Top 3 Best Infrared Grills

Finding a nice grill will make your picnic experience more memorable and tasteful. After a lot of burning, cooking and weightlifting we have come down to the three best portable grills on the market.

We have reviewed Cook Air, Velocity Grill & Weber Jumbo.

All these grills come are under 300 dollars as of current prices.

And they are the best according to our research.

We compared many products to Cook Air which has bagged quality feedback just like the velocity grill but a major problem was the durability of the product.

According to our observations, the product started showing issues in the span of a month which is why Cook Air lacked a little behind.

This contest of air cook vs. velocity grill had us boggling our minds with their extra-ordinary features.

They sure gave us a tough time deciding our favorite.

Turns out Weber Jumbo Joe has us swooning because of its portability, compactness, and efficiency. So it’s the best-infrared grill on the market as of now.

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Weber Jumbo Joe

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Kick start your beach party or pack your RV for a camping trip with Weber Jumbo Joe and friends.

Why it’s the best?

The Weber Jumbo Joes is a new addition to the Jumbo Joe series which had been previously discontinued but now it’s back with a bang and some really interesting new features that have made it one of the top-rated grills on the market. The charcoal powered grill has all the preferable features that make it perfect for road trips.

18.5-inch diameter plated steel cooking grate

Weber Jumbo Joe is a charcoal powered grill that comes in a perfect size that is small enough for traveling and big enough to feast with your fellow campers. It’s simple yet smart design makes it the best portable grill in the market.

Comes with all the tools required for assembly

The Weber grill is packed with all the essentials required for assembly which includes this special wrench for all the nuts needed to assemble the grill.

Lid-lock and handle with heat shield

Another feature that sets this grill apart from all the other grills in the market is the Lid handle which is a great feature that enhances your cooking experience while simultaneously allowing you to pack it up in no time.

Porcelain-enameled bowl and lid

The finishing of this product is unlike any other product which sets a high bar for all the other grills and is proof of the quality of the Weber products

Why it’s the best-infrared grill on the market right now?

Steel Charcoal Grate

The top grill is made from plated steel while the bottom grill uses much heavy-duty steel that is more durable to handle the high heat of the coal.

Large Surface Area

Cooking area of 240 square inches allows you to host a feast for you and your neighbors. Because the more the merrier!

Rust Resistant

Lid and Bowl made up of baked-on porcelain enamel steel which means it will never peel or flake which answers for the quality of all Weber products.

Tuck-N-Carry lid lock

The tuck-n-carry lid lock adds convenience to the portability of the grill by allowing you to carry it without any discomfort.

Lid Handle

The lid handle is an added luxury. Instead of looking for a place to set the lid simply push it over to the side while you check on them delicious steaks.

Power Method

The grill is powered through charcoal.

Aluminum Ash catcher

The ash catcher is an ashtray attached on the bottom of the grill to store any residual ashes to avoid polluting the table top or the surroundings while providing simple and helpful cleanup.


Assembly Guide, Grill owners guide, vent, lid, base/kettle, Ash catcher, Handle, Legs (x3), lid holding assembly, under-side air control, hardware, cooking grill, charcoal grate, flip lock lid holder and a carrier handle.


It does not provide enough air flow. Coals don’t maintain heat as they should. Ash holder is not very removable (not with ashes in it) so you need to brush it out.

Breaks and rusts real quickly if cracked.

Another problem commonly faced is that the bottom vent is too big that all the charcoal falls through and gets wasted real fast.

Extra Tip…

It works even great with Slow N Sear accessory that is a game-changer when it comes to cooking and making better food on your Weber Jumbo Joe.

Who is it for?

The Jumbo Joe is an affordable and portable option for all grill enthusiasts and barbeque lovers. It works even best for frequent campers or just loves going out to picnics. Its compact feature combined with its portable nature makes it your favorite pick up and go travel accessory.

Pros. & Cons.


  • Large cooking surface (240 square inches)
  • Excellent air-flow system
  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to assemble
  • Portable


  • Lid retainer is badly hinged
  • Steel grates, instead of cast iron

Velocity Grill by Velocity Marketing, LLC.

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The velocity grill is your ultimate tabletop grill perfect for your picnics. It is portable and one of the lightest grills on the market. This Velocity grill can take your cooking game up a notch!

Why Is The Velocity Grill 2nd on our list?

This velocity grill for sale stands out more than the “Weber Jumbo Joe” because of its unique mechanism which is far from the conventional grills. It comes with a three-way charging system along with a built-in fan that never runs out of battery.

The reason why “The Velocity Grill” is second on our choice is that it focuses more on advanced features rather than making it outdoor-friendly.

Since cooking outdoors means lesser cooking space the lid handle should be a must feature which is missing in this case.

Another feature that should have been a priority was a larger cooking surface that is another feature not found in the velocity grill.

We found that the velocity grill had a much weaker design in terms of durability when compared to the “Weber Jumbo Joe”.

The built-in fan although is an excellent feature but is extremely noisy which is another one of the reasons we believe that “the velocity grill” should be second on our list.

Hence proving that the product does not deliver the features to its fullest and is a little over-priced as compared to our first choice.


The Velocity Grill comes with a heat diffuser plate that ensures even heating of the grill which is a missing feature in the Weber Jumbo Joe.

While the “Weber Jumbo Joe” rarely requires a refuel (since it is a charcoal grill) the Velocity grill comes with a built-in fan on the bottom and tongs to hold the grill up while refueling.

All in all, it weighs lesser than the Weber Jumbo Joe (Our 1st choice) which is another plus if you’re looking for something with advanced technology. And that is why it’s 2nd best infrared grill on the market currently.

This ingeniously built velocity grill for sale has a built-in reverse fan blade which allows maximum airflow and heat from 200 to 1000 degrees. Just pop in some flavored hardwood and light it up and you can be your very own Cap’n cook!

Why do we like it?

Blazing hot in minutes

Fire up your grill and its hot in minutes. The portable infra-red grill reaches a temperature of 200 to 1000 degrees in a matter of minutes with just 2 pieces of wood, therefore, setting a new standard in firewood grills.

Heat diffuser plate

The heat diffuser plate evenly heats up the grill so there aren’t any cold spots left across the grilling surface.

Stay-cool bottom

The stay-cool bottom minimizes any chance of destroying the tabletop surfaces. The scratchless base and the heavy-duty rubber grip handles assure its durability.

Ideal weight for traveling

The grill weighs the least out of our three choices, which is 17 lbs which makes it all the very best for tailgating.

What’s inside the box?

Includes one cleaning brush, 15Inch cord with car/wall/USB attachments and 1 Grill pan gripper


  • The placement of handles at the bottom creates a hindrance in moving it around.
  • Another disappointing feature might be the size of the cooking area which about 13 inches in diameter.
  • Another common problem faced was that it requires a lot of wood since it burns pretty fast.

Who is it for?

This velocity grill is great for camping, picnics, concerts, or any outdoor trip that calls for a world-class, compact grill.

Pros. & Cons.


  • Quick maintenance. No greasy mess
  • Portable
  • Easy setup and quick burning.
  • No worrying about propane refills or waiting for charcoal.
  • Excellent for gourmet cooking


  • Copious amounts of smoke
  • Smaller cooking surface
  • No variable heat zones
  • The fan is extremely noisy

Char-Broil Grill2Go X200

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This is another best infra-red grill under 300$ that works great as a portable grill. This grill uses Char-broil’s TRU infra-red technology to cook your food to perfection.

How TRU-Infrared Works

The TRU-Infrared grill limits the hot air flow and instead uses natural, radiant heat to directly cook food without drying it out, unlike the conventional grills which destroy the moisture barrier of the food. However, the infrared heat penetrates through the food without over-drying it and locks in natural juices and flavors. Moreover, they eliminate flare-ups by producing much more even heat that is no more cold spots.

Why its the 2nd best-infrared grill on the market?

This on the go grill can insinuate your taste bud whenever, where ever you are hungry. This road trip essential is a must, to fight your hunger.

TRU-Infrared Cooking System

The push-button ignition eliminates the use of batteries to start a 9500 BTU Burner whereas the no flare-up TRU-Infrared cooking system cooks in the coldest of weather.

200 square inch grilling grate

This grilling grate comes with wholes that disperse heat very well which does not dry the food out.

Perfectly Portable

It weighs less than 20 Lbs. but there is no compromise on the cooking surface. You can grill an entire feast for a carload of friends and family.

Die-cast firebox and aluminum lid

This grill is durable no doubt about it. It is designed just for you and your adventurous friends out on a guy’s weekend out in the woods. The lid is hinged to the rest of the grill to keep it compact when you have a limited cooking space. The large handle makes sure you don’t burn yourself while using it and simultaneously making it easier to pack up without any hassle.


The rust-resistant design with porcelain finish makes it long-lasting and durable. While the stainless steel grate is even less of a problem when cleaning.


  • Seasoning needs to be done before using the grill or else the food tastes of plastic hence increasing the prep time of the grill.
  • Another problem faced was heavy smoke that the grill releases that blurs your vision.
  • Moreover, the grill can be a little hard to scrub clean.

Who is it for?

If you love to cook and eat outdoors and have been missing high-quality food when you’re out camping, this is the grill to invest in. This infrared grill under 300$ is perfect to cook gourmet meals while fishing, tailgating, camping or having a bonfire at the beach.

Pros. & Cons.


  • Fewer chances of burning food
  • Heats evenly
  • Burns quick
  • Grills are easier to clean


  • Smokes more than usual
  • Heavier in weight
  • Needs to be seasoned before use
  • No low flame capability
  • Hard to moderate temperature
  • Poor flame quality


If you are looking to buy a family-friendly grill for your road trip or a picnic then the Weber Jumbo Joe should be your number one choice as it’s the best-infrared grill on the market, but if you’re looking for a guy’s weekend getaway for some camping or hunting trip in the woods then Char-Broil grill2GO is your grill.

While the Velocity Grill (Our 2nd Choice) works great for both situations.


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