6 Common Reasons Why People Mostly Suicide

As I write the word “suicide”, I feel an emotion of pity swiping within me. And I feel it for the youth these days who are going astray in the name of it. Suicide is a result of frustration or endless pain or is it just a mindset?

Are the victims of suicide provoked towards it or they do have personal reasons? Well, the reality is that people, who attempt suicide, usually take the answers along with them. Or if luckily they are saved, they hardly spill the beans. They will prefer not talking about it.

But the astonishing part is that the young generation is highly indulged in this act and the number of suicides is increasing with each passing year. There are different circumstances which lead people to attempt suicide. However, there is one thing common in all such people; hopelessness. They lose hope and imagine that they are never going to come out of their current situation.

So what is it that makes people suicide or why do people suicide? Here are some common reasons to it or situations due to which they act upon it.

1- Loss of Hope:

Even the strongest person crashes himself in the process of difficulties. The hopes are thrown away as scattered pieces of glass, which seem to never come back together. There are several reasons for people to lose hopes.

Sometimes expecting too high from our loved ones leaves us painted and hopeless. This is why it said that expectations are the root of all heartaches. Maybe you had hopes of getting the best grade this year and it didn’t happen even now. Or maybe someone you thought won’t ever walk away, actually did.

A person may have a lot of reasons to get hopeless. But the loss of hope for a considerably long time leads people to do suicide.

2- Being Depressed for a Long Time:

This is one of the “top” most common reasons for suicide these days. And thanks to our daily routines, depression is now served like a three-time meal.

However, a person who is indulged in depression all the time and doesn’t try to escape it usually starts to isolate him or herself. They begin to speculate that the world will be better without them as their presence doesn’t make an effect on people around them.

These meaningless thoughts in depression cause people to suicide and end their life without any reason. They decide not to look at the brighter side of their life which is yet again hopelessness.

3- Extreme Frustration:

Who isn’t frustrated these days? Well, everyone is! But people who take their frustration to another level are usually the ones who attempt a suicidal act.

These people are the ones who usually fight everything, every time but at the end, they have had enough. They are done with fighting odds, silenced and they are tired of making things right all the time. Their frustration makes them end their life.

4- Fear:

A person who says that he/she doesn’t fear anything is liars as we all have one thing that scares everything out of us. Okay, you might be successful in fooling the people around you but you can’t fake it with your own soul.

There is something that makes your mind go blank or maybe makes your heart skip beats. There is always something that makes your feet and hands go cold and numb. That is what you fear the most. This fear is usually what drives people towards insanity and sometimes within this circle of fear they attempt suicide.

This is why it is said that one should never allow their fear to overpower them or it can lead to worse scenarios.

5- Heart Breaks:

We all fear to lose someone we love. The fear of heartbreak comes along with the feeling of love. And when the heartbreak knocks in life, not everyone is able to handle it. Not every love story gets the perfect ending.

People, who are not able to handle with heartbreaks or loss of the one they loved, usually find suicide as an escape from the situation.

6- Jobless:

If you are jobless, you will know the frustration. A person who has had the best job might want to suicide when they are jobless. Being unemployed bring in feelings of hopelessness, frustration, and depression which ultimately lead to suicidal acts.


There are different reasons for people ending their life. Even when their reasons might make sense to them or others, suicide is not an option and should never be one for the youth of these days.

We all should try our best to build our children emotionally healthy so that they can lead a proper life and can fight through the tough times.

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