self help books for women in their 20s

Self help books can be very powerful and inspiring. They can really influence a lot of one’s life. So I will share with you some of the self help books for women in their 20s. Books are your best, best friends. If you have the right book in your hand, then it definitely can be life-changing for you.

It is said right that a great book can turn the course of where you are leading to and make it land on the right path.

Have you ever thought of going through the amazing book collection at your library? Or you just sit there in utter stress to complete your assignments at the very end of the semester? Doesn’t the smell of those books attract you?

Reading novels or inspirational books is not every body’s cup of tea. Majority of my friends consider it a waste of time. What I know is that they probably have no idea about what a book can do or let’s say what a great book can do.

It can make you feel stronger or more ambitious. It can make you cry and at the same time, some books can make you as happy as anything! Some might give you the best advice for your life or love life.

And then there are books which will teach you about how you can control several situations. So what I really want to say here is that books can be your best companion in almost all various phases of your life.

Ladies adore reading books. The female squad has this hobby more in comparison to men. They love reading books that sound dramatic, wonderful and inspirational.


They change your life or thinking in one way or another. They might change your life in the slightest manner but that matters a lot at all.

And that is the great book that you have had needed since all your life. And that is a book that you can recommend to your fellows as well.

So as I said earlier that women do love to read books…they remain higher in rate when it comes to having reading as a hobby. Thus, here are some amazing books which can inspire you in several ways and make you think, change you and motivate you in different manners.

So are you ready to get some amazing information about these books ladies? Then let’s just get started with it, shall we?

Self help books for women in their 20s:

So if you are looking for some great motivation related to life, career, and love, you need a great book to be your friend all the way, right?

And obviously, I am here to help you out with it. Anyways, let’s get started with the top 10 books that every woman must read if they are looking for inspiration! KUDOS!

Anyways, let’s get started with the top 10 books that every woman must read if they are looking for inspiration!

1: “Bossy-pants” by Tina Fey:

Tina Fey is one of the most famous writers of today’s time. She is inspiring the world by her books. This book Bossy-pants is for those ladies who want to be something in their life.

This book is based on the life of a working woman her journey how she started her career and her hard work to achieve something.

So if you have just entered your career life and you think that your life is totally over and you won’t be able to manage it all you have to grab this book right away and see how a woman wears the bossy pants and deals with the shit!

You can say that this book will tell you how to woman it all!

2: “Lean In” by Sheryl Sandberg:

This book is based on the bitter reality of our society.

Society never accepts a woman as a leader and Sheryl Sandberg has discussed what a woman can do if she comes into power; how she can change the world with power and how a woman can mold a society. I guess it’s enough said!

3: “He’s Just Not That into You: The No-Excuse Truth to Understanding Guys” by Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo:

This book is going to help you a lot if you are trying to know a man deeply.

If you are in a relationship and you really want to know that whether your boyfriend loves you or not then this can be so happening, after reading this book.

The authors of this book have described how you can get know that your relationship can go further or not or you should find someone else who can understand your feelings better.

4: “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay:

Ladies never forget their past easily and they carry all the hardships and pain which they suffered from in their tiny little heart (poor man though).

This book is based on how a woman should forget her past by living her life according to her desires. This world can be the most beautiful place and any women can change her world if she decides to eradicate her past from her mind and heart in a positive manner.

You can make your life more beautiful and peaceful if you forget all of your fears.

5: “Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear” by Elizabeth Gilbert:

Struggle is the key to success we have heard this quote many times.

You cannot achieve your aim without hard-work. This book is for every woman who wants to become something in her life by leaving all the pain of her past behind her.

So if you are looking for a key to start a new and fresh life then this book is the perfect thing for you.

Grab it and make a fresh start this very second because tomorrow is an excuse that never really comes to life.

6: “Codependent No More: How to Stop Controlling Others and Start Caring for Yourself” by Melody Beattie:

Women always prefer the needs of others before their own needs. This book is for every women who want to make her life better without thinking about anyone else.

This book guides you how to spend a happy life without tensions and problems. You need to consider self-love before loving someone else and dropping every piece of you into others.

So just make sure to read this one and realize how important it is to start caring for your own self.

7: “The Handmaid’s Tale” by Margaret Atwood:

This book is a story of a girl whose ATM card stops working because her bank account got frozen this book revolves around the life of a girl who face so many problems.

It is a perfect book which can be read by the people of every age. This book is mostly loved by the youngsters.

8: “Grace for President” by Kelly DiPucchio:

Well, this book is loved by the kids and it’s their all-time favorite.

After reading this book your children are going to talk about independence and leadership. Kids like to read interesting books and this book is perfect for them.

For all those women who want their kids to read something meaningful and make them realize the importance of leadership; you need to get your kids this book! This is extremely inspirational!

9: “Where’d You Go Bernadette” by Maria Semple:

“Where’d You Go Bernadette” is a perfect combination of emotions, fun and entertainment. This book is loved by the teenagers. You can share this book with your teenage son and teenage daughter.

Why it’s a great book?

It tells us how to bring a balance between work, marriage, and parenthood without losing yourself. If you are having troubles managing it all then buy this book and see how you can perfectly balance your life and make it mess free!

10: “The Confidence Code” by Katty Kay and Claire Shipman:

This book is based on every woman’s life. All the problems that they have to face in life just because of their gender; female! Even in this modern world, a lot of women lack confidence.

However, this book can be very helpful for women who cannot stand confidently amongst people.

The Confidence Code can help you gain confidence and break through all the different fears of life to avail something that you have always wanted to.


A lot of people tend to say that females love to read books more as compared to males. As far as I think…books are for everyone. I see boys enjoying novels too. But obviously, there are specific tastes according to gender. I would hardly expect a man in his twenties read.

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  1. I have loved reading books for as long as I can remember. I don’t like reading fantasy books but when the movie comes out I get excited. I have a bookshelf or two loaded with inspirational books. Melody Beattie and Louise Hay are my favorites. It’s not uncommon to find either’s book in a treatment program. Thank you, Usman, for this great list.


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