

I won’t say that you should not be doing this when in actuality you really shouldn’t.

But this is totally natural also. Having the urge to sneak peek into your ex’s life to see how they are going along is natural. It comes along with the breakup and moving on part.

But even after some years or months you do feel like sneaking in, don’t you?

Curiosity kills the cat; someone just said it so right! You are that eager cat who wants to know all about whatever is going on in their ex’s life.

And despite the fact that you have moved on the curious cat does get killed.

YES! What I want to say here is that you are always at stake!

Let’s just admit the fact that connecting with your ex or let’s say the former sweetheart or hunk can be a delight.

And you know what more of a delight is?

That moment when they say that they want you back and all you really want is to grant them that effing second or third chance! The Internet has made it so interesting; peeping over and over again into the life of your ex.

But a lot of experts (both of social media and relationship) say that you need to think before you sneak in through these means. So yes, you need to consider a lot before you decide to stalk someone.

And have you ever tried to think of; “Do I get caught if I stalk someone?”


Does it ever ring to you that the person you talk might get to know about it?

Life can be so messy if your stalker is happy to see that you are one of the stalkers! You might be thinking that I am some crazy person but seriously it is now possible.

People can get to know who is stalking them! And we are certainly not going into that part.

But you need to look into the pros and cons of cyber snooping before you actually dive into this pool, looking for your former love.

1. Worst side-effect of searching your EX; Obsession:

It’s same like when you when you comment on FB.. and then can delete anytime!

People do it all the time and sometimes it really pisses me off you know, because I look like I am talking to myself… Facebook should do something about this… Anyways point is it’s natural for people to act like weirdos.

And it’s ok if you talk after your breakup. (Not calling you weird though because I used to stalk my ex too, but more on it in the conclusion)

Somethings in life are totally natural and this is one of them.

Trying to sneak into the life of your ex is normal. You want to see how they are going on with their lives, and are breaking up with affecting them or not, right?

Or can I just say that you are not that crazy stalker? It is natural to cyber stalk your ex but once you have moved on properly this need eventually slows down and kicks aside.

But even when this is natural and you do get this craving now and then you really need to stop.

Stalking an ex on social media is natural but you need to know that you have some other stuff to do with your life other than just swiping up and down on Facebook.

Don’t you have any aims to work on?

But you need to know the difference between plain stalking and falling over the memories of the best relationship that you ever had with him/her.

Moving on or getting over your ex is totally not going to happen if you stick to your computer screen.

If you try to look at life like this; the grass is actually greener, fresher and makes you feel alive on the other side of your weary and almost “not even there” relationship, it might just get better.

Know that there is no way that you will allow yourself to communicate with your former love.

Spend time to make different changes in your life and make them bold and noticeable.

Focus on building the new you and not breaking down the old you.

2. Stalk others LOL… It might Bring in the Second Chance of Love:

Sometimes, years or even decades later after your breakup, your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend will come running back to you, just because they realize how much they love you.

I mean, as simple as it is; karma just hits them in their back.

Trying to make things work out when the time is right has made a lot of broken relationships work and last.

What if you reconnect with your love after 3-5 years and they seem different you give them a chance and it might just rekindle and last forever.

And psychology agrees with that as well!

But remember that stalking your ex won’t give you the life you want with them. Sometimes, they are gone for good and sometimes you miraculously get a second chance at love but that’s a rare case, well a Sagittarius would never come back for sure I know that!

But hey, don’t keep waiting for it.

It’s like once in a blue moon scenario nowadays.

You get over one and you are already indulged into another.

3. Divorced or Single; Stalking your EX-needs a thought:


When we come out of a relationship all we want is that amazing another boy/girl shoulder to cry on.

And sometimes we get that.

But once you are again single you keep coming back to your first love or which seemed like the best love for you.

You peek into their social media and see how they are going along.

And then you think that it’s time to reconnect when in actual; it isn’t.

If you just got single or divorced, you need mental peace.

There is no need to drag yourself down to the place from where you lost love.

4. Stalking makes you look at things unrealistically:


When you are alone and just broken up you start looking at the good things.

Even if it was just an ice-cream she bought you or maybe that favorite perfume he gifted you; it seems like the two good moments can make you go back to them.

But here is what you need to consider; are you looking at things realistically?

What was the reason you left or they left?

If it was too good in the first place why did it end anyway?

And if it was too pathetic, why do you want to go back now?!

Keep the good memories along (which miraculously might have happened) and move on.

Don’t stalk them!

Cyber-snooping is going to leave you with a dead end or maybe a completely “overall” broken heart again.

5. Can it Break Your Current Relationship?

“Why are you talking to your ex, you know what this is over!! and here’s the soda cuz I am already fat enough”

When you’re ex-tries to peek inside your life again, it can move you away from the person you have committed to now.

If you find your EX through social media, and you are still being attracted to them then it can set your sexual hormones high.

Your heartbeat might get fast and you might be sweating while they write something down to you and all.

You know what I mean here, right?

And these small signs, which are actually perfect sexual attraction signs can be mistaken for love too easily.

And these come in really fast if it is someone you once loved or you are emotionally attached to.

So just know that you don’t love someone and you don’t need someone back in your life just because of your heart races when you see them.

6. Your Happy EX can HAUNT you:

A happy EX is something that no one wants to see. I mean it can be your worst nightmare and you will scream for help.

Obviously, we all want them to be in pain, missing us, right?

That big wide smile on their face or that happy pout face won’t make you feel any better. It is going to haunt you down like a ghost and will only destroy your own mental peace!

And you won’t feel great, even if the person they are now with is much heavier than you, uglier than you and probably amiss in all.

Nothing is going to make you feel glad until you see them crying over you, right?

You are only going to mourn and make your own damn life miserable.

Stalking your ex can make you feel really happy if they are totally a changed person and they aren’t interacting with the opposite sex a lot but what if they are?

What if they are too happy going to parties and movies and hanging out with people probably much hotter than you? Is it going to make you feel better?

Don’t mourn over them again and again.


The breakup phase just turns your life upside down. You have a napkin stuck in your nose and your friends keep telling you that it all will get better and it never does.

Everyone gives you these wonderful lectures on how wonderful life is.

But you know what is worse than that flowy nose and those same, repetitive lectures?

You start stalking your ex.

This is a natural thing to come by, but once you decide to get over them, it is better to stay away from cyber-snooping.

It will just BR-EA-K BR-EA-K your heart and nothing will actually affect the other party.

So instead of making your own life miserable by looking at how happy they are…maybe, you need to get happy yourself.

You are only getting this life once and there is literally no use of wasting it on people who don’t care.

I still have a song that I wrote for my EX after we broke up, wanna hear it?

Let me know how it is in the comments =)

This is a Gloomy Song that I Composed after my breakup! Well it was was serious breakup but it’s now like history; made it like 5 years ago and now it makes me laugh but Guitar Solo is cool, though!

Anyways the lyrics say:

All I got left with is your silence
Can’t keep up with this Violence
I Now find myself in the dark

Hope you guys enjoy it!

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