5 Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Being Lazy all the Time

So How to Stop Procrastinating? You can feel lazy every now and then but having this feeling for prolonged periods of time can be alarming. It is okay to have a day or two off once in a while. Why? Because we all need change, we all need to relax, we all need to rest. It is sweet and simple. But what if you develop a desire to rest all the time?

You like to take a day off and another and another and another! Either there is something physically wrong with you or you are suffering from the world’s most dreaded mental problems called laziness.

You just want to relax. Nothing else. It is the highest form of procrastination.

So How to Stop Procrastinating?

So when you feel that every day of your life is starting to become lazy days, well, then I think you have a problem. In most cases, a little motivation and kick start will do the trick to get us up and moving again, but in some extreme cases, it becomes one of the biggest hurdles to success or even our normal way of living life.

It is like a deep dark distressful situation that most people do not want to talk about or acknowledge.

The first identification of this problem mostly is overpowered by denial but once we are ready to look it in the eyes, we need to find out ways to solve the problem.

So, what to do? How to do? Should I do? There is no one better who can help you but yourself. Be your own healer and cure. Let your own initiative make the move to get you out of this laziness syndrome.

Below five guiding ways you can work your way out of the laziness and stop being lazy:

Search for the Reasons:

The first thing you need to do is find the cause that led you towards laziness. You need to identify the things that make you stay away from work.

Look out for things that can be changed for your betterment. Many people become lazy because they are very tired.

Long hours of work, busy schedules and no holidays can make jack a dull boy.

So, in this scenario, you would need to bring a break in your working habits.  You need to look out for such similar reasons which may be the root cause of your demotivation towards work.

Identify the Passion:

We all work in life for some reason. Some want money, some want recognition, some want to achieve certain goals and objectives and some only want to survive in the world, but there is always an underlying reason for everything we do.

Doing these tasks over and over again let to boredom and redundancy. In the quest for attaining the outcome, you lost the original reason for starting your work.

You have lost your passion.

You need to identify that passion again and motivate yourself to be more energetic and enthusiastic about it. Keep reminding yourself of the best things at work and not just the worst ones.

Break work into smaller tasks:

Having small rest breaks between larger tasks of work can make you feel fresher and more relaxed. It has also been proven to increase the productivity and efficiency of people. You should also break your work into smaller intervals and tasks.

Perform and focus on one thing at a time.

Do not overburden yourself with a mountain heap right in the beginning. Sometimes even the thought of working for long hours can demotivate us and we start feeling lazy even before the work has started.

But if we know that the task is small and a break is waiting for us on the other end, it will be much more pleasant to start this journey.

Find Out Ways of Being Efficient:

We have been taught for years to work smart and not just hard. Working like a workaholic is not the key to success.

Rather, it is working effectively that will lead to ultimate success. It is always best to find efficient ways to finish your tasks and projects.

Look for methods that require less energy and give out more output. Always think creatively and out of the box to come with cleaner ways of doing things.

Do Not Hesitate to Take Help:

Motivational words and help coming from someone else always more effective than yourself. Understand that asking others to help you out is perfectly okay. No need to distress or hide behind your fears of embarrassment.

A little pump from someone close, like a boss, friend, family member or coworker can prove to be your key to coming out of laziness.

Concluding thoughts:

Just do not let the crazy monster of laziness take over your body. Be smart and active. Try to follow these tips to keep laziness away:

  • Add fun to work
  • Do not be over-aggressive about work
  • Go with the flow and stopping fighting yourself
  • Bring about a change in your life
  • Look out for rewards and successful outcomes
  • Just go and do it!

Life Falcon