What to Do When Your Mom Starts Texting?

Mom Starts Texting: Jim rolled his eyes at his mother when she asked him to teach her how to text.

“Mum, it seriously isn’t your thing. Come let’s watch TV.”

So the next thing you know, she takes that as a motivational aspect and starts trying this texting thing on her own.

And c’mon, give her a break.

She means to do well for you.


Your mother starts texting:

you with her hands and if you look at them…those are the same hands that held you once with all the joy in the world

When you were completely helpless as a baby. She cleaned your poop with those same hands.

She caught you just on time, before you could fall right on your cute potato face and hit the ground.

She held your sticky hand when you tried walking.

Those hands wiped off your tears before they could even come out of your damn eyes. She cried with you in joy and grief, both.


Did I just make you emotional? Yes? Well, that is what I intended on doing.


mothers-loveeLet’s go into flashback shall we? My mom never was never the tech kind of woman. She was always around me and I know she hardly paid any attention to the ringing phone.

She hardly knew where she had placed it in the morning. Sometimes my dad used to get really irritated due to this.

But when I got my first mobile phone…I was so eager to use it and learn about it.

And what could be worse?

Everyone at my college kept telling me that their moms were, texting them about what they wanted to eat for lunch…or that she texted them that she was outside in the car.

And I found myself totally dumb…standing there and listening to all of it.

Unless one day I had enough! I decided to teach my mum how to text. I know this might sound absurd, a majority of people find it such a relief (THANK GOD, my mum doesn’t text squad…not one of them).

I just told my mom; “I want you to start using your phone mum chmonn…and on top of all, you are going to learn how to text!”

My mother literally stared at me through her specs and started laughing. It’s not that my mum never asked me what I wanted to eat for lunch…I was used to already tell her that in the morning before going.

But, I wanted that FEEL! Or maybe I was too eager to boast off. And THEN…came the shocking part:

“Honey I know how to text!”

She sat next to me and grinned and I was the stupid one out. That is when she told me that she never felt the urge to peep into our privacy or college time and disturb all the way. I found that quite concerning…BUT I wanted her to text me. And that is when my texting journey with my mum started off.

I know, you might have found it too boring but I HAD to share it with you guys.

Anyhow, so what did I do once she started texting me? Or maybe what should you guys do, once your mother starts texting?

Let’s gets started with it.

1. BE HAPPY To See A Txt From Your MOM:


A lot of people might not agree with me here but seriously you need to be happy.

If you can be happy at seeing a text from your girlfriend…dude, she deserves much more.

Your mother won’t tell you NOT to hang out with your friends…she will just tell you to return back on time. Your girlfriend isn’t really worried about you to reach back home SAFELY…she is just waiting for you to get rid of your friends and be alone at home.

I know this sounds mean…but all of these are truths aren’t they? But your mum texts you because she is actually worried about you.

So be happy, that you have someone on the corner that is genuinely worried about you.

And is waiting for you to reach home safely.

So be happy that your mother has learned how to text.

Oh, and yes, some of you really don’t like the constant calls that your mum’s do. Texting saves you from that as well.

I mean, you check up on messages whenever you get free but calls get a bit disturbing if you are in midst of a lecture or meeting.



If you are someone who is studying away from home…you will be glad when your mom gets all tech-savvy. I mean, who can bear long-distance relationship with their own mother?? It gets hard.

And you can’t wait for your dad to reach home and then video call you.

If your mom learns to text or uses a smartphone in all…it is a great benefit for you. Studying abroad or at a distance with your parents can be real torture.

For people who have never been through this experience…can relate to it.

Long-distance with your mummy bear can be so unbearable if she doesn’t know how to text. You can’t always afford a long call or a video call and sometimes you need to send a message in emergency…so texting is a savior in such conditions.

If your mom knows how to text…you can be really replaced and just send in a message letting her know if you are unavailable today or maybe you have other plans etc.


For all the freaking out squad…don’t do that!!

If your mom learns how to text just don’t freak out.

If you can be all indulged into your smartphones…she has the right to do that as well, Right?

She has been with you through thick and thin and as I said above…she saved you from hitting your potato face on the ground (once was not enough… =D ) with those same hands. So DON’T FREAK OUT….

Your freaking out will make her feel awkward and she might not like it. She might find it weird and stop trying to text you or to learn it at all.

So don’t make her feel hesitant while she tries to do new things or explore different things.

There was a first time for you also…let her also achieve her first time experience for something.


What does appreciation cost?

Well, not a penny! And you little appreciation might mean the world to her. I mean not might…it actually means the world to her.

So don’t make those faces or don’t give those shocked facial expressions which make her feel like she has taken over something weird.

Appreciating her will make her feel happy and what have you ever done to make her feel joyous anyway?

As compared to what she does each day…well, you have done just NOTHING. So it is better to appreciate the small things.

Embrace her and let her know that you are glad that she has learned it.

Tell her to text you right away.

You can also text her goodnight that same day to make her feel like you are actually enjoying it.

Appreciation costs nothing but it makes someone feel a million times better and worthy.

And your mother is worth all these little efforts.


text-her-backThis world is full of mean people and our new generation is just filled with them. I mean, I have seen my own cousins, ignoring their mum’s texts! And when she calls them up, all pale with worry…all they have to say; “MOOOOM, I don’t have time to check on my texts every other minute.”

So wouldn’t that make her feel sad?

Well, disheartened would be a better or much appropriate word, right?

So don’t make her feel unwanted! She has always been there at your back to catch you when you fall and to save you from the evil. And now, you have no good reason to ignore her…or do you?

So the best thing is to text her back. I know, nobody is too free to text back immediately but these days, no one goes through the day without checking on their phone once or twice per hour.

So make sure that whenever you read her text, you reply back to it. Don’t ignore it just because it ain’t that important for you.

For your mum…it could simply make her day.


Emoji are fun and women love it, don’t they?

So use emoji’s with your mum when she texts you. If she asks you when you will be home…just add a smiley at the end of the text or maybe a kiss emoji.

If she tells you that she has made your favorite food for dinner and will be waiting…just show your excitement through a lot of emoji.

You won’t feel it…but at the other end, your mom will be smiling to it definitely. So use emoji’s when you text her and make her feel that you are enjoying it as much as she does.

Emoji are certainly light up the conversation in all and we all know that, don’t we?