What to do When you Feel Blue?

Life is a vast ocean of emotions with its own set of high and low waves. In our days of life, no one day is the same. There are ups and downs in all our lives. In most cases, the up feeling is not a big problem but when you feel low, things are a bit shaky. These are the days when we feel blue. Synonymous with this color, depression is fast becoming one of the most common mental problems in the world. It is important that we all learn how to cope with it and move forward with a smile.

The blue feeling can affect anyone at any time. There may or may not be any specific reason for it. It just happens. There are days when you just feel blue.

This feeling of depression can be for very short periods of time or it can prolong for days and weeks. There is no specified cure or solution to this problem.

Every person has a different mechanism or method to deal with it. it depends on your own personality, nature and liking what can transform your mood from gloomy to cheerful.

Once you know how to distract yourself or nurture your emotions in the positive direction you can always find your way out of the blue mood.

So what to do when you feel blue?

Below are some of the best things to do or strategies to follow when you are feeling blue:

Going out in the sun

Going out in the sun is a mood swinger for a lot of people. Many people in the world feel blue due to seasonal changes. Bright sunshine is one natural phenomenon can make your emotions sparkle from the darkness.

Spa treatment

Go get yourself a good spa treatment or massage. There are a number of different spa and massage therapies that professional offer to relax our body and relieve your stresses. You can also try the various aromatherapies.

Soothing bath

If you can’t go to the spa or massage center, find the relaxant at your home. Soak yourself in a warm and soothing bath tub. Light up some aromatic candles and playback your favorite soft music.

Enjoy a hot beverage

Make some tea or coffee, whichever you like and enjoy a lovely afternoon. Sipping some hot chocolate with a good magazine or television series can be a good mood lifter in those blue days.


If you are someone who loves plants and the great outdoors than gardening is the best anti-depressant for you. whenever you are feeling blue, getting your fingers dirty with the garden soil and connecting with the beautiful flowers and plants can relieve you from your distresses and negative thoughts.

Go to a beach

Listening to the waves hitting rocks and feeling the sea water touching your feet is an amazing experience. For all those beach lovers, a walk beside the ocean can cheer up those dull moments. The wind blowing across your face and sand running below your feet is what you want in those silent blue days.

Go to a park

If going to the beach is not an option that heads towards the park. A walk in the natural habitat can definitely trigger the happy hormones. Strolling along the green trees and grass can be relaxing and soothing for the nerves as well.

Call friends

Friends are actually the best lifesaver one can get in the world. Calling them and sharing your thoughts and feelings is a great idea when you are in a blue mood. There are no boundaries, formalities or restrictions when talking with friends. They understand your thoughts and are always there to listen to what you have to say. I am sure once you talk with a friend you will feel lighter and happier.


Although not a very fun way to change your mood, exercising can actually release the happy hormones in your body. Whenever you feel down just get into your work out attire and go for a run, a jog, few minutes of aerobics or yoga or simply pay a visit to the gym. It is sure to make you feel better once you return.


Dancing is another show stopper when it comes to killing the negative mood. It is like exercising but with loud music and much more fun.

Eat Ice cream

Whenever you feel blue, eating ice cream is also advisable as a mood lifter. Whichever flavor and make you like, just dip into the pint and eat your heart out.

Final thoughts:

These are only a few things that you can do when you feel blue. The crux of the matter is that in any such depressing situation go for activities that appreciate life and make you happy. Life is a precious gift and we must enjoy it in a cheerful mood. So always remember that doing the things you love will change this blue feeling into a golden one.

Life Falcon