What Happens When You Die

What happens when you die?

Well, even if you or I don’t know anything about it, there is one group of people who certainly do and they are the ones who are already dead.

Was that a bad one though? But that is the reality. All humans can do is assume or make up their own perceptions in the light of their religious beliefs about what happens when you die.

So when science is there to tell you what happens when we die, why don’t we rely on them for the answer to what happens when you die? I mean, the dead have no plans of sharing the secret with us, anytime later or sooner.

So let’s just stick to science, shall we?

Just like life is a process, so is death. This is what scientists have stated. There are stages to it as well.

Scientists say that the first stage of death is termed as clinical death. According to science, this stage is from 4-5 minutes. This stage starts off when a person stops breathing and his or heart doesn’t pump blood anymore.

However, during this stage, there is oxygen present in the human brain. This prevents permanent brain damage. Kidneys, eyes and other human organs stay alive through the clinical stage.

Is this painful? This again is something that a person dying will be able to explain much better. But as per doctors or scientists, this process or stage of death is extremely painful.

All the other organs gasp for oxygen and blood (which they do not receive) and the human body is in utter agony that no one can think of.

Scientists have termed the second stage of death as biological death. In this stage, the human cells and organs including the brain shut off. A lot of patients have been revived from cardiac arrests from this point. However, once this stage is passed, you are unable to bring back a person to life.

Even science is able to tell us that how a person dies or while they are in the “about to die” phase, where do they actually stand. Humans, start floating while they are passing through these stages.

Humans radiate sensations from within themselves while they pass through these stages of death. It is as if the human himself is moving outside their body and these sensations have been recorded as well.

Life after death is unexplainable.

The sensations prove the Islamic religious view right that the human soul moves out from the body after death to reach the skies.

However, no power or science on earth has been or will be able to describe the facts or story of life after death. Nobody exactly knows what happens when you die. The dead know that only!

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