Why are English Bulldogs so Expensive?

Why are English Bulldogs so Expensive?: Are you ready to own an English bulldog? Are you, really? The question is hard as is the maintenance of such an amazing human loving pet.

What do you expect from your pet? Love, affection, sense of belongingness, and every habit that make you feel positive and comfortable around them. Not only this, you would like them to be comfortable and enjoying around you as well.

All such qualities are present in surplus in English Bulldogs. They would get along with you just like your child and they have the power to make you feel emotional about their affection.

Then what is so worrying about buying them?

Of course, their price. It not only costs a good toll to buy them, their lifestyle maintenance is even harder both in terms of price and efforts. Believe me, you will find them even choosier than your girlfriend.

Well, jokes apart. Why are English Bulldogs so expensive? is a generally circulating confusion and it makes people fuddled about whether to choose them as their pets or not.  So, your confusion is justified as it is really challenging to groom your bulldog and keep it away from the common disorders of the breed.

Stay with us till the end of this article and you will become clear about everything that you must care about before deciding on whether to buy a bulldog or not.

Before moving to the characteristics that make this dog breed so desirable, let’s move on to the serious concern. What the hell on earth makes these human-loving pets so expensive. There are some genuine reasons for it. Let us go through them step by step.

Why are English Bulldogs so Expensive?


English bulldogs vary in a range in their rates from $1500 to $4000. Neither getting one in a price too low is good nor too high. Getting a puppy at a low price can mean an impure or infamous breed. It is also possible that you are buying a dog with certain health issues which can also be genetic.

So, don’t get trapped with a low wallet-friendly price because there would certainly be something wrong with your pet.

But what is it that is so expensive about them? Let us see.

Birth Procedure

The size and shape of the English bulldogs have created many complexities in their lives.

Their size and shape do not allow them to breed naturally due to which they are often bred by inseminating them artificially. Now, this is not the task of an ordinary veterinarian. A specialized physician with expertise in dealing with bulldogs can do the service efficiently.

Likewise, it needs a good amount to carry the procedure of inseminating the female. So, now you know, it is not easy to even initiate the procedure of bringing a new baby into the world.

Secondly, the large head of the puppy does not allow the mother to give them birth through normal delivery. Natural birth requires the normal size of the puppy and a proper position of the mother. The size of the puppy and the shape of the mother both make it impossible in the case of English bulldogs.

Their birth requires caesarian and that again requires the services of an expert and experienced veterinary doctor.

So, where it is very difficult to give them birth, it takes a handsome amount to spend on them too. This contributes to the cost of a puppy that you are going to buy.

Health issues

English bulldogs are prone to many genetic disorders. It is very likely that the puppy you are going to buy has some genetic problems like congenital heart diseases, congenital deafness, tracheal hypoplasia, eye problems and many respiratory issues.

Along with their high vulnerability to many disorders, the problems are very unique to them. So, they need a high level of expertise to be treated. And, if unfortunately, you have brought one with any complications, the survival chances will be very less.

Secondly, when you are going to buy a puppy, a reputable breeder will get it checked by the veterinarian to check if it has any problems or not.

So, the price of your puppy will also be decided by the medical tests that are being conducted to check the susceptibility of any disease or other health problem.

Unique respiratory system

English bulldogs have a unique respiratory system and are often prone to develop respiratory diseases.

To avoid any related complications, high maintenance and regular treatments are required. You will need to get the regular exercises done and regular visits to vets are also a necessity.

Along with that, moderate temperature and a good ventilating environment are necessary for the proper functioning of their respiratory system.

Thus, this is an important consideration before you buy a bulldog. Because it is surely not everyone’s cup of tea to follow their health routines that strictly.

Problems like respiratory distress or heatstroke (that occur often suddenly) can make you spend thousands of dollars on your dog.

Yes, it is true. Apart from the cost of buying and general maintenance, you will have to keep yourself ready for some unexpected expenditures that the poor health of your bulldog can make you spend.

What is so loving about English Bulldogs?

Despite the cost and all the efforts that one must put in to maintain the lifestyle, they are one of the most desired and most loved dog breeds. What makes these dogs so adored and favoured by everyone? Let us look into the details of their characteristics.

Human-friendly nature

The first thing that anyone is looking for in any pet is how friendly would that be with you. The friendlier an animal, the easier it is to train it and get along with it. And, when talking about the nature of English bulldogs, nothing is friendlier than them.

Whether it is about your sleep and wake up routine or the playing routine, once you train them according to your comfort, they would be more cautious then you to follow it.

Moreover, they easily get adjusted to the type of games you play in. One of the very important things about them is that they very rarely get irritated by the environmental effects or changes once they get acquainted with their surroundings.

Keep in mind, it is not easy to train them in the first place. It takes real-time and effort to make them well trained and groomed but once you get through that stage, they will be your best friends and will be knowing you better than your close family members.

This is the reason, most of the people find it worth spending for them as they very rarely find this affection in any other dog breed.

Pets and kids’ friendly nature

Not just that they are best suited with a human around them, if you are a person who loves keeping different pets, keeping an English bulldog will be the best thing for you. Just like with humans, they will develop an excellent bonding with other pets of your home.

Whether these are cats, rats, or any kind of pets that you are fond of keeping, bulldogs will become friends with any of the things that are important to you.

Secondly, they are the most harmless thing around your kids. Not only harmless, but they are also good protection against any external danger. You will see your child playing with them, teasing them, or doing anything. But never would it happen that you find them any harm to your child.

Good defenders

Despite their queen-style nature, they do not like anyone intruding on your house. They identify within moments if there is any danger around you.

Moreover, they would be very conscious of who is entering the boundary of your home. So, if you are looking for a dog for protection too, English bulldogs are a good choice.

Stubborn and lazy

Do not ever think that with such amazing qualities, these dogs are that easy to keep.

Their grooming, training, exercise, or any other habit you want to develop in them would take a lot of hard work from you. This is due to their lazy and stubborn nature. They will for sure get along with everything you want but would need a firm, persistent and continuous effort for training them.

So, if you think that you do not have enough time and energy to deal with them daily, owning English bulldogs is not your cup of tea then.

On the other hand, if you have someone else to take care of them at home or you can manage that time, it is good to get one. But then again, think about your idea once again because it is not at all going to be that easy for you.

Secondly, due to their lazy nature, they are not very fond of going for walks or exercise daily. This habit has both, its benefits, and harms. The benefit is that they would not disturb you or ask for a walk daily as you also might often not be in the mood.

And the harm is that if they get fat, it is going to cost you much. Not walking is not a very healthy thing for bulldogs so if not daily, you should consider taking them for a walk at least once in a while.

Couch loving

One of the amazing things which most of the bulldogs are seen to be doing is watching television with their masters.

If you are the kind of person who needs company at night and watches movies or serials, these lazy fat buddies will love spending time and watching things with you. And if there are snacks too in the party, it would be their favorite deal.

So, not only that they are amazing partners as pets, but they also have amazing human-like qualities in them too. And you are going to love each and everything of it.

Long story short, they are going to be good mates but with the firm, friendly and hardworking owners. Hence, you must make sure before jumping on to the conclusion that you are ready to take the responsibility of an English bulldog.

How to care for your English bulldog?

Caring for an English bulldog is really hard but if you are so passionate about getting one, here are a few tips to follow

  •       Make a routine of the activities of your dog
  •       Manage your routine schedule according to your and your dog’s activities
  •       Force yourself to stick to that routine so that you become habitual to it
  •       Clean the skin folds and eye folds of the dog on a daily basis
  •       Go for a small walk daily
  •       Go for checkups on a regular basis (spending regularly and spending small can save you from bankruptcy)
  •       Try to save money if your dog is healthy, not diagnosed with any problem, and is not costing you much. This practice can save you from a shock if something serious happens to your dog
  •       Try multiple methods to train your dog
  •       Never lose hope, be firm and strong-willed when it comes to training your dog

If, doing all the above stuff sounds too much to be managed in your life routine, compromise on getting a pet that is easier to handle.

English bulldog might be an amazing pet but if you are a job person who has to work long hours daily and who has no one back at home to care for your dog, buying this fat, cute buddy is not at all your thing.

Before moving on to what is so costly about them, let us go through the characteristics that make them so desirable.