5 Reasons Why People Who Wear A Watch Are More Successful

Watch Successful

 Having a proper track of time is really important in today’s world. Even though we don’t really need a watch for it now as our smartphone has changed that need as well.

But sometimes, a watch adds much more to your personality rather than that latest smartphone of yours. Let’s admit the weird fact that even if we have a wristwatch, we shuffle through our pocket to look for our phone whenever we need to check time. You have a watch on your wrist which has actually

 You have a watch on your wrist which has actually cost you some load of dollars (If it’s Rolex mostly). Please check that for time, can you?

Where a lot of people think that watches are outdated now and who needs one when you have a smart-phone; it can really matter in professional life.

A watch adds elegance to your attire and style and makes you much more attractive. And hey, you don’t have to go into debt to get yourself that Rolex watches for I don’t know like 20 thousand dollars.

You seriously don’t have to! You can get an elegant one for cheaper prices as well and just make sure that they are worth looking at.

So why it is that people who wear a watch to their workplace are said to be more successful? Does their watch come with a “turn me successful” button? Not really!

1. Elegance:

A lot of companies focus on your dressing (watch) while they hire you. This happens with ladies mostly!

Anyways, men do get the benefits as well. Your suit and tie look much more elegant if you add a stylish watch to it.

And if your boss is finicky about looking good; you might make the best ever the first impression on him.

Watches with the metal body are great to go with; they simply rock.

Just Imagine sunlight coming in and reflecting off your watch and your boss asks what watch do you own… “Oh this watch Sir, It’s a ROLEX,” and you are hired!!!

Ok, this is an exaggeration but your watch will definitely have an awesome impression on your boss.

2. Knowing how to Impress During an Interview:


I don’t know which one is getting hired here. I guess the right one since the other one is pointing at him… “So OK your Resume is good but let me see your watch first”

A lot of companies consider a good watch a must in your office attire. People who work in Wall Street know really well, that a good watch is nothing less than a status symbol for them.

However, you just need to make your watch a bit prominent while you answer your interview queries and that might work for you. But obviously, you need to know the answers though.

3. Appreciating Good Quality:

watch2Successful people know the worth of good quality and that is why they prefer a Rolex watch. I always wondered why these people pay a $10000 for a watch?

It is a watch after all! But I don’t know why watches attract men so much. We also tend to get one that is classic so that it never falls out of fashion for them.

4. Right Watch on the Right Occasion:

wrist-watch-Okay! I have like 2 watches and I can wear any I like at any day. It just depends on my mood.

But the bitter truth is that some watches are good for some specific occasions. However, people who wear a watch at work know that they need to grab a dress watch.

There is a never-ending variety out there and you can just pick your swimmer watch and wear it to work, can you?

Well, obviously you can wear it but you will be turned down for sure. If you want to try this one; wear a runner watch to your office interview and try showing it off!

5. Knowing how to Adapt:

smart-watchThere are a lot of industries that won’t pay any attention to your watch. But then there will be companies full of tech-oriented people and engineers.

In such companies, you might need to wear a SmartWatch like shown to fit in or see what kind of watches they all wear.

People who wear watch to work know how to fit in according to the industry they are working for. And that is the first step to success anyway!


What a man without an attractive wristwatch? I mean just like cigarettes and big mustaches show manliness, I guess watch comes in the same case. And I know for sure that girls love it, at least the ones I have been with!

So watches add that extra spark to your attire and style. You can just show off your wrist twice during an interview and they might just get impressed.

Yeah, you never know when you lucky angel is in a good mood, right? But watch has always been a classical way of getting the eyes turn towards you. it’s like gaining attention. If you know how to impress them with a watch; you are the man in the office for sure!

Ever wondered by all the successful people have those expensive watches around their wrist? Well, you have got something to think about now for sure.


  1. My boyfriend Mark is craze in branded watches. Last Sunday he was wearing a bold Diesel watch, I think I like that look, because it was little bit different than before and sporty this time. I always appreciate something a little unique or electric.


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