What Really Makes Us Happy And Why?

Here’s a thought. What Really Makes Us Happy?

It isn’t much of a surprise that majority of us are surviving with our lives, holding on to that paycheck we get at the end of every month. We are living on the budgets we make every month, trying to control our spending’s so we can save something up. Even researchers have proven that 76% of Americans are the ones who live in the hope of their paychecks.

So anyway, if you are done with the math of your paycheck lives, have you heard of the quotation?

Whatever you do, make sure it makes you happy. -Anonymous

Ask hundred different people about what makes them happy and you will get a hundred different answers. Happiness is now a personal matter and everyone has set their personal parameters for it. Each person is going to give you at least 3-4 things that make them happy. They might say a new car, a new house, a shopping spree every month or maybe dining out in the best restaurants. But one thing is going to be common amongst 97% people (that are my personal thought calculations) and that is that their happiness will be relying on materialistic things.

We have heard people say that materialistic things bring in temporary happiness and that it won’t last long (heard that, been there and done that also, right? Then;

What makes us happy?

What is Real Happiness?

I also love the day when my salary gets transferred to my account. I work because of that day, to be honest. But that isn’t real happiness. You dine out and hang out with friends and when your money starts ending, you get this hollow feeling in the pit of your stomach. The happiness vanishes away and you again wait for the day your salary will be transferred to your account. Is that REAL happiness now?

Happiness is not a destination. It is not a final stop, where you wish to reach the end of a nightmare. You can never grab it for a lifetime and keep it in a jar so you can open it anytime you feel low. Happiness is an emotion or it will be better to say that it is a timely emotion. You cannot be happy 24/7 as humans are flooded with emotions and feelings which never remain the same. They keep changing with the passage of time and the circumstances.

Real happiness exists in small moments. It is within you. It comes with a positive attitude and lifestyle. Happiness is not about the best and luxurious car and it cannot be bought with all the money in your bank. It is in that small moment when your mother kisses you goodnight or tells you about how proud she is.

Happiness lies within those couple of minutes when you are able to say “yes, I did it” when you actually thought you would fail at it. It is when you conquer your fears and smile to what the world has to offer you. So real happiness is not about money or fame (they will soon vanish), it is all about positivity, goodness, kindness, and love.


Why is Real Happiness Not Money?

A lot of people question you when you say that happiness is not money. They will say shopping makes us happy and money can help us do that, so isn’t money happiness? They will name several things that make them happy and will highlight the fact that only money can bring them that. To some extent, these people aren’t wrong.

We are breathing in a society where we aren’t even humans anymore; we are machines. Machines that are indulged into earning heaps of money so that they can bring satisfaction and leisure in their life!!But I obviously have reasons to why money is not happy and how or why the smaller things, the moments and memories are what real happiness is all about.


Memories Last for a Lifetime:

Money is going to bring in temporary happiness and the list of demands will increase. However, a single memory or a photograph brings you happiness for free. It makes you smile when you really don’t want to. At the same time, it has the power to make you cry when you think that money is the only happiness that you need because, at that given moment, happiness is about the person in that memory or anything else.


Positivism Gives you a Permanent Content Feeling:

Negative thoughts will make you wander far away from happiness. This is where positive thinking does the miracle and brings in happiness. Money sometimes drives a lot of negativity into your life as you are constantly in a tug of war. Positivism makes you free of such barriers and allows you to pursue real happiness.


Is Money your Only Aim?

Have you ever questioned yourself regarding what you really want from your life? Is it just that pay at the end of the month? Or is it playing guitar or maybe painting your world with your own colors? Whatever you think is you love doing that is where your real happiness lies. So make sure you make some time for it.



I can write a lot about what real happiness is apart from just money. We all have those moments which make us feel the pursuit of happiness at its peak. To wrap it all up, happiness is not just you working day and night to earn a luxurious life. It is when you say that you have done what you loved. It is when you know that your life is leading where you want it to and you are not just a workaholic.

Happiness is not permanent. So enjoy the moments you can grab in the name of happiness and joy.

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