5 Hacks For Being Treated Good Everywhere You Go

Treated Good?

Are you being treated like a doormat? Are you tired of not being treated good?

We all have been there until we decided that we don’t want to feel that way anymore and then we change.

There are several reasons and sometimes there are no reasons at all. People treat you like a “nobody” and then they leave you or they use you for their benefits and then ditch you. In today’s world, this all has become too normal and we all know that.

But the question is that how can we make people treat us right? How can we set parameters for people around us? You cannot tell people that you want to be treated good so they need to do that to you.

Well, there are always ways through which you can make people treat you good wherever you go.

Sounds more like a fantasy, right? But it isn’t. Yes, you will need to alter some things but it will be for your own good. You will also see how the changes if you follow this guide and feel that you are being treated good wherever you go!

Here are some hacks for being treated good everywhere you go:

1. You need, to Begin With, Yourself:

If people devalue you or treat you like a doormat that is probably because you are doing the same to yourself. Therefore you need, to begin with, yourself. Ask yourself some major questions like do you deserve respect or not or do you actually deserve being treated the way you are being treated? You won’t only get answers but you will also see how your self-respect will emerge from within you.

You can start with small steps. For instance, start giving credit to yourself for every small achievement. Even if you have started sleeping on time, don’t forget to add it to your achievement list. Nourish your mind, heart, and body with good and positive thoughts only. Treat yourself right so that others do that to you too.

2. Now Teach Others:

Now, you need to tell people how to treat you. Yes, you are the one who is going to tell people how you want to be treated. Once you know your worth and you know that you deserve good; you need to tell people that you won’t accept anything less than good from them. The way you respond to someone’s behavior to you will set parameters for them; they will treat the way you accept them to treat you. So if you don’t like anything anyone says to you; tell them right away or get ready to deal with it for a long time or maybe forever.

3. Do you prefer being a Bottomless Pit?

Are you one of the people pleasers? Well, as soon as you quit it, you will do well to yourself, to be honest. Doing well to someone is amazing but make sure that this is not the reason you get validation or permission into their life. Don’t be a pleaser and don’t always be there for them so that you can be in their good books. If you will go ahead for pleasing everyone, you will soon run out of respect; earning it will be really hard for you.
By pleasing people you don’t become a selfless person; you become more of a selfish one. This makes you feel good about yourself and you make people around you think the same for you. Thus, in a flawed way you are not just pleasing people, you are trying to make them feel really great of you.

4. Most important factor of being treated good; Confidence:

People walking over you and treating you lie a doormat won’t just vanish within days. And you don’t need to be rude for this. Make sure that you make visible changes with confidence. You can be kind and still put on barriers and limitations. It is not always about yelling to people that you don’t want to be treated this way or that way. You don’t have to be rude to make your change count. You just need to make the changes and apply them with confidence. People around you will get the change by themselves, without any proper description.

5. Don’t Isolate yourself; You are not Alone:

When you are being treated this way for too long, you feel isolated. You feel like you are alone but you really are not. Don’t feel ashamed to ask for proper help or go visit a psychiatrist who can make your mind work better. Stay motivated and never feel isolated.


Getting people to treat you right starts with you. No one can make you feel better if you don’t know your worth. Stop looking for people to appreciate you or accept who you are; accept yourself and know what you deserve and never settle down for less.
If you don’t want people to drag you around or treat you like a doormat, make changes now so that you don’t have to survive through it all your life. If you want to be treated good, you need to take a step for it on your own.


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